4:48 AM, December 24, 2006

Here we are atlast. Now everything it's been a while since you've heard from us, especially me. But I'm here, and there's lot's of good news. First of all new version for KR, just in time for christmas, Check the Download page.

We really did some great work over the summer and these last few days to give you something special here. Eventwise, this is a complete chapter1, lots of things to go over and fix, and improve, but this is so much better than any previous release. Myself, Tree, DaVince, and Sgam put alot of work into this.

I havn't done much I know in the past two years, first all I really had to do without waiting for people to catch up is the sewers, and I was pretty much stuck on that. That is of cource finished now. Also I went thru alot of stuff. This past year, all year, I was working on video games as a job, the same stuff I did for KR, was now my job, and I think I tiered of working a bit, so I did very little for KR this year. The year before I just had no internet, was a crazy time then, I was on a journy to cast the one ring into the fires of Morder, I beleive that was what you guys were told.

I don't work on games as a job anymore and I feel renewed. I'm working on KR again, and DaVince and myself have started a new project, it's going to be huge, and something I always wanted to do.

So my attitude has changed. I want KR to grow, and grow, though there is tons of work to do on it. Some of you may have noticed we have been finally getting some help, DaVince is just amazing. He does really great work, and this guy, I don't know how he finds the time to do everything he does, he's really great. Of cource SGAM, he hasn't been around lately (something about his internet I hear?) but he added some cool new stuff to the game over summer. Some of my systems were finally implimented. Tree pretty much can only work over the summer, and his other short vacations, school and army stuff keep him real busy, but that's ok.

So after me doing this profesionally for like a year. KR is like nothing to me. It's much easier than it was, I think that's a good thing for the most part.

So to sum up. It took way longer than everyone would have liked, but it's here. KR Chapter 1. We'll be going over things and really making everything perfect, when we get Chapter 1 perfect, we'll make a new release. As you can see there is no way I can predict how long this is gonna take.

Finally I'd like to wish everyone Happy Freakin Holidays, huh!? Alright, one more thing. Althought there is some major resistance against this. I want to see some major additions to this site, and soon. So hopefully that will work out.

That's it! Go play KR!

~ Wiz
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