Confirmed chars
The Bad
Kefka [Duh]
Vicks [Kefka's lackey #1]
Wedge [Kefka's lackey #2]
Piette [I never liked him anyway]
Valaria [Whoooohooo]
Sephiroth [The other crazy villan]
Magus [The other other crazy villan]
Ultros [Sea food soup]
Hanzo [Where's he from?]
Crash [He's a meanie] 
Mr. Chupon [Achooo!]
GreenMan [Strait Outta the X-files]
R-666I [Can learn your enemies skills]
Cid [Yup, another one]
Zigfreid [Hahaha!]
Lonewolf [You'll never get this Golden Hairpin!]
Vargas [Thought he died too? Wrong again!]
The Good
Terra [Green hair is frickin badass]
Locke [Thats Treasure Huner!]
Edgar [The Ladies Man]
Sabin [I'll take that as a compliment]
Celes [Cold as ice]
Shadow [The dog eats strangers]
Cyan [Mr. Thou]
Gau [Uwaoooo!!!]
Mog [Kupoo]
Setzer [He throw's coins and takes out 9999]
Strago [Was around for the invention of the wheel]
Relm [A gifted child]
Umaro [Who's the boss?]
Gogo [Male or Female?]
The Ugly
Kefko [Maybe more evil then Kefka!?]
Sigfreid [Wait a minute!]
The KR Staff

Minor chars

Capt. Crash
Those loveable Tonberries!