Kill Thompson wants to directly connect (5:16:28 PM).
Thompson1189 is now directly connected (5:16:31 PM).
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\ (5:16:53 PM).
Thompson1189 (5:17:15 PM): 5 megs huh... that sucks
Kill Thompson cancels request; the file will not be sent (5:17:26 PM)
Kill Thompson (5:17:28 PM): FUCK THAT
Kill Thompson (5:17:29 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (5:17:38 PM): do you have 7zip?
Thompson1189 (5:17:51 PM): will making them mp3/ogg reduce size?
Kill Thompson (5:18:08 PM)
: yes
Kill Thompson (5:18:11 PM): and take a few hours
Thompson1189 (5:18:36 PM): sweet
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX.7z (5:19:36 PM)
Kill Thompson cancels request; the file will not be sent (5:19:48 PM).
Kill Thompson (5:19:50 PM): WTF
Thompson1189 (5:19:57 PM): thats what i said!
Kill Thompson (5:19:58 PM)
: this ussually improves the compression hugely
Kill Thompson (5:20:00 PM): Ohwell
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\Beep.wav (5:20:14 PM).
Thompson1189 received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\Beep.wav (5:20:37 PM).
Thompson1189 (5:21:05 PM): nice!
Kill Thompson (5:21:07 PM)
: YUP!
Thompson1189 (5:21:13 PM): (lets it loop for a few mins)
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\laugh.spc (5:21:24 PM)
Kill Thompson (5:21:29 PM): thats how it is exactly from the rom
Thompson1189 (5:21:37 PM): why is it spc
Kill Thompson (5:21:50 PM)
: thats how I got it out
Kill Thompson (5:21:52 PM): didnt convert it yet
Thompson1189 received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\laugh.spc (5:21:57 PM).
Kill Thompson (5:22:12 PM): you need to hit record SPC right before the sound starts, lol
Thompson1189 (5:23:46 PM): weren't there diff versions of laugh?
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\ice3.spc (5:23:53 PM)
Kill Thompson (5:24:11 PM): I'm not sure
Thompson1189 received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\ice3.spc (5:24:16 PM).
Kill Thompson (5:24:39 PM): it's always the same number of HAs though
Thompson1189 (5:24:55 PM): that sounds a lot diff
Kill Thompson (5:25:08 PM)
: yeah
Kill Thompson (5:25:17 PM): I think it's the pitch
Thompson1189 (5:25:39 PM): (imagines a ringing high pitched one)
Kill Thompson (5:25:54 PM)
: but this the exact way it's stored in the rom
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\doom.spc (5:26:02 PM).
Thompson1189 received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\doom.spc (5:26:23 PM).
Thompson1189 (5:26:30 PM): STILL no replies at ffnet
Thompson1189 (5:26:35 PM)
: worthless
Kill Thompson (5:26:37 PM)
: Bah
Thompson1189 (5:26:46 PM): LOL
Thompson1189 (5:26:49 PM)
: thats a sweet sfx
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\Run.wma (5:26:59 PM)
Kill Thompson (5:27:04 PM): I got em all
Thompson1189 (5:27:10 PM): wma?
Kill Thompson (5:27:23 PM)
: I have to go from SPC - WMA - WAV
Thompson1189 (5:27:30 PM): oh
Thompson1189 received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\Run.wma (5:27:33 PM)
Thompson1189 (5:27:51 PM): wma sucks a lot
Kill Thompson (5:27:55 PM)
: yeah haha
Kill Thompson (5:28:15 PM): Any requests?
Kill Thompson (5:28:17 PM): Ultima?
Thompson1189 (5:28:27 PM): fall
Thompson1189 (5:28:31 PM)
: landing
Kill Thompson (5:28:38 PM)
: Dont got em yet
Thompson1189 (5:28:41 PM): bar-clipping
Thompson1189 (5:29:09 PM)
: (should be a "tink" sound)
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\ultima-2.spc (5:29:13 PM)
Kill Thompson (5:29:27 PM): lol that sounds like barclipping to the 100th power
Thompson1189 received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\ultima-2.spc (5:29:34 PM).
Thompson1189 (5:29:42 PM): hahahah
Thompson1189 (5:29:46 PM)
: with lasers
Kill Thompson (5:30:24 PM)
: I'm lookin through the sounds
Kill Thompson (5:31:04 PM): Check this one out...
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\meteor.spc (5:31:13 PM).
Thompson1189 received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\meteor.spc (5:31:45 PM).
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\miss.spc (5:31:54 PM).
Thompson1189 received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\miss.spc (5:32:27 PM).
Thompson1189 (5:32:29 PM): yikes that ones scary
Kill Thompson (5:32:35 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (5:32:39 PM): check miss
Thompson1189 (5:32:44 PM): kinda
Thompson1189 (5:32:51 PM)
: sounds like they miss the bar though lol
Kill Thompson (5:32:56 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (5:33:29 PM): I can probly get all we need relativly easy (exept the door one and the save point one)
Thompson1189 (5:34:01 PM): why's that
Kill Thompson (5:34:19 PM)
: when I try and get those two if theres music playing it mixed with the music
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\die.spc (5:34:28 PM).
Thompson1189 received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\SFX\die.spc (5:35:20 PM).
Kill Thompson (5:37:40 PM): chu doin
Thompson1189 (5:37:59 PM): gettin done with my routine
Thompson1189 (5:38:05 PM)
: (boards)
Kill Thompson (5:38:13 PM)
: I'm headin to the b0ard
Thompson1189 (5:38:24 PM): so today's exchange day huh...
Thompson1189 (5:38:26 PM)
: hmm
Kill Thompson (5:38:51 PM)
: don't got anything?
Thompson1189 (5:39:03 PM): No! Mwhahaha!
Kill Thompson (5:39:13 PM)
: didja do anythin?
Thompson1189 (5:39:21 PM): not my fault though, homework up tha ass
Kill Thompson (5:39:30 PM)
: damn
Thompson1189 (5:40:46 PM): so FLS has flopped?
Kill Thompson (5:40:57 PM)
: seems so
Thompson1189 (5:41:04 PM): jerks
Kill Thompson (5:41:43 PM)
: actually its good for us because we can take all those guys looking forward to that miserable peice of crap, and have em at KR
Thompson1189 (5:42:02 PM): yup
Kill Thompson (5:42:22 PM)
: can you take care of all the GameFAQs buisness?
Thompson1189 (5:42:43 PM): i usually do
Kill Thompson (5:43:42 PM)
Kill Thompson (5:43:45 PM): EF IS A MOVIE?
Thompson1189 (5:43:50 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (5:44:13 PM)
: God damnit
Kill Thompson (5:44:26 PM): Oh well I scraped that name since a long time
Thompson1189 (5:44:43 PM): yeah it was pretty funny when i saw it
Thompson1189 (5:44:48 PM)
: i was like "hmm.."
Kill Thompson (5:45:35 PM)
Kill Thompson (5:45:38 PM): ;p
Thompson1189 (5:45:56 PM): OMG That was So much CHeez
Kill Thompson (5:46:02 PM)
: how old was it.. 80s?
Thompson1189 (5:46:13 PM): probably 90s
Kill Thompson (5:46:37 PM)
: wtf you didnt even reply to "It's Friday"
Kill Thompson (5:47:26 PM): I really dont like the new sphere startup program
Thompson1189 (5:47:58 PM): im so lazy
Kill Thompson (5:49:14 PM)
Kill Thompson (5:49:30 PM): Albrook goes around there, it'll fit nicely I found out
Thompson1189 (5:49:40 PM): looks crappy what is it
Kill Thompson (5:49:59 PM)
: once I draw god damn albrook its the world map
Thompson1189 (5:50:19 PM): thought so... looks nothin like ff6 though, its much brighter and (yay) happier
Kill Thompson (5:50:26 PM)
: I was using some weird Sphere thing so it looks funky
Kill Thompson (5:51:20 PM): What do you think about using the Tunnel Armor as a car?
Kill Thompson (5:51:28 PM): Since it's part of the story anyway
Thompson1189 (5:51:41 PM): not the buggy...?
Kill Thompson (5:51:58 PM)
Thompson1189 (5:52:04 PM): WOW
Kill Thompson (5:52:28 PM)
: wacha think?
Kill Thompson (5:52:46 PM): I'm gunna make the map sprite bigger of cource
Kill Thompson (5:54:11 PM): also Aegis said it's totally possible to optamize everything in Sphere so if we send Flik a 'test case' of something that lags big time maybe he will tackle it
Thompson1189 (5:54:45 PM): neato
Kill Thompson (5:55:08 PM)
: so lets make sure we take advantage of that
Kill Thompson (5:55:18 PM): if needbe
Kill Thompson (5:57:23 PM): What about GONUTS?
Thompson1189 (5:57:37 PM): yeah that was sweet
Thompson1189 (5:57:50 PM)
: Revenge one i liked, the name of it anyway
Kill Thompson (5:57:57 PM)
: thats a move from FF6
Kill Thompson (6:01:21 PM): Dude we need to find somone who can do Remixes or something
Thompson1189 (6:01:35 PM): yah
Kill Thompson (6:01:42 PM)
: I'd love to here the prelude song with heavy guitar junks
Thompson1189 (6:01:47 PM): why right now though
Kill Thompson (6:01:53 PM)
: *shrugs*
Kill Thompson (6:03:41 PM)
: The sooner the better I guess
Thompson1189 (6:04:11 PM): 32
Kill Thompson (6:04:25 PM)
: "I need pants! 61"
Thompson1189 (6:04:51 PM): did i say that?
Kill Thompson (6:04:56 PM)
: yes
Thompson1189 (6:05:06 PM): hm
Thompson1189 (6:05:58 PM)
: Also, there's the fact that people just ignore how damn cool Raiden actually is - everyone on this board who's ever called Raiden a wuss do a no-handed cartwheel right now. Go on.
Kill Thompson (6:06:19 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (6:06:57 PM): i have tried those before
Thompson1189 (6:07:03 PM)
: always land on my knee
Thompson1189 (6:07:29 PM)
: but i can do a regular and a one-handed no prob
Kill Thompson (6:08:23 PM)
: hmm, Maybe we shouldnt have an airship
Kill Thompson (6:08:28 PM): Because it's so Cliche
Kill Thompson (6:08:40 PM): Maybe it'd be cool to not have one
Thompson1189 (6:08:51 PM): i like the idea of making the buggy get upgrades throughout the game
Thompson1189 (6:09:01 PM)
: until it becomes an all-purpose vehicle
Kill Thompson (6:09:09 PM)
: lol, I'm imagining the buggy with big wooden wings, like old planes
Thompson1189 (6:09:20 PM): yeah the bi-places
Thompson1189 (6:09:23 PM)
: planes
Kill Thompson (6:09:48 PM)
: so what do you think about using that Tunnel Armor (exept that ones red so it's called Prometheus)
Thompson1189 (6:10:12 PM): i dunno
Kill Thompson (6:10:45 PM)
: it's kinda like a motorcycle?
Thompson1189 (6:10:57 PM): whoa, vice city!
Kill Thompson (6:11:04 PM)
: haha
Kill Thompson (6:11:21 PM): Prometheus, very similar to Epoch
Kill Thompson (6:12:04 PM): lets make a deal
Thompson1189 (6:12:23 PM): two pounds for five hundred
Kill Thompson (6:12:30 PM)
: lol

Kill Thompson (6:12:46 PM): How bout the map doesnt need to have special effects (exept for clounds and some weather)
Kill Thompson (6:13:01 PM): if we can have an ultra awesome buggy system?
Thompson1189 (6:13:09 PM): how is that a deal
Kill Thompson (6:13:18 PM)
: where it leavs smoke and skid marks and makes BAM sounds when it crashes into stuff
Kill Thompson (6:13:22 PM): ( I dont know )
Thompson1189 (6:13:31 PM): sfx might be tricky
Thompson1189 (6:13:39 PM)
: actually... nevermind
Thompson1189 (6:13:48 PM)
: SKID marks are def tricky
Kill Thompson (6:13:58 PM)
: you can do it
Kill Thompson (6:14:05 PM): and make them disapear after so many seconds
Thompson1189 (6:14:06 PM): yeah i just figured out how
Kill Thompson (6:14:09 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (6:14:18 PM): and have awesome turning and stuff
Kill Thompson (6:14:22 PM): what do ya say?
Thompson1189 (6:14:29 PM): ok
Kill Thompson (6:14:40 PM)
: awesome, I hope you enjoy making that
Thompson1189 (6:14:45 PM): when does player get buggy, how / where
Kill Thompson (6:15:11 PM)
: The buggy was never in the game till a few weeks ago ;p
Kill Thompson (6:15:17 PM): the Tunnel Armor was
Thompson1189 (6:15:18 PM): hm
Kill Thompson (6:15:48 PM)
: (it's broken down.. Locke and Celes defeated it, it was a boss)
Kill Thompson (6:16:09 PM): Kefka kicks it and it works again, K gets it so he can go under ground when Figaro submerges, but it doesnt submerge
Thompson1189 (6:16:56 PM): how bout cid makes some modifications to the tunnel armor and it becomes the buggy?
Kill Thompson (6:16:58 PM)
: Hey you know if you do that awesome buggy system we can make that dungeon just a place where you drive around
Kill Thompson (6:17:18 PM): Thats fine with me
Kill Thompson (6:17:40 PM): But we'll need to take that whole airship ordeal out of the script ( Not to fond of it anyway )
Thompson1189 (6:17:50 PM): the pirates?
Thompson1189 (6:17:57 PM)
: i liked those guys
Kill Thompson (6:18:01 PM)
: We can keep the pirates, just have them do something else
Thompson1189 (6:18:05 PM): ok
Kill Thompson (6:18:39 PM)
: Maybe the buggy should have a mode buton like spacebar
Kill Thompson (6:18:51 PM): where it goes from tunel armor to buggy to airship to boat
Kill Thompson (6:19:00 PM): each is capable of doing something the others cant
Thompson1189 (6:19:13 PM): what if you morph to boat while on land...
Kill Thompson (6:19:33 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (6:19:37 PM): well we won't let that work
Kill Thompson (6:19:45 PM): only when your neat water I guess
Kill Thompson (6:19:54 PM): (It'll be awesome to go from airship over water to boat)
Thompson1189 (6:19:56 PM): dont make things difficult
Kill Thompson (6:20:00 PM)
: :P
Kill Thompson (6:20:38 PM): we gotta do that
Thompson1189 (6:20:42 PM): lol, i just pictured one of those cheap mspaint cars from my car game
Thompson1189 (6:20:50 PM)
: those were funny
Kill Thompson (6:21:00 PM)
: lol you should use it while you set the whole hting up
Thompson1189 (6:21:54 PM): dunno how im gunna do the donuts/wipe out type stuff
Thompson1189 (6:22:13 PM)
: cause there has to be a "tire slip" mode which affects the control
Kill Thompson (6:22:27 PM)
: damn thats gunna be awesome :-)
Thompson1189 (6:22:44 PM): but how would it start, there isn't pressure sensitive or gear changing
Thompson1189 (6:23:02 PM)
: maybe the type of ground yer on?
Thompson1189 (6:23:11 PM)
: turbo?
Kill Thompson (6:23:22 PM)
: turbo sounds cool
Kill Thompson (6:23:26 PM): ;p
Thompson1189 (6:23:38 PM): yeah, just hit the turbo while yer cruisin and you start peelin out if you turn
Kill Thompson (6:23:47 PM)
: Slam into a mountain
Kill Thompson (6:23:50 PM): hear glass break
Thompson1189 (6:23:53 PM): JUMP it lol
Kill Thompson (6:24:09 PM)
: lol I thought of jumping low levels of elevation
Thompson1189 (6:24:25 PM): omg that makes me excited
Kill Thompson (6:24:25 PM)
: like you can drive off a small cliff, thats not really jumping though
Thompson1189 (6:24:57 PM): if your speed is enough you should be able to get air off small bumps and mounds
Kill Thompson (6:24:57 PM)
: ok if you work this week, try to work on the bug, and starting this?
Kill Thompson (6:25:03 PM): I will work on SFX and world map
Kill Thompson (6:25:07 PM): yeah
Kill Thompson (6:25:28 PM): lol, the world map is gunna be like a playground
Thompson1189 (6:25:46 PM): yup, needs a racetrack.. OMG new minigame!
Kill Thompson (6:25:54 PM)
: YES@!
Kill Thompson (6:25:56 PM): LOL
Kill Thompson (6:25:59 PM): Buggy Racing
Kill Thompson (6:27:09 PM): can you use particle effects for the smoke?
Thompson1189 (6:27:36 PM): no, just make an animation
Thompson1189 (6:27:47 PM)
: less lag
Kill Thompson (6:27:52 PM)
: ok
Thompson1189 (6:28:14 PM): a different animation for some speed intervals
Thompson1189 (6:28:30 PM)
: still.. small smoke cloud, high-speed, long cloud
Kill Thompson (6:28:38 PM)
: oooh I see
Kill Thompson (6:28:52 PM): I thought that would be smarter to use particle effects though but ok :P
Thompson1189 (6:29:33 PM): lol, im gunna tear up the world map
Kill Thompson (6:29:33 PM)
: cuz the smoke would linger when your turn and shit
Kill Thompson (6:29:35 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (6:29:47 PM): lets not forget about the machine gun idea ;p
Thompson1189 (6:30:26 PM): i guess we could put an image at some spot by the buggy as it speeds away, then have the image fade
Kill Thompson (6:30:58 PM)
: Damn this makes the game even cooler :-)
Thompson1189 (6:31:17 PM): might take some time to perfect
Thompson1189 (6:31:23 PM)
: or be decent
Kill Thompson (6:31:25 PM)
: I'm sure but it's worth it
Kill Thompson (6:31:56 PM): what about the machine guns!? :P
Thompson1189 (6:32:15 PM): i dont wanna worry about 'em right now. theyre easy to do but pointless as well
Kill Thompson (6:32:24 PM)
: smart move
Kill Thompson (6:33:05 PM): (imagines driving up the side of a mountain then switching to airship at the peak)
Thompson1189 (6:33:32 PM): first of all, I think the whole Otacon-Seducing Mother thing is just messed up and shouldn't be in the game, it's disgusting and stupid and makes no sense.


Kill Thompson (6:33:53 PM)
: huh?
Thompson1189 (6:34:06 PM): quote from gamefaq
Kill Thompson (6:34:15 PM)
: I dont get it ;p
Thompson1189 (6:34:20 PM): i guess no
Kill Thompson (6:34:29 PM)
: Dude, we gotta have some metal playin when you get in that think ;p
Thompson1189 (6:34:55 PM): ever heard Skynard
Thompson1189 (6:35:00 PM)
: Free Bird
Kill Thompson (6:35:12 PM)
: Not that
Thompson1189 (6:35:22 PM): i just was reminded by it
Kill Thompson (6:35:55 PM)
: I'm so glad we came up with this awesome idea
Thompson1189 (6:36:29 PM): probably up the fan-rate about 20 percent
Kill Thompson (6:38:09 PM)
: maybe the plane shouldnt be motorized and just like sail off the wind? so you need enough hite to get to anouther continent or something (thats way comlex though)
Thompson1189 (6:38:23 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (6:38:30 PM)
: (splash!)
Kill Thompson (6:38:39 PM)
: (...Boat)
Thompson1189 (6:39:04 PM): but if it went to boat that would defeat the purpose of needing a huge jump to clear the water
Kill Thompson (6:39:28 PM)
: you need a beach to come up in the land, some continents have elevated rock shores
Thompson1189 (6:39:37 PM): oooh
Thompson1189 (6:39:42 PM)
: like ff8
Thompson1189 (6:39:47 PM)
: and 9
Thompson1189 (6:39:49 PM)
: and 7
Thompson1189 (6:40:02 PM)
: 10's world map sucked salty ballz
Kill Thompson (6:40:09 PM)
: I dont remember it
Kill Thompson (6:40:18 PM): (cuz I probly didnt get to see it)
Thompson1189 (6:40:19 PM): it was basically a MAP
Kill Thompson (6:40:25 PM)
: Laaame
Kill Thompson (6:40:36 PM): I only got to the blitzball part then I quit
Thompson1189 (6:40:43 PM): you just move the pointer to a certain spot, you transport there
Thompson1189 (6:40:51 PM)
: no graphics involved
Kill Thompson (6:40:54 PM)
: thats disgusting
Thompson1189 (6:40:59 PM): yup
Thompson1189 (6:41:19 PM)
: i would have expected a sweet airship piloting system for ps2
Kill Thompson (6:41:25 PM)
: me too
Thompson1189 (6:41:34 PM): thats what 12 needs i guess
Thompson1189 (6:41:41 PM)
: and less random fucking battles
Kill Thompson (6:42:22 PM)
: lol, after playing (that game I downloaded before forget the name) I know how NOT to do battles
Thompson1189 (6:42:44 PM): trial and error?
Kill Thompson (6:42:47 PM)
: Yeah
Kill Thompson (6:42:58 PM): No time bars even, wtf is that about
Thompson1189 (6:43:07 PM): hm
Kill Thompson (6:43:15 PM)
you just have to wait for the guys box to pop up
Thompson1189 (6:43:23 PM): hm
Kill Thompson (6:43:57 PM)
: I was planing on doing the world map awemely, like the area around Narshe will be snowy
Kill Thompson (6:44:06 PM): awesomely
Kill Thompson (6:44:27 PM): Triangle Island would have some palm Trees instead of normal
Thompson1189 (6:44:45 PM): yeah you need to make a swaying palm tree animated tile
Kill Thompson (6:44:53 PM)
: good idea
Thompson1189 (6:45:23 PM): and waterfall somewehre
Thompson1189 (6:45:32 PM)
: grr.. im hungry
Kill Thompson (6:45:34 PM)
: Yea I've already thought about that
Kill Thompson (6:45:44 PM): Dude, go thru the waterfall in the boat, lol
Thompson1189 (6:45:58 PM): lemme guess, the waterfall is the secret entrance to the underwater world
Kill Thompson (6:46:05 PM)
: No
Kill Thompson (6:46:08 PM): Just a waterfall
Thompson1189 (6:46:14 PM): whirlpool?
Kill Thompson (6:46:42 PM)
: the place underwater in case you didn't know what it was, the sunken ruins of a very crushed destroyed Albrook
Thompson1189 (6:46:53 PM): the world map will have a huge update/render script
Kill Thompson (6:47:20 PM)
: Very few entities atleast (like 2 the most if any)
Thompson1189 (6:47:52 PM): the snowing and vehicle control stuff
Kill Thompson (6:47:55 PM)
: heh, We should make the race track next to the opra house on the world map
Kill Thompson (6:48:00 PM): Yeah
Kill Thompson (6:48:11 PM): Narshe is always snowing
Thompson1189 (6:48:20 PM): i know
Kill Thompson (6:48:28 PM)
: Some areas will have random chance of when you enter them?
Kill Thompson (6:48:33 PM): I think constant rain would be dumb
Thompson1189 (6:49:00 PM): do you think... when you're near Narshe i could activate a Snow layer, which has scrolling animated tiles?
Kill Thompson (6:49:08 PM)
: Actually maybe I'll draw Rain clouds and it rains under them
Thompson1189 (6:49:18 PM): could that have a right gfx effect
Thompson1189 (6:49:40 PM)
: or would i have to calculate every snowflake
Kill Thompson (6:49:44 PM)
: it deends on how many snow flakes we use, probly not
Kill Thompson (6:49:58 PM): No way thats too much work
Thompson1189 (6:50:14 PM): i dont konw what yer talking bout
Kill Thompson (6:50:29 PM)
: Just wait till the world map is ready before we worry about that
Thompson1189 (6:50:48 PM): i might have to design the scripts based on what we're doing
Kill Thompson (6:51:19 PM)
: well we'll probly have to use some kind of image
Kill Thompson (6:51:58 PM): because if a snow flake is one pixel that makes it pretty big in comparison to Kefka so I think I will need to use transparencies

Kill Thompson (6:52:28 PM): can you use a zone?
Thompson1189 (6:52:41 PM): NYAH, maybe
Kill Thompson (6:52:43 PM)
: and there is a layer ontop
Kill Thompson (6:52:50 PM): but it only shows inside the zone
Thompson1189 (6:53:11 PM): but exited the zone doesn't activate anything
Thompson1189 (6:53:15 PM)
: exiting
Kill Thompson (6:53:26 PM)
: put a zone outside the zone
Kill Thompson (6:53:33 PM): that says "I'm leaving snow zone"
Kill Thompson (6:53:38 PM): or triggers
Thompson1189 (6:53:42 PM): nyah
Thompson1189 (6:53:52 PM)
: its easier to use my own script
Kill Thompson (6:53:53 PM)
: Let's just wait till I have the layout of the world map ready
Kill Thompson (6:54:01 PM): for each snow flake?
Thompson1189 (6:54:09 PM): for the zone
Kill Thompson (6:54:13 PM)
: Oh
Thompson1189 (6:54:42 PM): so is it possible to use a layer, or would that look incredibly retarded
Kill Thompson (6:54:47 PM)
: will the buggy leav snow tracks?
Kill Thompson (6:55:33 PM): I really think I need to experiment some
Kill Thompson (6:55:48 PM): is there a way I can make the layer not occur under where the snow is supose to start?
Kill Thompson (6:55:56 PM): I dont want to see the whole screen start snowin
Thompson1189 (6:56:26 PM): yeah just make the tiles only above the Narshe area, and for the sake of FPS, it would only be turned on when youre near it
Kill Thompson (6:56:58 PM)
: Ok most likely thats what we'll do
Kill Thompson (6:57:15 PM): I cant wait to play with the buggy ;P
Thompson1189 (6:57:30 PM): just play the car game
Kill Thompson (6:57:49 PM)
: I suck at the car game haha
Thompson1189 (6:58:03 PM): is it too fast for you or what
Kill Thompson (6:58:10 PM)
: yea I think so
Kill Thompson (6:58:17 PM): I'm ussually not on the screen
Thompson1189 (6:58:26 PM): well i made it on a slow computer so it lagged a lot
Kill Thompson (6:58:33 PM)
: ooh
Kill Thompson (6:58:38 PM): and the speed goes by the FPS right?
Thompson1189 (6:59:07 PM): im checkin it out right now
Thompson1189 (6:59:44 PM)
: it actually has a pretty good speed
Kill Thompson (6:59:46 PM)
: Maybe the Buggy should be Piettes and thats why they bring him along, lol
Thompson1189 (7:00:01 PM): nah
Thompson1189 (7:00:11 PM)
: do you still have the car game
Kill Thompson (7:00:20 PM)
: Not sure I'd have to check
Kill Thompson (7:00:35 PM): I might have deleted my whole OLD sphere folder
Kill Thompson (7:00:36 PM): .97
Thompson1189 (7:01:14 PM): got it or no
Kill Thompson (7:01:26 PM)
: Koreandude520 (7:00:48 PM): whos jones?
Kill Thompson (7:00:52 PM): huh? (I like that question)
Kill Thompson (7:01:30 PM): I'll Check
Thompson1189 (7:01:44 PM): lol i told him to ask Jones about kr stuff
Kill Thompson (7:01:48 PM)
: Nope that whole sphere golder aint there
Thompson1189 (7:02:05 PM): prepare for dir send
Kill Thompson (7:02:05 PM)
: Koreandude520 (7:01:33 PM): Tree told me to talk to jones about the world map
Kill Thompson (7:02:09 PM): ok
Thompson1189 wants to send file carstuff\* (7:02:48 PM): put in erehp folder WTF
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\carstuff\scripts\game.js (7:03:21 PM)
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\carstuff\images\right.bmp (7:03:22 PM).
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\carstuff\images\tank.bmp (7:03:23 PM).
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\carstuff\images\cars.bmp (7:03:35 PM).
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\carstuff\images\car2.bmp (7:03:36 PM).
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\carstuff\images\road1.bmp (7:03:37 PM).
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\carstuff\images\fastcar.bmp (7:03:38 PM).
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\carstuff\images\car1.bmp (7:03:39 PM).
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\carstuff\images\truck.bmp (7:03:40 PM).
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\carstuff\images\car3.bmp (7:03:41 PM).
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\carstuff\game.sgm (7:03:42 PM).
Kill Thompson (7:03:47 PM): you just sent the dir?
Thompson1189 (7:03:58 PM): yeup
Kill Thompson (7:05:33 PM)
: you want me to give my opinion?
Thompson1189 (7:05:45 PM): why
Kill Thompson (7:05:51 PM)
: I duno, lol
Thompson1189 (7:06:04 PM): is it too fast still
Kill Thompson (7:06:13 PM)
: Its better
Kill Thompson (7:06:33 PM): I think the acceleration and deceleration are way to quick when applied to the Buggy
Thompson1189 (7:06:44 PM): me too
Thompson1189 (7:06:55 PM)
: maybe turning too
Kill Thompson (7:07:14 PM)
: I think the Tunnel armor should be able to turn without the gas
Kill Thompson (7:07:19 PM): but the bugg you need the gas
Kill Thompson (7:07:22 PM): y
Thompson1189 (7:07:52 PM): think UP should be go, DOWN stop?
Kill Thompson (7:08:05 PM)
: I think Space bar
Kill Thompson (7:08:07 PM): :P
Thompson1189 (7:08:15 PM): custom keys
Thompson1189 (7:08:27 PM)
: lol theres a cruise control haha
Kill Thompson (7:08:30 PM)
: Spacebar should be accelerate methinks
Kill Thompson (7:08:31 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (7:09:15 PM): Remember, Kefka is this big on the world map
Thompson1189 (7:09:35 PM): so
Kill Thompson (7:09:59 PM)
: so just take that into account when your doing how fast it goes and stuff
Kill Thompson (7:10:08 PM): (I'm working on the sprite for the thing now)
Thompson1189 (7:10:09 PM): ok
Kill Thompson (7:11:38 PM)
: thre Tunel armor is blue though :/
Thompson1189 (7:14:48 PM): this is a neat minigame
Kill Thompson (7:15:13 PM)
: cargame?
Thompson1189 (7:15:18 PM): y
Kill Thompson (7:15:24 PM)
: Lockes Bismark87 (7:15:08 PM): where my birthday present? (second demo)
Kill Thompson (7:15:19 PM): Lol
Thompson1189 (7:15:37 PM): ask Jones
Kill Thompson (7:15:45 PM)
: lol!
Thompson1189 (7:18:08 PM): OMG its the Metal Gear TANK!!
Kill Thompson (7:18:22 PM)
: where?
Kill Thompson (7:18:30 PM): at your hose?
Thompson1189 (7:18:31 PM): in the cargame
Kill Thompson (7:18:32 PM)
: house
Kill Thompson (7:18:34 PM): oh lol
Thompson1189 (7:19:06 PM):
Kill Thompson (7:19:22 PM): sweet! (?)
Thompson1189 (7:19:36 PM): ?
Kill Thompson (7:19:49 PM)
: whats that supose to be? lol
Thompson1189 (7:20:11 PM): the cars
Thompson1189 (7:20:16 PM)
: but the alpha is gay
Kill Thompson (7:20:32 PM)
: it didnt come out
Thompson1189 (7:20:41 PM): i know thats why its gay
Kill Thompson (7:23:51 PM)
: Ack this looks nuts
Thompson1189 (7:24:09 PM): what does
Kill Thompson (7:24:39 PM)
Thompson1189 (7:25:16 PM): looks like the boat
Kill Thompson (7:25:21 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (7:25:25 PM): your right
Kill Thompson (7:25:44 PM): I'll work on it
Kill Thompson (7:25:59 PM): are you sure we cant use particle effects for smoke?
Thompson1189 (7:26:19 PM): if you do it, then we can do it
Kill Thompson (7:26:24 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (7:27:30 PM): I think that would be better though
Kill Thompson (7:28:05 PM): Dude did you ever see Spherse 3d junk?
Thompson1189 (7:28:31 PM): yah
Kill Thompson (7:28:47 PM)
: THat'd be sweet if it didnt suck and wasnt slow
Thompson1189 (7:29:05 PM): yus
Thompson1189 (7:31:44 PM)
: "Caution: Hot beverages are hot!" -- On a coffee cup.
Kill Thompson (7:31:56 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (7:31:58 PM): "Not intended for highway use." -- On a 13-inch wheel on a wheelbarrow.
Kill Thompson (7:32:10 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (7:32:31 PM):
Kill Thompson (7:32:34 PM): a little better?
Thompson1189 (7:32:38 PM): omg some of these are hilarious
Thompson1189 (7:32:43 PM)
: still looks like a boat
Kill Thompson (7:32:52 PM)
: oooh
Kill Thompson (7:32:54 PM): I'm an idiot
Thompson1189 (7:33:19 PM): "Do not use for drying pets." -- In the manual for a microwave oven.
Thompson1189 (7:33:33 PM)
: "For use on animals only." -- On an electric cattle prod.
Kill Thompson (7:33:48 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (7:33:57 PM): i can't paste all these, theres too many funny ones
Kill Thompson (7:35:32 PM)
Thompson1189 (7:35:38 PM): me too
Kill Thompson (7:36:20 PM)
: "In order to get out of car, open door, get out, lock doors, and then close doors." -- In a car manual.
Thompson1189 (7:37:52 PM): "Do not dangle the mouse by its cable or throw the mouse at co-workers." -- From a manual for an SGI computer.
Kill Thompson (7:38:14 PM)
: LOL!!!
Kill Thompson (7:38:36 PM): "No small children." -- On a laundromat triple washer.

Thompson1189 (7:38:46 PM): "Do not use orally after using rectally." -- In the instructions for an electric thermometer.
Kill Thompson (7:38:59 PM)
: LOLO ewww
Thompson1189 (7:39:31 PM): Not dishwasher safe." -- On a remote control for a TV.
Kill Thompson (7:39:50 PM)
Kill Thompson (7:39:53 PM): "Do not sit under coconut trees." -- A sign on a coconut palm in a West Palm Beach park circa 1950.
Kill Thompson (7:40:33 PM): "For a limited time only." -- From a Rally's commercial that described how their burgers were fresh.
Thompson1189 (7:40:39 PM): OMG theSmall Print ones are the best
Kill Thompson (7:40:53 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (7:41:53 PM): "You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside." -- On a bag of Fritos.
Kill Thompson (7:41:59 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (7:42:02 PM): I likew this one
Kill Thompson (7:42:04 PM): "Warning: Misuse may cause injury or death." -- Stamped on the metal barrel of a .22 calibre rifle.
Thompson1189 (7:42:09 PM): yeah
Kill Thompson (7:42:22 PM)
: "Remove wrapper, open mouth, insert muffin, eat." -- Instructions on the packaging for a muffin at a 7-11.
Thompson1189 (7:42:34 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (7:43:12 PM)
: Hmm
Kill Thompson (7:43:24 PM): I dont think just rotating the sprite will work
Kill Thompson (7:43:38 PM): is there a way to still have north south east west directions?
Kill Thompson (7:43:49 PM): and still have smooth rotating
Thompson1189 (7:44:02 PM): i dont gettit
Kill Thompson (7:44:18 PM)
: you know how in car game you just use a picture?
Thompson1189 (7:44:22 PM): "Simply pour the biscuits into a bowl and allow the cat to eat when it wants." -- On a bag of cat biscuits.
Kill Thompson (7:44:23 PM)
: and rotate it
Kill Thompson (7:44:27 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (7:44:33 PM): imagine some idiot trying to force the cat
Kill Thompson (7:44:39 PM)
: I know haha
Kill Thompson (7:44:53 PM): example...
Thompson1189 (7:45:18 PM): "In order to get out of car,.." LOL
Kill Thompson (7:45:26 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (7:45:55 PM):
Kill Thompson (7:45:59 PM): back, front
Kill Thompson (7:46:03 PM): crude paint drawings
Thompson1189 (7:46:32 PM): that looks like a martain and santa claus
Kill Thompson (7:46:41 PM)
: lol

Kill Thompson (7:46:50 PM): the first one looks like a robot head to me
Thompson1189 (7:46:59 PM): yeah with huge eyes
Kill Thompson (7:47:07 PM)
: the second one looks like his body haha
Thompson1189 (7:47:35 PM): yeah
Kill Thompson (7:47:48 PM)
: but do you get what I'm saying, when the vehicles pointing north, you get a view of the exaust and see the smoke shooting out in the back
Kill Thompson (7:47:54 PM): south you see the front
Thompson1189 (7:48:19 PM): "Do not stop blade with hands or genitals".
Kill Thompson (7:48:20 PM)
: Maybe I should youse the directions like southwest?
Kill Thompson (7:48:23 PM): LOL!
Kill Thompson (7:48:32 PM): (I saw that somwhere before)
Thompson1189 (7:48:43 PM): me too but thats extreme
Kill Thompson (7:48:55 PM)
: hmm
Kill Thompson (7:49:42 PM): too bad theres n people to run over ;-)
Thompson1189 (7:49:58 PM): fuck that shit
Kill Thompson (7:50:09 PM)
: Did you ever see Brother where art thou ?
Thompson1189 (7:50:15 PM): yup
Kill Thompson (7:50:19 PM)
: I'm related to that guy
Thompson1189 (7:50:33 PM): ...? George Clooney?
Kill Thompson (7:50:52 PM)
: No the old one
Kill Thompson (7:50:56 PM): that the movies about
Kill Thompson (7:50:57 PM): or something
Thompson1189 (7:51:05 PM): Homer?
Kill Thompson (7:51:44 PM)
: George Baby Face ass
Kill Thompson (7:51:55 PM): fatty
Thompson1189 (7:52:04 PM): "I read a story about how a guy bought an RV once. He was driving it, put the cruise control on and went into the back to make a pot of coffee. The idiot didn't know that cruise control doesn't STEER THE RV for him."
Kill Thompson (7:52:21 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (7:52:39 PM): "Later, this idiot sues the company, and WINS THE LAWSUIT. He won back all medical expenses, compensatory damages, and a new RV. Now in the manual it reads "Do not take your hands off the wheel when in cruise control" or something like that."
Kill Thompson (7:52:55 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (7:53:35 PM): ok. here's an idea for kr
Kill Thompson (7:53:40 PM)
: hit me
Thompson1189 (7:53:46 PM): DUMB WARNING LABELS
Kill Thompson (7:53:58 PM)
: on the box?
Kill Thompson (7:54:06 PM): or just on random stuff
Thompson1189 (7:54:11 PM): random stuff
Kill Thompson (7:54:12 PM)
: like... a tonic
Kill Thompson (7:54:25 PM): "Warning may induce vomiting" exept thats not too dumb
Thompson1189 (7:54:43 PM): haha yeah maybe, i was thinkin like you go up to a crate or something, talk to it, and it says "Caution: heavy" or whatever
Thompson1189 (7:54:49 PM)
: no.
Thompson1189 (7:55:01 PM)
: "Warning: Crate is Heavy, do not drop on friends"
Kill Thompson (7:55:07 PM)
: lo!
Kill Thompson (7:55:09 PM): I like
Kill Thompson (7:55:19 PM): and then of cource
Thompson1189 (7:55:27 PM): later int he game..
Kill Thompson (7:55:28 PM)
: you can drop it on your freinds
Kill Thompson (7:55:29 PM): LOL