Kill Thompson wants to directly connect (10:15:25 PM).
Thompson1189 is now directly connected (10:15:40 PM).
Kill Thompson (10:15:49 PM):
Thompson1189 (10:16:06 PM):
Kill Thompson (10:16:30 PM): Hey look its Megaman-solidsnake
Thompson1189 (10:17:49 PM):
Kill Thompson (10:17:56 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (10:18:31 PM):
Thompson1189 (10:19:11 PM): HOLY FUCK, tht b0ard banner is sweet
Thompson1189 (10:19:31 PM)
: except the zero needs to be more zeroish
Kill Thompson (10:19:39 PM)
: I didn't make it
Kill Thompson (10:19:46 PM): Look all the way on the botom
Thompson1189 (10:20:16 PM): of what
Kill Thompson (10:20:26 PM)
: the who is online thing
Kill Thompson (10:20:29 PM): I changed the picture
Thompson1189 (10:20:38 PM): oh sweet and a half
Kill Thompson (10:23:35 PM)
: Chu doin
Thompson1189 (10:23:57 PM): b0ardin foo
Kill Thompson (10:24:06 PM)
: Lotsa JUNKS
Kill Thompson (10:24:41 PM): Finished Forest1.rmp Forest2.rmp
Thompson1189 (10:24:49 PM): rad
Kill Thompson (10:24:55 PM)
: There is a Forest3.rmp
Kill Thompson (10:25:01 PM): and the other leads to the worldmap
Kill Thompson (10:25:16 PM): Forest2.rmp has two exits
Thompson1189 (10:28:10 PM): who made tha bannah
Kill Thompson (10:28:20 PM)
: ArmorDooz
Kill Thompson (10:28:39 PM): he asked to make a banne, I said sure
Thompson1189 (10:28:40 PM): give him a pat on the back
Kill Thompson (10:28:43 PM)
: I did
Kill Thompson (10:28:59 PM): I posted a topic in the talk n stuff part
Thompson1189 (10:29:40 PM): what the hell's all this editing posts deal
Kill Thompson (10:29:43 PM)
: 823 articles
Kill Thompson (10:29:51 PM): Oh vince was saying stuff I didnt want anyone to know, lol
Kill Thompson (10:30:15 PM): wich led to more and more secret stuff
Kill Thompson (10:30:20 PM): so I had to edit a whole set of em
Thompson1189 (10:30:23 PM): what was he sayin
Kill Thompson (10:30:30 PM)
: The location of TK
Kill Thompson (10:30:33 PM): he guesed it
Kill Thompson (10:30:39 PM): and then he said stuff about the top secret form
Thompson1189 (10:30:46 PM): haha
Thompson1189 (10:31:02 PM)
: i thought we didn't know the location yet
Kill Thompson (10:31:21 PM)
: Triangle City (Triangle Island Resort Town)
Thompson1189 (10:31:51 PM): how the hell did he guess that...
Kill Thompson (10:32:11 PM)
: *shrugs*
Thompson1189 (10:32:18 PM): you must be spillin all the beans to him
Kill Thompson (10:32:27 PM)
: Nah I didnt tell anyone
Kill Thompson (10:32:52 PM): I guess he figured it out cuz I said "A place that wasnt really exlpored bla bla"
Thompson1189 (10:33:20 PM): oh
Thompson1189 (10:33:40 PM)
: so why is TK located on a desolate location
Thompson1189 (10:34:42 PM)
Kill Thompson (10:34:52 PM)
: well it's jungely and we can put caves there
Kill Thompson (10:35:04 PM): I was thinking mixing Tonberries in with the towns population
Kill Thompson (10:35:27 PM): whasofunny
Thompson1189 (10:35:41 PM): the old board
Kill Thompson (10:35:54 PM)
: Yeah lol, those guys who posted outta nowhere?
Thompson1189 (10:36:19 PM): no, the fact that we abandoned it with a certain number of posts
Kill Thompson (10:36:26 PM)
: how many?
Thompson1189 (10:36:35 PM): triple six
Kill Thompson (10:36:39 PM)
: LOL!
Kill Thompson (10:36:56 PM): we should point that out on the b0ard
Thompson1189 (10:37:02 PM): i did already
Thompson1189 (10:37:26 PM)
: man, tha b0ard is like the most active now
Kill Thompson (10:37:53 PM)
: It's gunna be super active in the summer?

Thompson1189 (10:38:14 PM): who knows
Thompson1189 (10:38:22 PM)
: depends on the demo circulation?
Kill Thompson (10:38:34 PM)
: or more likely, if we release CHAPTER 1
Kill Thompson (10:38:38 PM): in MAY
Thompson1189 (10:39:10 PM): dude theres so much work for that
Thompson1189 (10:39:16 PM)
: i say we release a mid-demo
Kill Thompson (10:39:27 PM)
: Where?
Kill Thompson (10:39:32 PM): (like wheres the mid..)
Thompson1189 (10:39:40 PM): when we feel there's adequate new stuff we can release the new one
Kill Thompson (10:39:53 PM)
: ok
Kill Thompson (10:40:04 PM): but we should release the update as soon as we can
Thompson1189 (10:40:08 PM): also it depends on our time, how fast we're progressing
Kill Thompson (10:40:13 PM)
: yea
Thompson1189 (10:40:31 PM): um, like the battle stuff mostly, then world map
Kill Thompson (10:40:51 PM)
: when we find out what we're DOING with the world map, I can do the map part in a few days
Kill Thompson (10:41:07 PM): I would like to do it next
Thompson1189 (10:41:26 PM): you know if we had made a tile based movement then we wouldnt have as much lag
Kill Thompson (10:41:27 PM)
Thompson1189 (10:41:35 PM): sweet'
Kill Thompson (10:41:48 PM)
: is it too much work?
Kill Thompson (10:41:53 PM): Tilebased movement
Thompson1189 (10:42:02 PM): no, but i don't want tile based
Kill Thompson (10:42:10 PM)
: why not?
Thompson1189 (10:42:24 PM): ...are you saying you do?
Kill Thompson (10:43:09 PM)
: well I did for a long time, it would make working with some things somewhat easier
Kill Thompson (10:43:16 PM): like doors
Kill Thompson (10:43:28 PM): but I'm fine with how it is now too
Thompson1189 (10:43:38 PM): there wouldn't be diagonal movement
Kill Thompson (10:43:46 PM)
: reminds me
Kill Thompson (10:43:55 PM): sprintshoes werent working with all diagnal combos
Kill Thompson (10:44:03 PM): like down and right work but not up and right
Thompson1189 (10:44:16 PM): worked for me
Kill Thompson (10:44:55 PM)
: try up and right OR left and right
Kill Thompson (10:46:25 PM): I mean.. up and left
Kill Thompson (10:46:28 PM): left and right, lol
Thompson1189 (10:47:05 PM): uhh.. inamin
Kill Thompson (10:47:10 PM)
: k
Thompson1189 (10:47:24 PM): still b0ardin haha
Kill Thompson (10:47:57 PM)
: its NUTS
Thompson1189 (10:48:15 PM): yeah, it works for me.
Kill Thompson (10:48:22 PM)
: =]
Thompson1189 (10:48:23 PM): i can sprint in circles
Kill Thompson (10:48:27 PM)
: not me
Kill Thompson (10:48:33 PM): maybe I hit one of the arrows before the other
Kill Thompson (10:49:14 PM): nope not for me
Thompson1189 (10:49:25 PM): (shudders at the thought of b0ard becoming something like gamefaqs)
Kill Thompson (10:49:31 PM)
: How much will tile based movement give us better FPS wise?
Kill Thompson (10:49:32 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (10:49:53 PM): we basically we wouldn't have to use obstructions
Thompson1189 (10:50:10 PM)
: there oculd just be a data set that tells which tiles are nonwalkable
Kill Thompson (10:50:11 PM)
: you mean the ncp obstruction checker?
Thompson1189 (10:50:34 PM): yeah i would have to rewrite that again
Thompson1189 (10:51:01 PM)
: i'm really not liking the direction we're going
Thompson1189 (10:51:16 PM)
: tile based = i dontlike
Kill Thompson (10:51:19 PM)
: Ok
Kill Thompson (10:51:25 PM): thats all you had to say
Thompson1189 (10:51:46 PM): but ya never know until ya try though... hmm
Kill Thompson (10:52:31 PM)
: well it's up to you currently
Thompson1189 (10:53:33 PM): wtf are you saying you would rather have tile based moving?
Kill Thompson (10:53:55 PM)
: Not sure
Thompson1189 (10:54:06 PM): explain
Kill Thompson (10:54:33 PM)
: well Tile based moving has the following advantages for me, easy obstructions, for the player it's easier to move, less key pressing
Kill Thompson (10:55:32 PM): but it's fine the way it is
Thompson1189 (10:55:56 PM): whoa... (imagines an option in Config menu: Tile based movement)
Kill Thompson (10:56:04 PM)
: now THATS a good idea
Thompson1189 (10:56:16 PM): but ya see that wouldn't make the obstructions easier
Kill Thompson (10:56:34 PM)
: doesnt matter, I use a square for almost all of them anyway
Thompson1189 (10:56:46 PM): thats not the point
Thompson1189 (10:56:58 PM)
: i mean if we had tile based there wouldn't be ANY obstruciotns
Thompson1189 (10:57:15 PM)
: just certain tiles would be blocked
Thompson1189 (10:57:20 PM)
: with script
Kill Thompson (10:57:25 PM)
: I dont like that
Thompson1189 (10:57:43 PM): it would improve lag factor
Kill Thompson (10:57:53 PM)
: ( did we just switch sides? )
Kill Thompson (10:57:55 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (10:58:14 PM): no
Thompson1189 (10:58:24 PM)
: i know what the advantages are but...
Kill Thompson (10:58:43 PM)
: I think we should leav it for now?
Thompson1189 (10:59:04 PM): i think we shouldn't redesign the whole game half way through development
Kill Thompson (10:59:22 PM)
: I don't know *scratches head*
Kill Thompson (10:59:34 PM): Do you want to do an experiment junks and see how it turns out?
Thompson1189 (10:59:38 PM): make a poll
Kill Thompson (10:59:46 PM)
: They don't get it
Thompson1189 (10:59:53 PM): sure they do
Thompson1189 (11:00:03 PM)
: just make an option "??"
Kill Thompson (11:00:20 PM)
: huh?
Kill Thompson (11:00:24 PM): I mean like make a test mpa
Kill Thompson (11:00:27 PM): I duno
Thompson1189 (11:01:01 PM): make a poll or what
Kill Thompson (11:01:33 PM)
: we don't need a poll
Thompson1189 (11:01:56 PM): :-*
Kill Thompson (11:02:00 PM): Graw
Kill Thompson (11:02:11 PM): I think I will need to make a seperate map for AlbrookNight
Thompson1189 (11:02:21 PM): no way
Kill Thompson (11:02:36 PM)
: Looks like shit when I stick a layer over it
Thompson1189 (11:02:54 PM): thats cause its night!.....(?)
Kill Thompson (11:03:20 PM)
: No it looks bad
Kill Thompson (11:03:29 PM): and not like FF6 at night, they obviously use new tiles
Kill Thompson (11:03:34 PM): Here...
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\Program Files\Sphere\games\kr\maps\Albrook.rmp (11:03:40 PM).
Kill Thompson (11:03:44 PM): Enable the top layer
Kill Thompson (11:03:56 PM): and run 'er
Thompson1189 (11:04:13 PM): hmm diddy graw blah
Kill Thompson (11:04:23 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (11:04:55 PM): Are you sure releasing chapter1 is too much work?
Thompson1189 (11:05:09 PM): i never said that
Kill Thompson (11:05:16 PM)
: By summer I mean
Thompson1189 received C:\Program Files\Sphere\games\kr\maps\Albrook.rmp (11:05:17 PM).
Kill Thompson (11:05:18 PM): You know like before
Thompson1189 (11:05:38 PM): oh.. nah
Kill Thompson (11:06:08 PM)
: When you start the battle system how long do you think it'll take, 2 months to get all the basics down?
Thompson1189 (11:06:31 PM): a week
Thompson1189 (11:06:42 PM)
: providing i work like a madman, like usual
Kill Thompson (11:07:13 PM)
: Then I don't see the problem, I can work like a madman and get all the maps done in relativly quick time I'm pretty sure
Kill Thompson (11:07:18 PM): the better I get the quicker it is
Thompson1189 (11:08:05 PM): programming isn't writing a bunch of cryptic code
Kill Thompson (11:08:14 PM)
: ?
Thompson1189 (11:08:15 PM): its a way of thinking
Kill Thompson (11:08:23 PM)
: cryptic to me ;-)
Thompson1189 (11:08:54 PM): so in order to do a battle system, i have to learn the steps of each detail and things, thats what scares me
Thompson1189 (11:09:15 PM)
: and then organizing it all into a nice healthy process
Kill Thompson (11:09:27 PM)
: I don't think it'll be a problem for you
Kill Thompson (11:09:35 PM): that WIP guy did it nicely, you can do it
Thompson1189 (11:09:44 PM): o'course
Kill Thompson (11:09:59 PM)
: and 10 times better ;-)
Thompson1189 (11:10:04 PM): O#W^TN
Kill Thompson (11:10:08 PM)
: ?
Thompson1189 (11:10:18 PM): lets talk about that metal gear page i made
Kill Thompson (11:10:24 PM)
: ok
Kill Thompson (11:10:29 PM): its good
Thompson1189 (11:11:10 PM): the content!
Kill Thompson (11:11:14 PM)
: Did you read the topic about my other project that I prolly wont touch for years till KR is complete?
Thompson1189 (11:11:17 PM): did you read it
Kill Thompson (11:11:26 PM)
: Not all of it, I'm nottta MG nuthead
Kill Thompson (11:11:38 PM): Most of it is lost on me too so
Thompson1189 (11:11:47 PM): yeauh
Thompson1189 (11:11:54 PM)
: no i dont care about anyother games
Thompson1189 (11:12:07 PM)
: whoa, that reminds me tomb raider is supposed to come out this month
Kill Thompson (11:12:14 PM)
Kill Thompson (11:12:47 PM):
Thompson1189 (11:12:50 PM): needs a briefcase
Kill Thompson (11:12:59 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (11:13:01 PM): thats MOG
Thompson1189 (11:13:09 PM): yeah
Kill Thompson (11:13:14 PM)
: MOG will turn into a crazy ass buisness man

Kill Thompson (11:13:28 PM): keeping the smart mouth
Kill Thompson (11:13:36 PM): I think we will order umaro to attack K
Thompson1189 (11:13:54 PM): we?
Kill Thompson (11:14:01 PM)
: us
Kill Thompson (11:14:02 PM): KR
Thompson1189 (11:14:12 PM): ooook
Kill Thompson (11:14:20 PM)
: ?
Thompson1189 (11:14:30 PM): "I'm with you. Now, for something that no one has done in a while, let's get back on topic." - MGNer
Kill Thompson (11:14:48 PM)
: heh
Kill Thompson (11:15:30 PM): You know I could be finished with all the maps needed for chapter1 by April
Thompson1189 (11:15:42 PM): big deal
Thompson1189 (11:15:51 PM)
: haha
Kill Thompson (11:16:04 PM)
: thats like 40% of all my work
Kill Thompson (11:16:10 PM): Then I got to do just the animations and some sprites
Kill Thompson (11:16:18 PM): and you'll make me do events probs
Thompson1189 (11:16:56 PM): not really
Thompson1189 (11:17:03 PM)
: i'd feel safer doing them myself
Thompson1189 (11:17:10 PM)
: its a dangerous business
Kill Thompson (11:17:19 PM)
: Alright
Kill Thompson (11:17:26 PM): No complaints ;-)
Kill Thompson (11:17:33 PM): But when I run out of shit to do
Thompson1189 (11:17:35 PM): becasue with experience like yours you'd be askin me questions left andtright
Kill Thompson (11:17:36 PM)
: it's event time
Kill Thompson (11:17:43 PM): yea I know :-(
Thompson1189 (11:18:12 PM): like. "why isn't it working?" and i'd be liek "looky here" and then you'd be like "hmm.. i still dont gettit"
Kill Thompson (11:18:32 PM)
: spend 20 minutes looking for a syntax mistake, lol
Thompson1189 (11:18:47 PM): hey, everyone does that at one point or another
Kill Thompson (11:18:57 PM)
: I'll do it ALOT
Kill Thompson (11:19:30 PM): I cant way till that FF prequel comes out so I can make fun of it
Thompson1189 (11:21:35 PM): i unknowingly ignored archie
Kill Thompson (11:21:44 PM)
: Uh oh
Thompson1189 (11:21:49 PM): he was askin me stuff and i didn't even know it
Kill Thompson (11:21:53 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (11:22:00 PM): poor guy
Kill Thompson (11:22:05 PM)
: I think you should apologize next time you see him
Thompson1189 (11:22:11 PM): nah
Thompson1189 (11:23:05 PM)
: i got some things to report
Kill Thompson (11:23:09 PM)
: hit me
Thompson1189 (11:23:28 PM): the guy outside the mayor's house, should be POLITICIAN
Kill Thompson (11:23:41 PM)
: did I mispell?
Thompson1189 (11:23:48 PM): extremely
Thompson1189 (11:24:15 PM)
: i always thought his id was "pilot" cause you had it "polit" (cause uh the epoch) but now i see why
Kill Thompson (11:24:38 PM)
: Vince - "Run every line of dialogue a spell checker"
Kill Thompson (11:24:45 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (11:25:03 PM): i pretty much am a spell checker, but the things on the map i can't control
Kill Thompson (11:25:06 PM)
: did you look at the Nightsky layer?
Thompson1189 (11:25:10 PM): DOH
Thompson1189 (11:26:36 PM)
: its not that bad except theres too many people walkin around, that ruins it
Kill Thompson (11:26:50 PM)
: well that can be fixed scriptingly right?
Thompson1189 (11:26:55 PM): def
Kill Thompson (11:27:25 PM)
: lets change the music to the sound of crickets
Thompson1189 (11:27:32 PM): DUDE i was just about to say that
Kill Thompson (11:27:37 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (11:27:58 PM): becaus the music will definitely add effect
Kill Thompson (11:28:04 PM)
: yea
Thompson1189 (11:28:07 PM): that will assure that its night
Kill Thompson (11:28:46 PM)
: I was thinking about putting more gaurds at night, taking out almost every villager
Thompson1189 (11:28:50 PM): and maybe stores are closed?
Kill Thompson (11:28:58 PM)
: And I had a dream (yea all)
Thompson1189 (11:29:05 PM): except the bar
Kill Thompson (11:29:12 PM)
: that there was this little NCP thing going on that was funny
Kill Thompson (11:29:24 PM): there was a normal guy stands there hiding against the wall of a house
Kill Thompson (11:29:33 PM): a theif sneaks around and chases the guy
Kill Thompson (11:29:44 PM): the guy runs across the mpa and hides behind another house
Kill Thompson (11:29:47 PM): repeat

Thompson1189 (11:30:03 PM): hm.. (watches K idle)
Kill Thompson (11:30:10 PM)
: (does too)
Thompson1189 (11:30:30 PM): wow, this is really creepily weird
Kill Thompson (11:30:32 PM)
: I would like to make Albrook more industrial
Kill Thompson (11:30:35 PM): what
Thompson1189 (11:30:57 PM): cause im imagining walking around brook at night... and its just kinda realistic, imaginin everybody in bed and youre out walkin aournd..
Kill Thompson (11:31:20 PM)
: you mean you get a realistic mental image of albrook?
Thompson1189 (11:31:28 PM): no
Kill Thompson (11:31:33 PM)
: I do ;p
Thompson1189 (11:31:37 PM): it just makes brook seem more dynamic
Kill Thompson (11:31:44 PM)
: Yeah
Kill Thompson (11:32:00 PM): but night will only be triggered at certain events right?
Thompson1189 (11:32:02 PM): things like that are inspirational
Thompson1189 (11:32:12 PM)
: yeh certain events
Kill Thompson (11:32:36 PM)
: I think we should make it so you can get out of bed sometimes at night when you go to the inn
Kill Thompson (11:32:42 PM): like a random chance, to explore at night
Thompson1189 (11:32:47 PM): that'd be neat
Kill Thompson (11:33:14 PM)
: Oh something I needed to ask you
Kill Thompson (11:33:24 PM): I need to be able to additems to inventory thru triggers
Kill Thompson (11:33:37 PM): going to start hiding items in barrels and adding chests
Thompson1189 (11:34:05 PM): the question is..?
Kill Thompson (11:34:17 PM)
: Kill Thompson (11:33:24 PM): I need to be able to additems to inventory thru triggers
Kill Thompson (11:34:25 PM): like additem.tonic
Thompson1189 (11:35:05 PM): items["tonic"].quanity++;
Kill Thompson (11:35:14 PM)
: thats it!?
Thompson1189 (11:35:32 PM): that'll increase the amount by one
Kill Thompson (11:35:46 PM)
: what about GP?
Thompson1189 (11:36:00 PM): even simpler
Kill Thompson (11:36:41 PM)
: how do I make a trigger activate when you hit enter instead of walking over it
Kill Thompson (11:36:47 PM): and tell me GP
Thompson1189 (11:37:28 PM): make an entity, and then put it in the onTalk script, thats one way
Kill Thompson (11:37:46 PM)
: it wont crash cuz theres no .rss?
Thompson1189 (11:37:55 PM): GP is just a stored variable. you can add or subtract to it.
Thompson1189 (11:38:05 PM)
: dunno
Kill Thompson (11:38:30 PM)
: I'd rather use triggers, the other way feels to fake
Thompson1189 (11:38:57 PM): but then you'd get an item everytime you hit the trigger
Kill Thompson (11:39:04 PM)
: so what is it like get var='gp' add 20gp
Kill Thompson (11:39:18 PM): Yea we should make it work only once
Kill Thompson (11:39:34 PM): I think you should make a new function now that I think about it
Kill Thompson (11:39:40 PM): because we need the small text box
Kill Thompson (11:39:48 PM): "Got Tonic"
Thompson1189 (11:40:00 PM): grawdacity
Kill Thompson (11:40:02 PM)
: and plus the sound
Kill Thompson (11:40:05 PM): bink

Thompson1189 (11:40:09 PM): dont bombard me
Kill Thompson (11:40:14 PM)
: :-(