Kill Thompson (7:55:39 PM): Weee
Thompson1189 (7:55:44 PM): sup
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\KR Work\startup\maps\Albrook.rmp (7:55:51 PM)
Kill Thompson (7:55:56 PM): eatin chink food
Thompson1189 (7:56:27 PM): sweet
Kill Thompson (7:57:01 PM)
: I just made it more internesting to look at pretty much
Thompson1189 (7:57:13 PM): im sick of this fuckin floppy shit
Kill Thompson (7:57:22 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (7:57:42 PM): this one isn't even zipped
Kill Thompson (7:57:43 PM)
: you should get a modem for your room
Kill Thompson (7:57:46 PM): and a phone line
Thompson1189 received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\KR Work\startup\maps\Albrook.rmp (7:57:49 PM).
Kill Thompson (7:57:51 PM): hyper terminal it to your computer
Thompson1189 (7:58:00 PM): nah
Kill Thompson (7:58:18 PM)
: thats the way the cool kids do it
Thompson1189 (7:58:28 PM): whoa theres grass everywhere
Kill Thompson (7:59:06 PM)
: there are some less noticable details
Thompson1189 (7:59:12 PM): i see em
Kill Thompson (7:59:19 PM)
: opinions?
Thompson1189 (7:59:30 PM): thats alotta grass!
Kill Thompson (7:59:41 PM)
: yup
Thompson1189 (7:59:59 PM): its sweet
Kill Thompson (8:00:08 PM)
: great
Thompson1189 (8:00:17 PM): im gunna try this floppy maneuver again
Kill Thompson (8:00:21 PM)
: was thinking about doing some moss like stuff on the walls
Kill Thompson (8:00:22 PM): ok
Kill Thompson (8:00:27 PM): you got something amazing to show me?
Thompson1189 (8:04:27 PM): na
Kill Thompson (8:04:39 PM)
: do anythin today?
Thompson1189 (8:04:50 PM): ok, it works.
Kill Thompson (8:05:05 PM)
: weird shtuff
Thompson1189 wants to send file battle.js (8:05:31 PM).
Kill Thompson (8:05:48 PM): just the site of that makes me want to have sex with somone
Thompson1189 (8:05:58 PM): its nothin big
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\battle.js (8:06:01 PM)
Thompson1189 (8:06:08 PM): just wanna make sure everythings right before i do major junk
Kill Thompson (8:06:09 PM)
: no update to game.js?
Thompson1189 (8:06:22 PM): no switch the project's script to battle
Thompson1189 (8:07:12 PM)
: crap hold before you do it
Kill Thompson (8:07:14 PM)
: battlebg02.png
Thompson1189 (8:07:18 PM): hah yeah
Kill Thompson (8:08:04 PM)
: you got it?
Kill Thompson (8:08:09 PM): or do I have to go diggin?
Thompson1189 (8:08:20 PM): i have it but thers another
Thompson1189 wants to send file battlebg02.png (8:08:33 PM)
Thompson1189 (8:09:22 PM): you need Empty.png too and i don't have it here
Thompson1189 (8:09:26 PM)
: you should have it
Thompson1189 (8:09:32 PM)
: its the timebar
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\battlebg02.png (8:09:44 PM)
Kill Thompson (8:09:58 PM): lemme search for it
Thompson1189 (8:10:03 PM): k
Kill Thompson (8:11:08 PM)
: nope
Kill Thompson (8:11:10 PM): dont have it
Thompson1189 (8:11:14 PM): graw
Thompson1189 (8:11:23 PM)
: you should have because how would i get it
Thompson1189 (8:11:34 PM)
: it'll take a few mins for me to fetch it
Kill Thompson (8:11:38 PM)
: I remember making it but I do delete things to keep organzied
Thompson1189 (8:11:45 PM): burb
Kill Thompson (8:11:47 PM)
: ok, I got time
Thompson1189 wants to send file Empty.png (8:15:28 PM).
Thompson1189 (8:15:30 PM): mwahah
Thompson1189 (8:15:33 PM)
: awesome
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\Empty.png (8:15:55 PM)
Kill Thompson (8:17:27 PM): ok you know how you have those two grey lines
Thompson1189 (8:17:44 PM): they get longer as the time does?
Kill Thompson (8:17:58 PM)
: no
Kill Thompson (8:18:14 PM): put a darker grey line between them
Thompson1189 (8:18:27 PM): and the white one covers it up?
Kill Thompson (8:18:34 PM)
: yup
Thompson1189 (8:18:46 PM): you never told me about a dark grey
Kill Thompson (8:19:03 PM)
: well if I didnt it's my fault sorry
Kill Thompson (8:19:05 PM): but
Thompson1189 (8:19:27 PM): whats the rgb
Kill Thompson (8:19:49 PM)
Thompson1189 (8:19:57 PM): ohkay!
Kill Thompson (8:20:40 PM)
: yea you know those grey lines?
Kill Thompson (8:21:05 PM): just get rid of em
Kill Thompson (8:21:12 PM): theres nothing there as the bar draws
Kill Thompson wants to directly connect (8:22:00 PM).
Thompson1189 is now directly connected (8:22:08 PM).
Kill Thompson (8:22:22 PM):
Kill Thompson (8:22:25 PM): see?
Thompson1189 (8:23:08 PM): so they do grow along with the middle white line though
Kill Thompson (8:23:20 PM)
: yeah
Thompson1189 (8:23:24 PM): ok
Thompson1189 (8:23:30 PM)
: easy to fix
Thompson1189 (8:23:46 PM)
: and that extra space at the bottom, i think we should put other info there
Thompson1189 (8:23:56 PM)
: like your max hp or other stat
Kill Thompson (8:23:57 PM)
: Yeah
Kill Thompson (8:24:19 PM): also I dont like that HP thing you have goin
Thompson1189 (8:25:24 PM): i know thats temporary
Kill Thompson (8:25:26 PM)
: maybe its just too messy?
Thompson1189 (8:25:48 PM): theres enough room there to have the cur/max hp though
Thompson1189 (8:26:16 PM)
: maybe if i line them all up it wont be as ugly
Kill Thompson (8:26:52 PM)
: yea keep the first digit and the '/' in the same row
Kill Thompson (8:26:59 PM): get what I'm sayin
Thompson1189 (8:27:13 PM): yup
Kill Thompson (8:27:16 PM)
: like 555 / 646

Thompson1189 (8:27:21 PM): haha
Kill Thompson (8:27:27 PM)
: That didnt work out well
Thompson1189 (8:27:52 PM):
555 / 666

Thompson1189 (8:27:58 PM)
: hmm
Kill Thompson (8:27:59 PM)
: yeah
Thompson1189 (8:28:11 PM): except the fives should be against the slash
Thompson1189 (8:28:20 PM)
: sixes too?
Kill Thompson (8:28:27 PM)
: yea
Thompson1189 (8:28:32 PM):

Kill Thompson (8:28:34 PM)
: because the extra digit is on the end
Thompson1189 (8:29:10 PM):

Thompson1189 (8:29:12 PM)
: there
Kill Thompson (8:29:17 PM)
: what are we going to do about the pop up numbers?
Thompson1189 (8:29:28 PM): the damage?
Kill Thompson (8:29:35 PM)
: mhm
Thompson1189 (8:29:44 PM): you mean what am i going to do about em?
Thompson1189 (8:30:04 PM)
: nothin to worry about i think
Kill Thompson (8:30:09 PM)
: No, maybe we should do them a little differnet
Kill Thompson (8:30:29 PM): I think numbers for critile hits should bounce around, lol
Kill Thompson (8:30:39 PM): criticle
Thompson1189 (8:30:49 PM): critical
Kill Thompson (8:30:54 PM)
: whatever
Kill Thompson (8:32:02 PM): what about that extra space though
Kill Thompson (8:33:03 PM): I think we should put something new
Thompson1189 (8:33:35 PM): i already said that
Kill Thompson (8:33:57 PM)
: I mean something like not FF6
Kill Thompson (8:34:14 PM): Hey I remember the first lunar for sega cd
Kill Thompson (8:34:30 PM): and you can make nall check out the monster and he goes like "Easy pickins" or "tough cookie"
Kill Thompson (8:34:34 PM): Or something dumb
Thompson1189 (8:34:48 PM): ha
Kill Thompson (8:35:13 PM)
: what do you think about laughing in battle? lol
Thompson1189 (8:35:55 PM): hmmm neat
Kill Thompson (8:36:17 PM)
: Kill a monster, laugh
Thompson1189 (8:36:34 PM): it'd funny if it were just like the regular laugh that you can do anytime, but it has no effect at all
Thompson1189 (8:36:45 PM)
: just do it if yer bored
Kill Thompson (8:36:57 PM)
: thats what I ment
Kill Thompson (8:37:06 PM): F3 still works in battle but doesnt have any real effect
Kill Thompson (8:37:59 PM): but the battle keeps going
Kill Thompson (8:38:02 PM): ya know?
Thompson1189 (8:38:31 PM): nnoo
Kill Thompson (8:38:37 PM)
: >.<
Kill Thompson (8:38:43 PM): Why not!? I would enjoy that! lol
Thompson1189 (8:38:54 PM): oh, i se
Thompson1189 (8:39:08 PM)
: yeah buts its differnt when youre not using a map engine
Kill Thompson (8:39:47 PM)
: so can't you make another laugh function?
Kill Thompson (8:39:59 PM): warlaugh
Thompson1189 (8:41:46 PM): i could problag
Kill Thompson (8:42:03 PM)
: ok checklist that?
Kill Thompson (8:42:17 PM): it's not a priority right now, but it would be neat ya know
Thompson1189 (8:42:21 PM): so how are people going to exit the game when its full screen
Kill Thompson (8:42:28 PM)
Kill Thompson (8:43:02 PM): Actually if it has that little box buton then we won't need to make it full screen
Thompson1189 (8:43:26 PM): as long as the maximize button is there
Thompson1189 (8:43:33 PM)
: and it works
Kill Thompson (8:43:36 PM)
: yeah
Kill Thompson (8:43:58 PM): is there away to pause everything?
Kill Thompson (8:44:03 PM): (just wondering)
Thompson1189 (8:44:11 PM): during battle?
Kill Thompson (8:44:19 PM)
: anytime, as a function in sphere like
Kill Thompson (8:44:24 PM): STOP EVERYTHING
Thompson1189 (8:44:32 PM): not sphere
Kill Thompson (8:44:38 PM)
: I think they should make one
Thompson1189 (8:44:48 PM): i asked A about it a long time ago
Kill Thompson (8:45:19 PM)
: Hey remember in alot of old platoformers when you just stood around the char started doing something, like sonice tapping his foot?
Thompson1189 (8:45:29 PM): yup
Kill Thompson (8:45:41 PM)
: Wanna give that to Kefka?
Thompson1189 (8:45:45 PM): sure
Kill Thompson (8:45:48 PM)
: (look left, look right, wait)
Kill Thompson (8:45:50 PM): Awesome
Thompson1189 (8:46:43 PM): i have a question about the raising of stats when you level up and stuff
Kill Thompson (8:47:08 PM)
: sure
Thompson1189 (8:47:24 PM): does the max hp always go to the same value at a certain level, or does it vary depending on equipment
Kill Thompson (8:48:41 PM)
: why would equipment factor in?
Kill Thompson (8:48:57 PM): brb gotta wash a glass
Thompson1189 (8:49:31 PM): i dunno, thats my question
Kill Thompson (8:50:45 PM)
: I'm under the assumption that it's a percentage of the max hp
Kill Thompson (8:50:55 PM): it isn't in those algorythm things?
Thompson1189 (8:51:51 PM): i mean ..
Thompson1189 (8:52:01 PM)
: you know how K starts out at like 62 hp at lvl 1
Kill Thompson (8:52:12 PM)
: uh huh
Thompson1189 (8:52:12 PM): when he goes to level 2 will it always go to the same hp
Kill Thompson (8:52:41 PM)
: you mean will he be at the same current hp?
Thompson1189 (8:52:45 PM): no
Kill Thompson (8:52:46 PM)
: like 62.77
Thompson1189 (8:52:59 PM): the max will raise to a certain number
Kill Thompson (8:53:04 PM)
: yeah
Thompson1189 (8:53:12 PM): wil it ALWAYs be 77
Kill Thompson (8:53:27 PM)
: oh, no varience your saying?
Thompson1189 (8:53:31 PM): yeah
Kill Thompson (8:53:46 PM)
: hm I don't know, Varience might make it funner?
Thompson1189 (8:53:56 PM): and harder to code
Kill Thompson (8:54:10 PM)
: do you know if FF6 varies?
Thompson1189 (8:54:18 PM): due
Thompson1189 (8:54:19 PM)
: dude
Thompson1189 (8:54:33 PM)
: thats been my question all along
Kill Thompson (8:54:39 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (8:54:49 PM): how about I go experiment
Thompson1189 (8:55:08 PM):
Kill Thompson (8:55:34 PM): ok sabin is 200 exp from gaining a level
Kill Thompson (8:57:20 PM): All stats came out the same
Kill Thompson (8:57:36 PM): so theres no varience
Thompson1189 (8:57:53 PM): ok
Thompson1189 (8:58:07 PM)
: taking care of stats is your duty
Kill Thompson (8:58:11 PM)
: do you have the correct algorythm stat adding junks?
Kill Thompson (8:58:20 PM): oooh
Thompson1189 (8:58:29 PM): i made up my own algorithym for the time bar
Kill Thompson (9:01:03 PM)
: Hey..
Kill Thompson (9:01:12 PM): I don't see a fucking pattern in FF6 junk
Kill Thompson (9:01:17 PM): +4 +4 +5 +4
Thompson1189 (9:01:31 PM): what junk
Kill Thompson (9:01:48 PM)
: Terras MP Level 2,3,4,5
Kill Thompson (9:01:53 PM): +4 +4 +5 +4
Thompson1189 (9:02:02 PM): whats that mean
Kill Thompson (9:02:22 PM)
: in the middle it's +10 +10 +10 +11 +11 +11 +11 +11 +11
Kill Thompson (9:02:23 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (9:02:34 PM): + Max MP for each level
Thompson1189 (9:02:59 PM): so its set values?
Kill Thompson (9:03:24 PM)
: Nope I see
Thompson1189 (9:04:16 PM): lol MBlock% increases the chance of dodging attacks (due to a bug in the game this
effects both magical and physical attacks)

Kill Thompson (9:04:30 PM)
: +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6 +7
Kill Thompson (9:04:34 PM): I knew that for the longest time
Kill Thompson (9:04:37 PM): we have to fix that
Thompson1189 (9:04:55 PM): how are you finding these out
Kill Thompson (9:05:20 PM)
: some dumb FF6 hacking program
Kill Thompson (9:06:04 PM): butcha need the rom
Kill Thompson (9:06:27 PM): let's look at HP
Kill Thompson (9:08:19 PM): +11 +12 +14 + 17
Thompson1189 (9:08:35 PM): just make a huge text file with all the stats or somethin?
Kill Thompson (9:08:45 PM)
: will take yaers
Kill Thompson (9:09:48 PM): whats weird is the algorythms look the same for all chars
Thompson1189 (9:10:19 PM): hm
Kill Thompson (9:10:49 PM)
: whats evern weirder is the chars stored after the main ones
Kill Thompson (9:13:03 PM): All those moogles
Kill Thompson (9:13:07 PM): 10 Kefkas
Kill Thompson (9:13:13 PM): Leo and all people like that
Kill Thompson (9:13:54 PM): You alive?
Thompson1189 (9:14:02 PM): those are moogles?
Kill Thompson (9:14:10 PM)
: No those are people with no stats
Thompson1189 (9:14:18 PM): in the real game?
Kill Thompson (9:14:19 PM)
: but there in the battle thing for some reason

Kill Thompson (9:14:20 PM): Yes
Thompson1189 (9:14:36 PM): developers?
Thompson1189 (9:14:40 PM)
: haha, non japanese
Kill Thompson (9:14:43 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (9:15:11 PM): I like REIKER
Kill Thompson (9:15:16 PM): we should use some of these names
Thompson1189 (9:16:09 PM): youre the story man
Kill Thompson (9:16:29 PM)
: yea so what shoudl we do about this stat junk?
Kill Thompson (9:16:42 PM): I think it'd be smart to follow the true algorythms for stats
Thompson1189 (9:16:54 PM): i did some initial stat work on K&V/W
Thompson1189 (9:17:17 PM)
: yeah im going to use those algorithms. except for the time bar one, thats impossible
Kill Thompson (9:17:51 PM)
: ok so I don't have any work with stats now?
Kill Thompson (9:17:54 PM): (currently)
Thompson1189 (9:19:27 PM): i dunno
Thompson1189 (9:19:35 PM)
: you could plan out some future stats
Thompson1189 (9:19:39 PM)
: if youre bored
Kill Thompson (9:19:47 PM)
: No need to waste my time on that yet
Kill Thompson (9:20:20 PM): How are we gonna have monsters appear?
Kill Thompson (9:20:25 PM): theres like 20 diff ways they do it in ff6
Kill Thompson (9:20:37 PM): but pre drawn is the general I think
Thompson1189 (9:21:03 PM): whatever that means!!
Kill Thompson (9:21:41 PM)
: ok just keep in mind we will need to make fancey ways of monsters apearing when the battle starts
Thompson1189 (9:21:52 PM): uhh?
Kill Thompson (9:21:54 PM)
: Hey.. what was with that funky thing mog did sometimes when a battle started?
Thompson1189 (9:22:02 PM): dance around
Kill Thompson (9:22:11 PM)
: yea but, WHY, lol
Kill Thompson (9:22:15 PM): that was so cool
Thompson1189 (9:22:23 PM): hes a frickin moogle
Kill Thompson (9:22:31 PM)
: mascot I guess
Kill Thompson (9:22:51 PM): ok sometimes enemies can come in from the both sides (pincer)
Kill Thompson (9:22:55 PM): sometimes they fall from the ceiling
Kill Thompson (9:23:02 PM): sometimes they can do a smoke bomb effect
Kill Thompson (9:23:04 PM): get it?
Kill Thompson (9:23:17 PM): sometimes they can fade in, like how when they die but oposit
Thompson1189 (9:23:17 PM): jeez
Thompson1189 (9:23:30 PM)
: i say we do the fade
Kill Thompson (9:23:47 PM)
: Normally they are just there
Kill Thompson (9:23:57 PM): but for cool people we need special entrences
Kill Thompson (9:23:59 PM): get it?
Thompson1189 (9:24:11 PM): yeah
Kill Thompson (9:26:02 PM)
: and sometimes we may need to disable things, like the fanfare thing at the end
Kill Thompson (9:26:08 PM): (Oh thats gunna be fun to watch)
Thompson1189 (9:26:19 PM): we should make it all crazy
Thompson1189 (9:26:23 PM)
: partying and stuff
Kill Thompson (9:26:37 PM)
: they should all do something diff maybe?
Kill Thompson (9:26:40 PM): like ff7
Thompson1189 (9:26:47 PM): yeah
Thompson1189 (9:26:57 PM)
: they like tackle each other and go nutz
Thompson1189 (9:27:01 PM)
: flips
Kill Thompson (9:27:39 PM)
: how about the one who gets the last kill goes nuts? the others do normal dumb dance?
Thompson1189 (9:28:00 PM): haha
Kill Thompson (9:29:44 PM)
: How are you going to do weapons and junk
Thompson1189 (9:29:52 PM): hellifiknow
Kill Thompson (9:29:56 PM)
: maybe put everyone who can equip it (vicks, wedge, greenman)
Thompson1189 (9:30:25 PM): i thought you meant during battle
Kill Thompson (9:30:44 PM)
: No
Kill Thompson (9:30:51 PM): Equipin em
Kill Thompson (9:34:50 PM): I'm looking at some of the dialogue in ff6 that I never seen before
Kill Thompson (9:36:20 PM): "People're disappearing,
islands are flying_
I have a bad feeling about this_"

Kill Thompson (9:36:31 PM): "And they're such TIGHTWADS!
They're raking in the cash!"

Thompson1189 (9:36:38 PM): sweet
Kill Thompson (9:36:47 PM)
: Those are from Albrook too
Kill Thompson (9:36:56 PM): I think we picked the most lively town as a flook, heh
Kill Thompson (9:38:57 PM): : What's so great about a bandana? Most of the time I see 'em tied around dogs at the beach!
Kill Thompson (9:38:59 PM): - Edgar
Thompson1189 (9:39:15 PM): go to the MISC page
Kill Thompson (9:40:11 PM)
: sweet!!!
Thompson1189 (9:40:30 PM): the angelfire popup is there but thats necessary
Kill Thompson (9:40:55 PM)
: I didnt catch it
Thompson1189 (9:41:42 PM): does it delay a while before the window opens?
Kill Thompson (9:41:59 PM)
: hardly
Thompson1189 (9:42:09 PM): mind does.. weird
Thompson1189 (9:42:37 PM)
: what else should i do to kr0
Kill Thompson (9:42:46 PM)
: somethign with the screenshots
Thompson1189 (9:43:22 PM): i dont think we have the technology to make them only display the most recent ones, we would have to do it by hand
Kill Thompson (9:43:35 PM)
: TJnotPJorBJ520TJ: ok. the plan of our website is to base it on FF6, KR, and FLS
Thompson1189 (9:43:55 PM): who the hell is that
Kill Thompson (9:44:05 PM)
: thats one of those guys with the Doma site
Thompson1189 (9:44:12 PM): cool
Thompson1189 (9:44:31 PM)
: Tree, Whatever hapend to "This one"?
Thompson1189 (9:44:35 PM)
: whats that supposed to mean
Kill Thompson (9:44:54 PM)
: look at the screenshot under it
Thompson1189 (9:45:03 PM): under it?
Kill Thompson (9:45:16 PM)
Thompson1189 (9:45:24 PM): the menu?
Kill Thompson (9:45:25 PM)
: and then look at all the screenshots under that one
Kill Thompson (9:45:31 PM): Yea read the description
Kill Thompson (9:45:31 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (9:45:37 PM): i dont get it
Kill Thompson (9:45:55 PM)
: it's obvious
Thompson1189 (9:46:12 PM): explain it
Kill Thompson (9:46:37 PM)
: every screenshot starts with this one
Thompson1189 (9:46:50 PM): OOOHHH
Thompson1189 (9:47:02 PM)
: i thought it was deeper than that
Kill Thompson (9:47:07 PM)
: nope
Thompson1189 (9:48:07 PM): i thought it was referring to the screenshot
Kill Thompson (9:48:31 PM)
: Thinking I'd say something meaningfull
Kill Thompson (9:48:34 PM): I thought you knew me better
Thompson1189 (9:48:49 PM): well ..i'm dumping you! :'(
Kill Thompson (9:48:50 PM): AGED MAN: Who'n blazes 'r you?
Oh! The repairman!

Kill Thompson (9:48:53 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (9:50:12 PM): whoa, i just got a nutz idea
Kill Thompson (9:50:17 PM)
: Wha?
Thompson1189 (9:50:23 PM): new screenshot, of course!
Kill Thompson (9:50:28 PM)
: (oh I got an email on KefkasRevengeKR0)
Kill Thompson (9:50:31 PM): Of what?
Thompson1189 (9:50:49 PM): new battle?
Kill Thompson (9:51:10 PM)
: sure but thats pretty much already there
Thompson1189 (9:51:53 PM): but i wanna add a new screen... :-(
Kill Thompson (9:51:56 PM): maybe you should wait till you get that popup menu thing when its there turn?
Kill Thompson (9:51:59 PM): go ahead then
Thompson1189 (9:52:32 PM): what about popups?
Kill Thompson (9:52:54 PM)
: you know that one that popsup with attack and junk
Thompson1189 (9:53:04 PM): oHh.
Thompson1189 (9:53:06 PM)
: in the game
Kill Thompson (9:53:08 PM)
: I think we need to decide what we're doing with gonuts a little better
Thompson1189 (9:53:22 PM): i thought it was basically like Cyans
Kill Thompson (9:53:32 PM)
: yea but what are we going to make him do?
Thompson1189 (9:53:43 PM): go... nutz?
Kill Thompson (9:53:50 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (9:54:01 PM): more specificly
Thompson1189 (9:54:35 PM): thrash
Thompson1189 (9:54:48 PM)
: do that crazy laugh really fast and circle the enemy
Kill Thompson (9:55:22 PM)
: yea but that doesnt work for 1
Kill Thompson (9:55:24 PM): or 2
Kill Thompson (9:55:26 PM): or 3
Thompson1189 (9:55:33 PM): 4567
Thompson1189 (9:55:34 PM)
: 8
Kill Thompson (9:55:41 PM)
: I think we need more then 8
Thompson1189 (9:55:48 PM): 92 sounds good
Kill Thompson (9:55:59 PM)
: 10
Thompson1189 (9:55:59 PM): you have to wait for the meter to go up, lol
Kill Thompson (9:56:03 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (9:56:38 PM): i think if you have haste then it goes up faster?
Kill Thompson (9:56:54 PM)
: if it doesnt we definatly should add that
Thompson1189 (9:57:06 PM): i dont think it does
Kill Thompson (9:57:37 PM)
: I want to encourage using the spells no one uses
Kill Thompson (9:57:40 PM): and add lotsa new ones
Thompson1189 (9:57:48 PM): haha
Kill Thompson (9:58:07 PM)
: like muddle.. muddle is fucking funny
Thompson1189 (9:58:22 PM): seizure?
Kill Thompson (9:58:27 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (9:58:43 PM): we gotta make all monsters more easily effected by status effects
Kill Thompson (9:58:47 PM): cuz that always pissed me off
Thompson1189 (9:59:03 PM): its not like we're making an AI
Kill Thompson (9:59:32 PM)
: sort of
Kill Thompson (10:00:14 PM): you know what spell we should add as a normal spell? Roulette
Kill Thompson (10:00:15 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (10:00:26 PM): haha
Kill Thompson (10:00:31 PM)
: agree?
Thompson1189 (10:00:40 PM): yeah we defintely can have fun making up new spells
Kill Thompson (10:00:52 PM)
: Tiny? (make the sprite half size)
Thompson1189 (10:00:52 PM): and we can just ignore the usual ones
Kill Thompson (10:01:07 PM)
: Ah, All the usuals are in
Kill Thompson (10:01:19 PM): I think we should go up to the 4s instead of 3s though
Thompson1189 (10:01:32 PM): graw
Thompson1189 (10:01:40 PM)
: we need a Slay spell
Kill Thompson (10:01:53 PM)
: what would that do?
Thompson1189 (10:01:58 PM): DUH
Kill Thompson (10:02:05 PM)
: Like doom?
Thompson1189 (10:02:13 PM): no it kills the F outta them
Kill Thompson (10:02:19 PM)
: Ooh, we need to get rid of that fucking vanish doom trick
Thompson1189 (10:04:31 PM): is there anything new we can use for a screenshot?
Kill Thompson (10:04:47 PM)
: Albrooks grass?

Thompson1189 (10:04:53 PM): sure
Kill Thompson (10:04:55 PM)
: we can say "MOW THE LAWN"
Thompson1189 (10:05:11 PM): anythign i've doen?
Kill Thompson (10:05:19 PM)
: dude just add that battle screen
Kill Thompson (10:05:22 PM): or the item menu
Thompson1189 (10:05:31 PM): item menu huh...
Thompson1189 (10:05:33 PM)
: thats pretty boring
Kill Thompson (10:05:35 PM)
: I'll add when I have something neat to show
Kill Thompson (10:05:36 PM): (yeah)
Thompson1189 (10:06:07 PM): what about a scene?
Kill Thompson (10:06:17 PM)
: thats a good idea, now that the demos out
Kill Thompson (10:06:41 PM): I'd say "They proceeded to beat me and yell curse words"
Thompson1189 (10:07:05 PM): how bout the flashback.. we can brag about its similarity
Kill Thompson (10:07:15 PM)
: sure
Thompson1189 (10:08:16 PM): or gimms scene
Kill Thompson (10:08:35 PM)
: No
Kill Thompson (10:08:39 PM): Gims is a WTF
Kill Thompson (10:08:45 PM): can't screenshots a WTF
Thompson1189 (10:08:54 PM): graw
Thompson1189 (10:09:04 PM)
: lets make a fake screen then
Kill Thompson (10:09:11 PM)
: ook
Kill Thompson (10:09:14 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (10:09:32 PM): dude i took some really F-ed up screens lately
Thompson1189 (10:09:41 PM)
: liek when i have bugs and things go nutz
Kill Thompson (10:09:45 PM)
: me too
Thompson1189 (10:10:01 PM): just slam the F12, and we'll include it in KR Bonus
Kill Thompson (10:10:27 PM)
Kill Thompson (10:10:49 PM):
Thompson1189 (10:10:50 PM): oh we can screenshot those arrows!
Kill Thompson (10:11:03 PM)
: those places K is walking against are obstructed
Thompson1189 (10:11:14 PM): weird
Kill Thompson (10:15:05 PM)
: Fixed