Welcome to the .html instruction manual for Kefka's Revenge, this currently only covers the first released demo so let me get right into it. 



Kefka's Revenge, it's makers, anything about it, are in no way affiliated with Square Soft. All Characters, Graphics, Story Elements, Music, or anything else that Square Soft did is totally theirs, we take none of that credit, however we do take credit for the things we did. Before you play this game we assume that you have already played FF6 and you will not bother us for some stupid reason like "That was from FF6" Then we reserve the right  to call you an 'Idiot' and start a petition to keep you off the internet, Thank you. 


Not long ago, the struggling
battle of the Returners
redeemed the world to a
sophisticated, industrial paradise.

A few years have passed... wealth,
freedom, and justice have
been rediscovered, and
high supremacy reigns...

But there is one who
would enslave the world by
recovering their stolen virtue
known as "dignity."

Can it be that those
seeking vengeance are on the
verge of repeating a
senseless and deadly mistake?

Directions and Install

Extract KR.zip into the folder of your choice and double click on Kefka's Revenge.exe, If you have any problems see Troubleshooting.

KR's Background

    In the year 1996 AD, A video game was released that would completely revolutionize the RPG industry, Final Fantasy 6, This game was one of the greatest games ever, The ones who made this game, Squaresoft, Followed up to this game, with wonderful titles such as Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Trigger, and more, Then all of the sudden, the wonder stopped, but that's a story for another day, Back to Final Fantasy 6. In this game, There was a villain, his name was Kefka. Kefka quickly captured the hearts of the American Public, appearing on Cereal Boxes and Saturday Morning Cartoons everywhere. Kefka truly showed us why clowns are scary. He was one of the most captivating people in the history of the word, So Wiz had an Idea. An Idea that would make Kefka a beloved pop culture icon once again!

    The idea of Kefka's Revenge was conceived by Wiz, Somwhere in the summer of 2001, The Exact date is unkown. Wiz didn't look at this as his most serious project, nor did he thing it would generate much interest, but that was about to change. When the idea of KR was posted on the Message Board of the now defunct Dragonsoft, people were amazed. This quickly grew into an unorganized bundle of ideas, Every member of the small community seemed to love this game. However after only very little work on the actual game Dragonsoft went under, along with all of it's projects, even KR. Months later in April 2002 Wiz came across Sphere, Sphere is the Development Engine you are playing KR on, You Probably knew this though, right? Days after Wiz found Sphere he asked Tree to check it out, the two decided to revive KR, The first real progress was made days later. KR has been coming along steadily, Throughout the process of working on KR, Wiz and Tree have grown stronger in their prospective crafts. Now in December of 2002, The KR Demo is ready, and it is good. 

    However, Remember... This is only the very beginning. Much more work has been done then you see here. Currently as of December 2002, Much of the work needed to progress in the game is finished, Story is planned out well ahead, What you see here must be 1/1000 of what the final product will be.  

Controls: Arrow Keys - Walk Enter - Talk/Execute ???? - Menu F1 - Laugh (you have unlimited laughs) F13 - Dance Esc - Exit Menu (might change)

Cast of Characters

Please Note, These are the main characters that appear in the demo, and certainly not the whole game.


Birth date: November 19th
Age: 35 (During FF6)
Height/Weight: 167cm/48kg      
Last name: Palazzo
Birthplace: Vector
Likes: Destruction
Hates: You

    Not much is known about Kefka's earlier past. This is what is known, Kefka was an average Imperial soldier for Emperor Ghestal's Empire, He was very loyal to the Empire. At the time Cid, The Empires head scientist was developing techniques to infuse common people with the ability to use magic. He needed a test subject, He knew there were risks. Only one man was brave enough to step up to this challenge, Kefka. Kefka underwent an arduous series of experiments. They were very successful, Kefka became able to use this odd force known only as Magic, But something went wrong. Gradually, He lost it, He quickly became the most cruel and powerful soldier in the empire, He quickly shot thru the ranks and became a favorite of Emperor Ghestal.  As the years past, Kefka became more and more of a twisted individual. He was issued several orders to hinder the progress of the returners, a  rebellious group. However, No one was aware of Kefka's deception, On the day of the Empire's most glorious triumph, Kefka killed Emperor Ghestal, and claimed an unimaginable power of his own. Kefka ruined the world that day. A year passes, Kefka rules with an Iron Fist. However the returners ultimately defeat Kefka, and the world is restored. Kefka, somehow survived.



Age: 22
Likes: Violence
Hates: Sissies
Birthplace: Albrook

    Vicks is a young former Imperial soldier, he accompanied Kefka on a few missions, Vicks has relatively little experience under his belt compared to his counterpart Wedge. But Vicks was one of the best fighters in the Empire, his skill with a sword is far supervision then most, and his skill with Magitech Armor is unmatched. After the end of the Empire, he traveled with Wedge and they became fast friends. 


Age: 29
Likes: Relaxation and TV
Hates: Salt
Birthplace: Nikeah

    Wedge is a veteran warrior Without an Empire we travels the world with Vicks. Wedge is always the one keeping the pair out of trouble. He too accompanied Kefka on numerous occasions, along with Vicks. Wedge has never been seen out of his Imperial Uniform.



Q: The Sphere engine won't open.. it says something about the resolution?

 A: This is simply because your computer can not show that low of a resolution, so what you have to do is double click config.exe in the sphere folder, and try setting it to interpolate32.dll, or which ever one works. Try making it not full screen, that usually helps. (8 bit color is not recommended)

Q: KR stops, or freezes or errors and point x!

A: Let us know. 

Q: KR is really slow.

A: This means that your getting a bad fps, the reason for this is often an awfully old computer or a bad gfx card.

Q: Can I make it full screen?

A: Yes you can, just double click on config.exe, There's a bunch of options there.

Q: It doesn't work at all!

A: Make sure your SNES is plugged in properly. If it is and you still have trouble, Contact Wiz and or Tree

The End