Kill Thompson (5:37:39 PM): I'm sendin a fuckin file

Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\ (5:37:49 PM).
Thompson1189 received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\ (5:38:48 PM).
Kill Thompson (5:41:27 PM): chu think
Thompson1189 (5:41:36 PM): i aint opened it yet
Kill Thompson (5:41:56 PM)
: its a giant bmp with lotsa anime robot junks from a set of SNES roms
Thompson1189 (5:43:23 PM): ok
Thompson1189 (5:44:34 PM)
: HOLY CRAP ive had kr running for this whole time
Thompson1189 (5:44:48 PM)
: (plays it)
Kill Thompson (5:44:57 PM)
: what was K doing?
Kill Thompson (5:45:03 PM): when you went back to the window
Thompson1189 (5:45:06 PM): anger pose/reach up
Kill Thompson (5:45:10 PM)
: haha
Thompson1189 (5:46:45 PM): looks mostly like gundam or somethin
Kill Thompson (5:46:55 PM)
: yeah
Kill Thompson (5:47:27 PM): I love gundamses but I've only watched like 20 minutes of it in my life
Kill Thompson (5:47:30 PM): But I like the mechs
Thompson1189 (5:48:32 PM): im drawing a robot mech thing in cad class
Kill Thompson (5:48:44 PM)
: is it radiculous?
Thompson1189 (5:48:52 PM): haha.. i dunno
Thompson1189 (5:49:01 PM)
: its pretty neat so far i guess
Kill Thompson (5:49:15 PM)
: What kinda head does it have?
Thompson1189 (5:49:23 PM): weird lookin
Thompson1189 (5:49:37 PM)
: its the only part that looks awkward
Kill Thompson (5:49:38 PM)
: Happy chinese new years to jew
Kill Thompson (5:49:50 PM): I liked the one in Z.O.E
Thompson1189 (5:50:00 PM): i played the zoe2 demo today
Kill Thompson (5:50:08 PM)
: good?
Thompson1189 (5:50:15 PM): psh, hellifiknow
Thompson1189 (5:50:18 PM)
: i dont even care
Kill Thompson (5:50:23 PM)
: haha
Kill Thompson (5:50:35 PM): I'm hardly interested in games anymore
Thompson1189 (5:50:54 PM): same here
Thompson1189 (5:51:00 PM)
: except for a select few
Kill Thompson (5:51:37 PM)
: yea
Kill Thompson (5:51:59 PM): I'm dyin to play the new Zelda
Thompson1189 (5:52:08 PM): i saw a poster for FFXII in the new OPM
Kill Thompson (5:52:24 PM)
: What is that.. 13?
Kill Thompson (5:52:28 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (5:52:29 PM): 12
Thompson1189 (5:52:33 PM): Duh, haha
Kill Thompson (5:52:39 PM)
: I did that on purpose :P
Kill Thompson (5:52:52 PM): I saw a radass FF12 screenshot it looks good that game
Kill Thompson (5:53:01 PM): but all square games LOOK good
Thompson1189 (5:53:03 PM): lemme see
Kill Thompson wants to directly connect (5:53:08 PM)
Thompson1189 is now directly connected (5:53:11 PM).
Kill Thompson (5:53:29 PM): ooops, wrong FF
Kill Thompson (5:53:39 PM): how the fuck does FF11 have FMVs?
Kill Thompson (5:53:43 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (5:53:59 PM): who cares online is boring
Kill Thompson (5:55:23 PM)
Kill Thompson (5:55:28 PM): looks lord of the ringsish
Thompson1189 (5:55:56 PM): looks liek id rather be playin metal gear
Kill Thompson (5:56:12 PM)
Kill Thompson (5:56:17 PM): lol not really
Kill Thompson (5:57:20 PM): wasnt FF11 supose to come out like 20 times already?
Thompson1189 (5:58:21 PM): isn't it already out? haha
Kill Thompson (5:58:47 PM)
: is it?
Kill Thompson (5:58:52 PM): I duno, lol
Thompson1189 (5:58:58 PM): me either
Thompson1189 (5:59:01 PM)
: lets talk KR
Kill Thompson (5:59:07 PM)
: sure
Thompson1189 (5:59:24 PM): you start
Kill Thompson (5:59:46 PM)
: my mom is pounding the shit outta a chicken, Its hard to concentrate
Thompson1189 (6:00:07 PM): slaughter it
Kill Thompson (6:00:51 PM)
: when are you gonna start doin battles
Thompson1189 (6:01:16 PM): cant say asap
Kill Thompson (6:01:24 PM)
: ok
Kill Thompson (6:01:48 PM): I think you should do all battle related menu stuff after the battles are all worked out?
Thompson1189 (6:02:15 PM): but the menu stuff is part of the battles?
Kill Thompson (6:02:28 PM)
: no I mean the menu menu
Kill Thompson (6:02:29 PM): Home
Kill Thompson (6:02:36 PM): like View stats and junk
Thompson1189 (6:02:57 PM): oh you mean like weapons and stats?
Kill Thompson (6:03:01 PM)
: yes
Kill Thompson (6:03:06 PM): and magic I guess
Thompson1189 (6:03:12 PM): why
Kill Thompson (6:03:28 PM)
: because I thought it'd be easier for you

Thompson1189 (6:03:52 PM): not really, the opposite would problah be easier
Kill Thompson (6:04:07 PM)
: then do the oposit
Thompson1189 (6:04:17 PM):
Thompson1189 (6:04:32 PM): then i'll do the battle stuff after the menu stuff
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\Phunbaba.png (6:04:52 PM)
Kill Thompson (6:05:00 PM): well theres your monster graphic
Thompson1189 received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\Phunbaba.png (6:05:11 PM).
Thompson1189 (6:05:19 PM): dammit i dont wanna use a floppy
Kill Thompson (6:05:27 PM)
: Save it for next time you need it
Thompson1189 (6:05:34 PM): graw?
Kill Thompson (6:05:36 PM)
: (a flop pie)
Kill Thompson (6:05:43 PM): and just.. ya know
Kill Thompson (6:06:12 PM): I shoulda sent you all my shit yesterday while you were in your room
Thompson1189 (6:06:16 PM):
Kill Thompson (6:06:18 PM): Oh well...
Kill Thompson (6:06:20 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (6:06:46 PM): question
Kill Thompson (6:07:12 PM): Remember when we first discussed the magic system? and doing espers was imposible, is it still imposible?
Kill Thompson (6:07:24 PM): ( Not that I want to use Espers)
Thompson1189 (6:07:24 PM): dont remember
Kill Thompson (6:07:31 PM)
: Well the whole percent thing
Thompson1189 (6:07:44 PM): shards?
Kill Thompson (6:07:46 PM)
: Like you know one magic point, times the x5 on the spell in the esper
Kill Thompson (6:07:50 PM): 5% learned
Kill Thompson (6:07:57 PM): No, the esper way for a minute
Kill Thompson (6:08:18 PM): thats not imposible is it? Just curious
Thompson1189 (6:08:26 PM): i guess not..
Kill Thompson (6:08:46 PM)
: K, I like the shards but I don't think it's completly solidified yet
Thompson1189 (6:09:01 PM): tabs
Kill Thompson (6:09:09 PM)
: tabs what huh?
Kill Thompson (6:09:16 PM):
Thompson1189 (6:09:22 PM): tabs = shards
Kill Thompson (6:09:40 PM)
: I dont see how
Thompson1189 (6:09:57 PM): theyre like a piece of magic that increases your stat
Kill Thompson (6:09:58 PM)
: seeing as how it doesnt work till it's at 100%
Kill Thompson (6:10:05 PM): it doesnt increas a stat
Thompson1189 (6:10:11 PM): sweet
Kill Thompson (6:10:23 PM)
: You do know how shards work right..?
Kill Thompson (6:10:32 PM): Maybe I wasnt clear enough
Thompson1189 (6:10:32 PM): i probly forot by now
Kill Thompson (6:11:08 PM)
: Well when the magicjunks destroyed, a little bit went into everything (There not actually shards there more like little glowly magic thingies)
Kill Thompson (6:11:23 PM): So all the people, all the monsters, got a little bit of that magic that came from the espers
Thompson1189 (6:11:27 PM): (like tabs)
Kill Thompson (6:11:36 PM)
: Tabs were laying on the ground! ;p
Kill Thompson (6:11:42 PM): Oh the glowy part.. yeah
Thompson1189 (6:11:47 PM): glowy magic thingies`!!!
Thompson1189 (6:11:48 PM)
: hah
Kill Thompson (6:11:54 PM)
: (diff elements will probs be diff colors though)
Kill Thompson (6:11:57 PM): Ok so NOW
Thompson1189 (6:12:00 PM): yeah
Kill Thompson (6:12:04 PM)
: Theres two types of shards
Kill Thompson (6:12:12 PM): Stat shards, like you said (super rare)
Thompson1189 (6:12:19 PM): or tabs
Kill Thompson (6:12:22 PM)
: You know like Power Shard
Kill Thompson (6:12:24 PM): Yeah, lol
Kill Thompson (6:12:30 PM): Then the ones that TEACH magic
Kill Thompson (6:12:42 PM): I was thinking each one would be like a spell then a value
Kill Thompson (6:12:45 PM): say Fire +5
Thompson1189 (6:12:46 PM): and you gotta collect a certain amount before learning
Kill Thompson (6:13:02 PM)
: When you use Fire +5 on somone they have Fire 5% learned
Kill Thompson (6:13:06 PM): Yeah
Thompson1189 (6:13:24 PM): is there any Fire -5s?
Kill Thompson (6:13:27 PM)
: Maybe we shouldn't have anything +1 though cuz that would be annoying
Kill Thompson (6:13:36 PM): well that'd be dumb cuz you use them like an item
Kill Thompson (6:14:41 PM): Kefko is collecting some shards (maybe essense is a better word) To become ultra powerfull, and he is doing something diabolicle and evil with espers, like reviving them using the essenses (shards)

Thompson1189 (6:15:08 PM): i like shards more
Kill Thompson (6:15:49 PM)
: ok but at the end of the game alot of espers will be back (Espers' Revenge)
Thompson1189 (6:15:58 PM): sweet!!
Kill Thompson (6:16:08 PM)
: and they'd be super powered up I guess?
Thompson1189 (6:16:21 PM): and they all kick the hell out of K?
Kill Thompson (6:16:35 PM)
: Yeah
Kill Thompson (6:16:42 PM): haha
Thompson1189 (6:16:58 PM): or should it be a huge series of boss battles
Kill Thompson (6:17:22 PM)
: well Espers would start coming back before you finish off the returners I guess, right around then
Kill Thompson (6:17:51 PM): so there will be some encounters and boss battles and junks
Thompson1189 (6:17:53 PM): i remember someone nitpicking about the term "Returners"
Kill Thompson (6:18:15 PM)
: hm?
Kill Thompson (6:18:23 PM): you mean the guy bitching on gamefaqs?
Thompson1189 (6:18:29 PM): probla
Thompson1189 (6:18:36 PM)
: he's right though isnt he?
Kill Thompson (6:18:59 PM)
: In my opinion not right or wrong
Kill Thompson (6:19:10 PM): but Terra, Locke and Edgar and Sabin WERE Returners
Thompson1189 (6:19:23 PM): and the rest JOINED them
Kill Thompson (6:19:46 PM)
: and look at it from the people in FF6s perspective, they probly just saw them as the only returners left
Thompson1189 (6:20:22 PM): true and a half
Kill Thompson (6:20:36 PM)
: And returners sounds alot better then "a group of weird guys"
Kill Thompson (6:22:12 PM): Chu doin
Thompson1189 (6:22:48 PM): chattin with you
Kill Thompson (6:23:46 PM)
: =]
Kill Thompson (6:25:56 PM):
Kill Thompson (6:26:20 PM): Archi guy made that
Thompson1189 (6:26:34 PM): neat
Kill Thompson (6:26:52 PM)
: I was impressed untill he said it only takes 5 mins and the program does all the work
Thompson1189 (6:29:15 PM): i knew that
Thompson1189 (6:29:24 PM)
: i used to use programs like that
Kill Thompson (6:29:33 PM)
: Ooh
Kill Thompson (6:30:59 PM): *tap dances*
Thompson1189 (6:30:59 PM): dude KR is STILL running
Kill Thompson (6:31:06 PM)
: whoops
Thompson1189 (6:31:29 PM): the new sphere is faster now, did ya know that
Kill Thompson (6:31:37 PM)
: yep
Kill Thompson (6:31:45 PM): also aegis doesnt know why its faster
Kill Thompson (6:31:48 PM): didja know that?
Thompson1189 (6:32:09 PM): indootibly
Thompson1189 (6:33:15 PM)
: have any idea for a better way to make npcs face you while talking?
Kill Thompson (6:33:31 PM)
: well what does it do now?
Kill Thompson (6:33:44 PM): and whats wrong with it
Thompson1189 (6:34:00 PM): checks to see if anyone is within the rectangle, sometimes when theres multiple they all face him
Thompson1189 (6:34:06 PM)
: like cafebar
Kill Thompson (6:34:12 PM)
: ooh yea
Kill Thompson (6:34:29 PM): why dont you check to see if KEFKA is within rectangle
Kill Thompson (6:34:34 PM): not somebody
Kill Thompson (6:34:37 PM): ..?
Kill Thompson (6:34:45 PM): or whoever input is attached to
Thompson1189 (6:34:48 PM): cause i dont konw who the person is
Thompson1189 (6:35:32 PM)
: well?
Kill Thompson (6:35:44 PM)
: Thinking

Kill Thompson (6:36:40 PM): you can't make it work for just Kefka?
Thompson1189 (6:36:50 PM): whaaa?
Kill Thompson (6:37:05 PM)
: like if another guy is in some guys rectangle
Kill Thompson (6:37:28 PM): hmmm
Thompson1189 (6:38:04 PM): well if i could somehow know which person youre talking to, that would make it easier, and i dont want to have you edit all the entities again
Kill Thompson (6:38:04 PM)
: Why don't you make a thinkg where like it checks if kefka is within one tile? and if not ignore