Position Openings:

Slave Driver - The americans around here are too damn lazy. We need someone to take our pizza, punch us in the mouth, boot us in the rear, and make us work! Look at DaVince, he's very disciplined. *whip crack* Oh and take tree's beer away, he's becoming a constant drunk and vagabond.

Chef - We get hungry around here all the time. Need someone to whip up some awesome food, like pizza and baked apple pie. Millions of snacks.

Mechanic - My car broke down and needs some work. Call 555-3836 to apply.

Musician - Are you good at making midis? How about MP3s? Well if you think you have any talent, ANY, then contact us. And you better be an expert at FF6 music, you gotta have the soundtrack burned to CD and everything! Etc. Must be a certified jammer (approved by us), able to make fresh and appropriate tunes similar to soundtrack greats such as Uematsu and Nagunaworkhere.

Bounty Hunter - We might need some assistance in tracking down certain members who are unaccounted for. Their absence was never excused, and therefore they have unfinished business with us. This position requires experienced investigative work in undercover spying and kidnapping abilities. Must be willing to travel across political borders as well as accept disavowal of affiliation if captured in operation. Once our former member(s) have been collected, they will be safely escorted to our headquarters where they will be "given permission" to continue working for us.

b0ard members - Our message board is quite the New York Stock Exchange, if you catch my sarcasm. This position applies to anyone, fan or rival. Just register on the b0ard and take part in discussion. Heat things up, make it interesting. Analyze KR's invalidity as a fangame or something, you nerds.

Other position openings: Taxidermist, Lumberjack (cut some "trees" down hardy harr), Jedi Master, Dental Hygenist, Cargo Plane Pilot, Kendo Master, and Disposal Collection Agency.

Main Team / Founders:

wiz - the founder and creator of KR. He is responsible for all the graphics and the general story. All details of maps and sprites. as well as keeping the dull witted masses (girlfriends) incheck. He uses his kendo skill to defend his hard earned cash from drunken hoodlum ninjas. Perhaps he is too ambitous, frequently biting off more than he can chew. Example given, working on three games at once. He subscribes to GayGamers monthly and reads it religiously. Real name: Chris Crawford, Email

tree - a crazy nerd coder who works only in the nude. His scripting is unsurpased. A funny guy with a bit of a weird sense of humour. Prone to bouts of inactivity, but that is balanced by spurts of productivity and creative genius. He's a nice guy, but hardcore as they come. One time he sucked six in a row. Real name: Keith Link, Instant Message

Auxillary Team:

Beers - DaVince. Awesome kid from Amsterdam, he didn't stop making games when his government collapsed! He figured he'd make a couple tunes for KR so Chapter 1 would not be silent, and has since grown into the God of FF6 Sequel Music Creator. I hope he never leaves, but so far he's proven more use than most of us. Makes his own games for Sphere as well. His style of music for KR is absolutely perfect. He even uses the same instruments (soundfonts) as FF6. He showed us a more efficient filetype for music and remade some of m0rd's work. Almost too good to be true.

Teej - Our worldwide publicist. Always informs nerds on message boards about the phenomenon of KR. He's very extremely Korean and loves FAG/NIG jokes.

Samuel - This guy came around and volunteered to do lots of secretarial work. He files paperwork very well and can make a mean cup of joe. We would be lost without this guy.

RoyalPineapple - wanted to be listed here, doesn't do anything
anyone else?

Special Thanks

Veflax & co. of Flax has been a KR fan since almost the begining. Offering to help with music, and then quiting because he felt not worthy. Hosting the b0ard. Being a good guy for a few years now. He diservs a special mention. And there it was.

DirtySexyRobot - donated cash

Vince for sponsering us. Vince HAS been here since KR's conception. Most exellent freind. Doesn't always make sense, insn't always funny.. Sometimes a little annoying. But he's a great freind of KR, and he's been a personal freind of Wiz all of his internet life, wich is a long time!

Mags - helped make this website crazy compatible with most browsers. He and tree went to town!

Fired Members:

Let the games begin!

Flax - tried doing music but realized his own inferiority, was underqualified and disgruntled and embarrased and resentful.

m0rd - Used to be the musician. Fortunately he wussed out and went on an emo spree for a year and we didn't have to deal with him. Still hangs around and acts like a cool dude, thinking that we actually like him still.

Masamune37 - tried to say he could help script and program. NOPE

SuperGodAntMan (mags) - well he's still messing with the battle system, but I predict he wont last. ZING!

wilgre - not coming soon. Willy Green: sent some professional business emails about writing music for us... but he VANISHED! he was probably canadian

Face - faceguy used to be a canadian artist. but ever since canada instituted the selective service (draft!) for the Canadian-Australian war, he hasn't ever come back. VANISHED!

iLUViRiSHPEOPLE - wanted to change kr0's layout back in the day. Make it with flash or something. I kicked him straight out the door, and he smacked his face on the curb. He layed there for 4 minutes before some rich people pulled up in their fancy SUV and asked if he needed assistance. He got up and wiped the blood sweat and tears from his junk and moved to Canada. NEXT!

mrg169 - I forgot what he wanted to do.. but I fired him before he could even move his desk in, HARR!

Rockin2go - thought he could script but gave up

some canadian girl was supposed to draw concept art for monsters and junk.. but VANISHED!