December 3, 2005 - A new site, a new day.

It's me Wiz! First let me welcome you to the new kr0v2. What happend, I hear you ask? Well there was a mysterious error88-4 over at m0rds server again, and the whole shibang got deleted (again.) I just came back to the internet world the day before! WTF was up with that!? Well anyway. It's a good thing. Because we made this Awesomely mega sweet site. I dare say it's our best effort yet. and we're not even done.

Well let's talk a little about the game shall we? We're almost ready for Chapter 1 to FINALLY be released. I know we're a few years late on this deadline, but it's a big milestone. Now it's the non battle version. Who knows how long it'll take for us to get those done. But story and everything else should be polished and complete, for you guys to enjoy. So just hang on, cuz it'll be real soon. The b0ard still exists. (just thought I'd mention that, this is our longest running b0ard yet.) So things for me personally are looking up. Tree is busy but he still loves KR. Me? Well I'm looking for employment, however, I got plenty a time to KR after we get this damn site up. Check out my portfolio type site... Graw!

One more thing. Vince brought us this sweet domain and junk to use for the KR communities own will. So expect to see alot of our sites poping up on instead of thebmp, and Veflaxia.

That's it for now folks.

June 24, 2005

The state of KR and its team are as follows: Matters with Wiz are still indefinite, he's resorting to desperate and parasitic tactics to obtain access to the web. His family and friends are unaware of his evil scheme to eliminate them and make profit. He must have his precious.. He has made occasional appearances to say whatsoup and junk.. and more are expected. If he moves in with his mega hott girlfriend, of whom he does not expect an immediate family relation, then he may perhaps start working again from there, during his breaks of serving tea to the family and washing their laundry.

tree's progress has been moderate. He just finished up split number 2, so that's some good junk. Structure wise, the game is nearing Chapter 1 completion. There probly will be a release soon that includes an event only version, without in depth battles and junk. People demand new material! tree has a grocery supermarket job which isn't as cool as having wild goose chases in golf carts, but it's satisfying nonetheless. Between work and partying, there is ample time to work on KR, provided he doesn't spend his time rocking out constantly... which is actually a bigger threat to KR than anything, believe it or not. Also, writing in third person gives the feeling of ninjatude and secrecy.. go see Batman Begins, everyone.

m0rd news! m0rd is still inactive as all get out, but at least he's participating in our KRazy antics. No new music from him.. not since like 1992 or something. But our junky friend MadJack might have some groovy basslines for us soon, which may or may not provide competitive or jealous inducing work from m0rd. Graw!

~ tree