Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\Program Files\Sphere\games\kr\maps\Aforest1.rmp (6:52:22 PM).
Kill Thompson (6:54:13 PM): Helooooo!
Thompson1189 (6:54:21 PM): yo doog
Kill Thompson cancels request; the file will not be sent (6:54:23 PM)
Kill Thompson wants to get list of files (6:54:25 PM).
Thompson1189 is not accepting file transfer requests (6:54:26 PM).
Thompson1189 (6:54:34 PM): ftw
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\Program Files\Sphere\games\kr\maps\Aforest1.rmp (6:54:35 PM)
Kill Thompson (6:54:41 PM): fuck the what
Kill Thompson (6:54:44 PM): that was an incident
Thompson1189 received C:\Program Files\Sphere\games\kr\maps\Aforest1.rmp (6:55:25 PM).
Kill Thompson (6:55:26 PM): the world map will be 255x255
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\Program Files\Sphere\games\kr\maps\Aforest2.rmp (6:55:31 PM).
Thompson1189 (6:55:34 PM): tiles?
Kill Thompson (6:55:40 PM)
: Yup
Kill Thompson (6:55:59 PM): Unless it's possible to wrap a GIANT image around a sphere
Thompson1189 (6:56:17 PM): with sphere? dontthinkso
Kill Thompson (6:56:19 PM)
: Did you go ta the b0ard?
Thompson1189 (6:56:24 PM): there
Thompson1189 received C:\Program Files\Sphere\games\kr\maps\Aforest2.rmp (6:56:34 PM)
Kill Thompson wants to send file C:\Program Files\Sphere\games\kr\maps\Narshe.rmp (6:56:53 PM).
Thompson1189 (6:57:07 PM): oh my grawd
Thompson1189 received C:\Program Files\Sphere\games\kr\maps\Narshe.rmp (6:57:17 PM)
Kill Thompson (6:57:21 PM): Narshe's not dun dont get happy ;p
Kill Thompson (6:58:21 PM): Setzer turns Opera house into Opera/Casino
Thompson1189 (6:58:52 PM): rad
Kill Thompson (6:58:55 PM)
: It'll be our Gold Saucer
Kill Thompson (6:59:08 PM): can be visited anytime after you fight Setzer Airship to Airship
Thompson1189 (7:00:38 PM): the old EF forum only had 5 posts.
Kill Thompson (7:00:48 PM)
: Heh I think it's neat how alot of them have a buisness of some sort, Sabin should have a gym
Thompson1189 (7:01:04 PM): whoa... thats a cool idea
Thompson1189 (7:01:19 PM)
: at least one of them has to be a homeless drunk though
Kill Thompson (7:01:25 PM)
: Locke is like a king of theifs
Kill Thompson (7:01:28 PM): CYan?
Kill Thompson (7:01:29 PM): LOL
Kill Thompson (7:01:42 PM): I think Umaro is the closest we have to that
Thompson1189 (7:01:52 PM): umaro isn't a person though
Thompson1189 (7:02:08 PM)
: someone who justs hangs out in the bar constantly
Kill Thompson (7:02:24 PM)
: well I only know how the Terra fights will go
Kill Thompson (7:02:27 PM): and how she'll die
Kill Thompson (7:02:46 PM): Bannon maybe a good drunk/nonsignifigant guy
Kill Thompson (7:02:54 PM): or Arvis, lol
Thompson1189 (7:03:03 PM): Bannon's alive?
Kill Thompson (7:03:15 PM)
: He never died
Thompson1189 (7:03:20 PM): he never died?
Kill Thompson (7:03:24 PM)
: never died
Thompson1189 (7:03:30 PM): how did he never die
Kill Thompson (7:03:40 PM)
: Well the never showed him die
Kill Thompson (7:03:46 PM): so he lived..?
Thompson1189 (7:03:49 PM): whata happened to him
Kill Thompson (7:03:58 PM)
: It was never delved into
Thompson1189 (7:04:06 PM): what was his last appearence
Kill Thompson (7:04:22 PM)
: after the espers attack he is wondering around Vector saying something nuts like
Kill Thompson (7:04:32 PM): "Espers, Returners? What are you talking about!"

Thompson1189 (7:04:38 PM): whaaa?T
Kill Thompson (7:04:41 PM)
: same with Arvis and all the returner guys that wear the funny clothes
Thompson1189 (7:04:50 PM): never knew that
Kill Thompson (7:05:00 PM)
: Maybe they were brainwashed
Kill Thompson (7:05:02 PM): haha
Thompson1189 (7:05:03 PM): no wothy replies on the FFnet post
Kill Thompson (7:05:14 PM)
: *checks anyway*
Thompson1189 (7:05:22 PM): hm!
Thompson1189 (7:05:33 PM)
: i think maybe we should explain that event
Kill Thompson (7:05:42 PM)
: in a flash back
Kill Thompson (7:05:42 PM): ?
Thompson1189 (7:06:04 PM): or maybe one of them makes a return and explains why everyone went old
Kill Thompson (7:06:20 PM)
: or nuts?
Thompson1189 (7:06:27 PM): difference?
Kill Thompson (7:06:33 PM)
: None
Thompson1189 (7:06:38 PM): right. so bannon maybe
Kill Thompson (7:06:50 PM)
: I think Arvis would make a great drunk, lol
Thompson1189 (7:07:05 PM): ok, but kefka doesn't know their involvement does he?
Kill Thompson (7:07:11 PM)
: It certainly would not be right not mentioning either of them
Thompson1189 (7:07:13 PM): so they shouldn't be annihilated
Kill Thompson (7:07:14 PM)
: Not that I know of
Kill Thompson (7:07:27 PM): Or maybe accidently anialated for being dumb or something
Thompson1189 (7:07:35 PM): hahah
Kill Thompson (7:07:47 PM)
: In the original way celes dies I had banon with her, He didn't know banon
Kill Thompson (7:07:51 PM): but he killed him anyway
Thompson1189 (7:08:03 PM): were they going out or somethign
Kill Thompson (7:08:12 PM)
: no
Thompson1189 (7:08:19 PM): that whore
Kill Thompson (7:08:23 PM)
: But Celes knew about Kefka or something
Kill Thompson (7:08:33 PM): Kefka killing the other guys
Kill Thompson (7:09:01 PM): so then she's like 'Locke will kill you' after she falls off the cliff or whatever
Thompson1189 (7:09:17 PM): hah
Kill Thompson (7:09:24 PM)
: then K goes to see Locke and he's all nuts and K says stuff to make him jump out the window
Thompson1189 (7:09:51 PM): how early does the revenge start?
Kill Thompson (7:10:01 PM)
: Not in chapter1
Thompson1189 (7:10:03 PM): is it after the house is repaired?
Kill Thompson (7:10:11 PM)
: right about
Kill Thompson (7:10:16 PM): maybe I will put something in between
Kill Thompson (7:10:28 PM): but you go to see edgar first, but that fails
Kill Thompson (7:10:41 PM): You see Relm get trampled
Kill Thompson (7:10:45 PM): thats first
Thompson1189 (7:10:54 PM): doesn't kill her though?
Kill Thompson (7:10:59 PM)
: Kefka isnt there
Thompson1189 (7:11:07 PM): the trampleing
Kill Thompson (7:11:26 PM)
: She would get carried off with the chocobos so it's assumed?
Thompson1189 (7:11:36 PM): i would assume shes alive after that
Thompson1189 (7:11:44 PM)
: just half dead haha
Kill Thompson (7:11:50 PM)
: well maybe
Kill Thompson (7:11:58 PM): it's nice to have them return sometimes I guess
Kill Thompson (7:12:16 PM): I think K will take over Mcm after he kills mog
Thompson1189 (7:12:30 PM): and then in a scene with pierre and K, relm shows up and P is liek "relmy!" and K kills her somehow and then P goes into depression
Kill Thompson (7:12:43 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (7:13:09 PM): change that to "Relmy! You're alive! (mushy stuff)"
Kill Thompson (7:13:15 PM)
: Yeah
Thompson1189 (7:13:52 PM): so theres going to be battles with them before the kill scene?
Kill Thompson (7:14:05 PM)
: Atleast almost always
Thompson1189 (7:14:13 PM): yeah
Kill Thompson (7:14:20 PM)
: maybe 1 or 2 that are not (like banon)
Thompson1189 (7:14:38 PM): bannon isnt a kill scene (revengewise)
Kill Thompson (7:14:41 PM)
: Should they have sprites like Umaro did? (monster sprites) or should they be just map sprites
Thompson1189 (7:14:53 PM): i'd say map sprites
Thompson1189 (7:15:10 PM)
: unless we find a really kick ass artist who can pull if off
Kill Thompson (7:15:30 PM)
: I'll give it a try
Kill Thompson (7:15:42 PM): but unless it's perfect I'm not using it
Thompson1189 (7:15:42 PM): what about Cactrot
Kill Thompson (7:15:47 PM)
: what about him?
Thompson1189 (7:15:57 PM): i like cactuars
Kill Thompson (7:16:05 PM)
: whats the diff?
Kill Thompson (7:16:11 PM): why dont we just make both?
Thompson1189 (7:16:28 PM): i dont konw if ther is a dif, but im just sayin i want to do something with them
Kill Thompson (7:16:42 PM)
: Definatly, there awesome
Thompson1189 (7:16:47 PM): like Cactuar's Famous Recipe
Thompson1189 (7:16:51 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (7:17:01 PM)
: a spell?
Thompson1189 (7:17:09 PM): mock of KFC foo
Kill Thompson (7:17:15 PM)
: LOL!
Thompson1189 (7:17:19 PM): or that other chicken plac,e yakonw
Thompson1189 (7:17:26 PM)
: nonon wiat
Thompson1189 (7:17:30 PM)
: Kentucky Fried Cactuar
Kill Thompson (7:17:37 PM)
: Kahooligan
Kill Thompson (7:17:44 PM): <sp>
Kill Thompson (7:17:59 PM): so thats KFC, MCM, TK, and ChocoPizza, lol
Thompson1189 (7:18:00 PM): Kohlingen or somethin?
Kill Thompson (7:18:20 PM)
: Yeah
Thompson1189 (7:18:35 PM): kahooligan? wtf thats not even clos
Kill Thompson (7:18:42 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (7:18:49 PM): haha
Thompson1189 (7:19:00 PM)
: i am not serious about the kfc though
Kill Thompson (7:19:08 PM)
: I know
Thompson1189 (7:19:11 PM): unless there's no other room for cacts
Kill Thompson (7:19:42 PM)
: I think we should just generally increas there role
Kill Thompson (7:19:45 PM): Make them pop up more
Kill Thompson (7:20:01 PM): (We're adding a desert town, theres an oportonity)
Thompson1189 (7:20:06 PM): they dont have map sprites.. (but you can make one )
Kill Thompson (7:20:25 PM)
: Maybe I should make one pop up in random places?
Thompson1189 (7:20:33 PM): actually they've never been out of the battle setting
Kill Thompson (7:20:33 PM)
: OOOR use a cactrot as the guy who explains stuff
Thompson1189 (7:20:46 PM): mmm i dont think so
Thompson1189 (7:20:57 PM)
: i say we make up our own mascot for that
Kill Thompson (7:21:01 PM)
: Ok
Kill Thompson (7:21:04 PM): any iddeas?
Kill Thompson wants to directly connect (7:21:07 PM).
Thompson1189 is now directly connected (7:21:10 PM).
Thompson1189 (7:21:11 PM): dragon
Thompson1189 (7:21:18 PM)
: tiger
Kill Thompson (7:21:22 PM)
Thompson1189 (7:21:23 PM): kitty
Thompson1189 (7:21:29 PM)
: F+No
Kill Thompson (7:21:32 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (7:21:45 PM): that would walk funny
Thompson1189 (7:21:50 PM):
Thompson1189 (7:21:52 PM): that dude
Kill Thompson (7:21:54 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (7:22:34 PM): greenman kid?
Kill Thompson (7:23:54 PM)
: never
Thompson1189 (7:24:16 PM): will we ever give him a name
Kill Thompson (7:24:40 PM)
: that is his name cuz his name is like an alien name, but he doesnt speak english
Kill Thompson (7:24:51 PM): some genious decides to name him greenman (Vicks?)
Thompson1189 (7:25:00 PM): he definite needs a side-story
Kill Thompson (7:25:06 PM)
: Already got one
Kill Thompson (7:25:14 PM): he was kicked off his planet for being a nudist
Thompson1189 (7:25:20 PM): ?
Thompson1189 (7:25:23 PM)
: lol thats stupid
Kill Thompson (7:25:26 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (7:25:42 PM): Here I'll explain
Thompson1189 (7:25:48 PM): ok
Kill Thompson (7:25:51 PM)
: you first see him in that forst I just sent you
Kill Thompson (7:26:01 PM): Twice, like he's running infront of your path real quick
Thompson1189 (7:26:08 PM): yup
Kill Thompson (7:26:14 PM)
: maybe he follows Wedge home
Kill Thompson (7:26:23 PM): (he crashed in that forest)
Thompson1189 (7:26:33 PM): why does that remind me of something... or sound familiar
Kill Thompson (7:26:38 PM)
: later on in the game you find the ship
Kill Thompson (7:26:45 PM): (Starky from CC?)
Kill Thompson (7:27:01 PM): anyway you contact his home planet from his ship
Thompson1189 (7:27:02 PM): does he stalk you though
Kill Thompson (7:27:13 PM)
: Maybe for a while
Kill Thompson (7:27:16 PM): (untill he apears)
Thompson1189 (7:27:22 PM): starky i mean
Kill Thompson (7:27:28 PM)
: No I dont think so
Kill Thompson (7:27:58 PM): Ok but anyway when you contact his home planet, He talks to his fellopw aliens, they wear fancy alien clothes
Thompson1189 (7:28:02 PM): just seems familiar having a weird creature following you mysteriously until later it joins you
Kill Thompson (7:28:39 PM)
: So he is like Greenman: I crashed here and I need you to come getmebl bla (that would be in giberish with subtitles on the botom of the screen)
Kill Thompson (7:28:48 PM): Then you would see the other aliens on the giant moniter
Kill Thompson (7:29:07 PM): Quark: We don't want you back, You never put on a pair of pants! It's Disgusting!
Kill Thompson (7:29:26 PM): Greenman shrugs and thats it, lol
Thompson1189 (7:29:38 PM): i thought he was silent?
Kill Thompson (7:29:48 PM)
: exept for that one part
Kill Thompson (7:30:14 PM): He doesnt speak english at all, he just will do silly poses for comunication
Kill Thompson (7:30:35 PM): Opinion?
Thompson1189 (7:30:35 PM): how bout he types the message
Kill Thompson (7:30:47 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (7:30:53 PM): Maybe we should show a giant AIM screen
Thompson1189 (7:30:58 PM): LOL
Kill Thompson (7:31:01 PM)
: Greenman: HELP!
Thompson1189 (7:31:08 PM): OMFG that sweet!!
Kill Thompson (7:31:13 PM)
: haha
Thompson1189 (7:31:27 PM): remember you wanted to mock pop culture or whatever
Kill Thompson (7:31:33 PM)
: bam, AIM
Kill Thompson (7:31:52 PM): damn thats gunna be a funny scene
Thompson1189 (7:31:55 PM): and when you enter the spaceship, its like "Welcome"
Kill Thompson (7:32:00 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (7:32:16 PM): dont think we should do the you got mail part though
Kill Thompson (7:32:23 PM)
: instead of seeing a sprite of the guy you see a buddy icon
Kill Thompson (7:32:27 PM): Me either
Kill Thompson (7:33:26 PM): Damn I want you to do that scene now, LOL
Thompson1189 (7:34:02 PM): yeah right
Thompson1189 (7:34:51 PM)
: we'll make it a funny convo
Kill Thompson (7:35:14 PM)
: "Your freind is typing"
Thompson1189 (7:35:23 PM): buddy
Kill Thompson (7:35:34 PM)
: well I thought freind because it's a little different
Thompson1189 (7:35:49 PM): why can't they just use AIM
Kill Thompson (7:36:01 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (7:36:17 PM): AIC, Alien Interplanitary Communication
Thompson1189 (7:36:57 PM): lol, and the buddy list has funny alien names
Kill Thompson (7:37:03 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (7:37:09 PM): liek marvinthamartian
Kill Thompson (7:37:12 PM)
little running alien dude on start up
Kill Thompson (7:38:14 PM): Buddys
Kill Thompson (7:38:17 PM): CoWorkers
Thompson1189 (7:38:19 PM): anyway.. lets talk about somethin else
Kill Thompson (7:38:24 PM)
: ok
Thompson1189 (7:39:06 PM): i just found the complete FF6 script
Kill Thompson (7:39:14 PM)
: yay
Thompson1189 (7:39:26 PM): i thought you would have it already
Kill Thompson (7:39:26 PM)
: I sent you that months ago
Kill Thompson (7:39:34 PM): ^
Thompson1189 (7:39:41 PM): oh... mm
Thompson1189 (7:40:31 PM)
: We won't hand over the Esper!! Whelk! Get them!
Kill Thompson (7:40:44 PM)
: Still think that sounds like a speac impediment
Thompson1189 (7:41:33 PM): The frozen creature began emitting an eerie light......
Thompson1189 (7:41:39 PM)
: does the game actually say that?
Kill Thompson (7:41:47 PM)
: think so
Thompson1189 (7:41:57 PM): weird how its past tense
Kill Thompson (7:42:21 PM)
: humm
Thompson1189 (7:42:28 PM): or that it even has a narration
Kill Thompson (7:42:35 PM)
: Yeah lol
Kill Thompson (7:42:37 PM): Like the intro
Kill Thompson (7:42:48 PM): You can tell how they did the game changed as they went on
Thompson1189 (7:43:07 PM): thats the only narration i can remember
Kill Thompson (7:43:41 PM)
: Narshe - South Figaro has a different feel
Thompson1189 (7:43:57 PM): hmm
Thompson1189 (7:44:07 PM)
: i just remembered that scene where vicks buys the magiteks
Thompson1189 (7:44:14 PM)
: haha
Kill Thompson (7:44:19 PM)
: D'oh!
Kill Thompson (7:44:20 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (7:44:44 PM): I think that AIM scene we came up with today was pretty genious ;p
Thompson1189 (7:45:29 PM): that was pretty much inevitable though, think about it. we needed a way for him to communicate with the other planet
Kill Thompson (7:46:06 PM)
: Heh, AIM
Thompson1189 (7:46:29 PM): was there a scene after terra's flashback that showed Gestahl talking about magic?
Kill Thompson (7:46:45 PM)
: yup
Kill Thompson (7:46:51 PM): it was part of the flash back
Thompson1189 (7:46:55 PM): i totally dont remember that at all
Thompson1189 (7:47:06 PM)
: especially the dialogue he uses
Thompson1189 (7:47:18 PM)
: its like ive never read it before
Kill Thompson (7:47:54 PM)
: I thought you played recently?
Thompson1189 (7:48:08 PM): Our independence can only be assured if we join forces with the Returners, an undergrond resistance movement.
Thompson1189 (7:48:22 PM)
: what a cheesy line
Kill Thompson (7:48:25 PM)
: Locke or Edgar? lol
Kill Thompson (7:48:34 PM): Yea it has no charecter in it at all
Thompson1189 (7:48:42 PM): OLD MAN says that to locke
Kill Thompson (7:49:05 PM)
: Arvis?
Thompson1189 (7:49:10 PM): its not that it has no character, its like, who talks that way
Kill Thompson (7:49:16 PM)
: See why he'd make a good drunk
Kill Thompson (7:49:17 PM): LLOL
Thompson1189 (7:49:29 PM): hahah
Kill Thompson (7:49:57 PM)
: that'd be funny if he says that when he's drunk
Kill Thompson (7:50:00 PM): everyons like wtf?
Thompson1189 (7:50:10 PM): heck yeah... so he's arvis huh
Kill Thompson (7:50:54 PM)
: chu doin
Thompson1189 (7:51:03 PM): readin tha script
Kill Thompson (7:51:31 PM)
: oh yea
Thompson1189 (7:51:34 PM): CHANCELLOR: It doesn't look like it, but this castle incorporates some of the most high-tech devices in existance. For example, ... Oops...they're all top-secret!

Thompson1189 (7:53:43 PM)
: so what the hell is the Empire up to
Kill Thompson (7:53:51 PM)
: in KR?
Thompson1189 (7:53:56 PM): ff6
Kill Thompson (7:54:07 PM)
: you.. don't know?
Thompson1189 (7:54:25 PM): theyre dominating the world by reviving espers?
Kill Thompson (7:54:33 PM)
: using magic
Kill Thompson (7:54:37 PM): they dont revive espers
Thompson1189 (7:54:43 PM): oh yeah
Kill Thompson (7:54:46 PM)
: they steal there power
Thompson1189 (7:54:49 PM): you konw what i meant
Kill Thompson (7:54:58 PM)
: yea
Thompson1189 (7:55:15 PM): and why are they doing this
Kill Thompson (7:55:56 PM)
: Gestahl wants world domination
Kill Thompson (7:56:09 PM): He's hitler but old and chinese lookin
Thompson1189 (7:56:21 PM): he looks more like a dog to me
Kill Thompson (7:56:23 PM)
: They even do the one hand thing, lol
Thompson1189 (7:57:04 PM): i see, so ff6 in a way is a take on world war 2
Thompson1189 (7:57:17 PM)
: (hell no)
Kill Thompson (7:57:31 PM)
Kill Thompson (7:57:55 PM): Theres a flashback where Ghestal, Leo, K and Celes do that sorounded by soldiers, lol
Thompson1189 (7:58:06 PM): yea
Thompson1189 (8:01:53 PM)
: was the Empire good until Gestahl came into power?
Kill Thompson (8:02:34 PM)
: Never said anything about an Empire without Gestahl
Kill Thompson (8:03:00 PM): NO I CANT ADD EXTRA GRAPHICS
Kill Thompson (8:03:31 PM): Unless it'd be possible to do a map with multiple levels of elevation, I'd love that
Thompson1189 (8:04:11 PM): wouldn't that have to be 3d then
Kill Thompson (8:04:23 PM)
: not at all
Kill Thompson (8:04:30 PM): from an overhead prospective
Kill Thompson (8:04:34 PM): all we would change is sprite size
Kill Thompson (8:04:39 PM): take care of the rest with tiles
Thompson1189 (8:05:22 PM): might be possible with triggers
Kill Thompson (8:05:41 PM)
: I'll tell you what
Kill Thompson (8:06:01 PM): This is going to take alot of planning for me, I'm not gonna start it unless I know it can be done
Kill Thompson (8:06:20 PM): could you get various degress of resizing junks done?
Kill Thompson (8:06:28 PM): Like maybe only 5 levels but make the transitions smooth
Kill Thompson (8:06:47 PM): 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%
Kill Thompson (8:07:05 PM): but when you go from 20 or 40, make it go thru the numbers some how, ya know?
Thompson1189 (8:07:22 PM): yeah it would look dumb if he just grew to a mutant instantly
Kill Thompson (8:07:41 PM)
: sweet
Kill Thompson (8:09:48 PM): and using some sort of cloud layer I think It'd look really good
Kill Thompson (8:09:51 PM): i wanna hug ya
Thompson1189 (8:10:00 PM): wtf why
Kill Thompson (8:10:13 PM)
: lol I duno, I dont anymore
Kill Thompson (8:10:51 PM): (jeez this guy I'm talking to is kinda bitchy, lol)
Thompson1189 (8:11:26 PM): is it kr chat
Kill Thompson (8:11:42 PM)
: no but the dude IMed me about KR
Kill Thompson (8:12:04 PM): he was like "THIS IS GODLY OHH HO HO HO" the next day he said Sphere sucked and "Game Maker" was better, lol
Thompson1189 (8:12:25 PM): what a drunk
Kill Thompson (8:12:49 PM)
: also this map will probly be graphicly complex
Kill Thompson (8:13:04 PM): so Tilebased movement will be bad
Kill Thompson (8:13:09 PM): for the world map
Thompson1189 (8:14:13 PM): weird
Thompson1189 (8:14:36 PM)
: would that look good though, zooming in and out
Kill Thompson (8:14:45 PM)
: all I gotta do is figure out how to draw hills
Kill Thompson (8:14:53 PM): what you mean zooming in and out?
Thompson1189 (8:15:04 PM): drawing the sprite bigger/smaller
Kill Thompson (8:15:22 PM)
: only if the tiles elevation matches

Thompson1189 (8:15:55 PM): i see
Kill Thompson (8:16:01 PM)
: I think I'm going to have to look at real life arial photo junks to see how it's supose to look
Kill Thompson (8:22:31 PM): ok I kind of see
Kill Thompson (8:22:54 PM): I will need to mess with the resizing before I can get the feel of the whole thing
Kill Thompson (8:23:24 PM): I gotta Q
Kill Thompson (8:23:33 PM): although I'm sure your capable
Thompson1189 (8:23:35 PM): I gotta P
Kill Thompson (8:23:44 PM)
: go P then answer the Q
Thompson1189 (8:23:58 PM): PQ
Kill Thompson (8:24:10 PM)
: mind your Ps and Qs?
Kill Thompson (8:24:25 PM): can you create sprites right before K is within range of them being visable?
Thompson1189 (8:24:54 PM): you mean like only have NPCs in K's area?
Kill Thompson (8:25:01 PM)
: yea
Kill Thompson (8:25:17 PM): everyone else is not there, unless its within Ks rectangle, wich is the size od the screen
Thompson1189 (8:25:17 PM): yeah
Kill Thompson (8:25:28 PM)
: that would be a great way to handle the town
Kill Thompson (8:25:30 PM): s
Thompson1189 (8:25:33 PM): i actually thought about doing that
Thompson1189 (8:25:35 PM)
: already
Kill Thompson (8:25:41 PM)
: have houses and scale them down to the elevation there on
Kill Thompson (8:25:42 PM): Sweet
Thompson1189 (8:26:02 PM): scale? are we talkin the world map or albrook
Kill Thompson (8:26:03 PM)
: I'm going to put some people on the world map too
Kill Thompson (8:26:07 PM): World map
Kill Thompson (8:26:11 PM): I can make a sprite for one house
Thompson1189 (8:26:14 PM): why people there
Kill Thompson (8:26:17 PM)
: use a bunch of em
Kill Thompson (8:26:35 PM): like merchants and stuff, it seems dumb having no pepole on the world map
Thompson1189 (8:26:47 PM): oh cool
Kill Thompson (8:26:58 PM)
: if I make a bunch of house building sprites, I can throw them together to create a town
Kill Thompson (8:28:02 PM): get what I'm saying?
Kill Thompson (8:28:05 PM): instead of boring tiles
Thompson1189 (8:28:37 PM): probably.. how bout you take the huge picture of albrook, shrink it 90% or something, and have that be the world map of it
Thompson1189 (8:28:44 PM)
: hahah
Kill Thompson (8:29:15 PM)
: it'd look shitty I think, nothing wrong with giving it a try though
Thompson1189 (8:29:29 PM): i wasn't serious?
Kill Thompson (8:29:36 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (8:29:39 PM): Oh :P
Kill Thompson (8:30:06 PM): you know this also works for the airship too.. so we could have the sweetest 2d map ever ;-)
Kill Thompson (8:30:28 PM): FF6 is about as advanced as it's ever gotten
Thompson1189 (8:30:35 PM): yeup
Kill Thompson (8:31:35 PM)
: It'd be cool to put like guys around the map (like say a Chococart) and your on a cliff and he's all the way down on one of the lower layers hehe
Thompson1189 (8:32:03 PM): ff9 had mountains and stuff
Kill Thompson (8:32:32 PM)
: On to world map? We could do that :-)
Kill Thompson (8:33:03 PM): oh shit
Kill Thompson (8:33:10 PM): what about kefkas obstruction?
Kill Thompson (8:33:20 PM): or does that shrink too
Thompson1189 (8:34:16 PM): that probably shinks too
Kill Thompson (8:34:26 PM)
: ok
Kill Thompson (8:34:57 PM): we'll need to use Magitek and the boats and everything too (I think you'll be able to control the magitek barge)
Kill Thompson (8:35:12 PM): maybe one more silly vehicle like the buggy
Thompson1189 (8:35:18 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (8:35:28 PM)
: i liked doing donuts with ff7's super car thinger
Kill Thompson (8:35:38 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (8:35:46 PM): DUDE
Kill Thompson (8:35:49 PM)
: Hey, if we use that you can use car game work
Thompson1189 (8:35:49 PM): my car game, lol
Kill Thompson (8:35:53 PM)
: SHIT, lol
Thompson1189 (8:35:57 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (8:36:08 PM)
: Oh I was thinking you know how the empire has a flag?
Thompson1189 (8:36:14 PM): no
Kill Thompson (8:36:17 PM)
: THey do
Thompson1189 (8:36:25 PM): hmmm dont recall it
Kill Thompson (8:36:34 PM)
: K's flag can be the EYE
Kill Thompson (8:36:41 PM): theres your signifigance
Kill Thompson (8:36:54 PM): K would go for that, he likes himself alot
Thompson1189 (8:37:42 PM): why would he choose his eye to be the flag
Kill Thompson (8:37:53 PM)
: no idea
Kill Thompson (8:37:59 PM): what ELSE would he chose?
Thompson1189 (8:38:02 PM): "im looking for a hott date"
Kill Thompson (8:38:09 PM)
: ;P
Kill Thompson (8:38:35 PM): but I mean Kefka is evil like that
Kill Thompson (8:38:50 PM): he would use an eye to symbolize he has a hold over everyone
Kill Thompson (8:38:55 PM): and if they go against them he will crush them
Thompson1189 (8:39:35 PM): crush them with his gigantic EYE
Kill Thompson (8:39:42 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (8:39:48 PM): WINK WINK! ahh nooo!
Kill Thompson (8:39:54 PM)
: LOL!
Kill Thompson (8:40:08 PM): well what else would you use, a fist? I think thats been done
Thompson1189 (8:40:37 PM): the bulldozer's silhouette
Thompson1189 (8:40:56 PM)
: steamroller i mean
Kill Thompson (8:40:59 PM)
: diff subject
Kill Thompson (8:41:04 PM): we should use a car right?
Thompson1189 (8:41:16 PM): for world map? heck yeah
Kill Thompson (8:41:26 PM)
: I think it should be a little crude and rusty, mismatched wheels
Kill Thompson (8:41:34 PM): Smoke coming out the back like nuts
Thompson1189 (8:41:48 PM): wtf... this game is turning weird
Kill Thompson (8:41:51 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (8:41:57 PM): AIM, shitty cars..
Thompson1189 (8:42:04 PM)
: gigantic eyes
Kill Thompson (8:42:17 PM)
: well know I thought it matched the industrial feel more
Kill Thompson (8:42:20 PM): and since there no cars
Kill Thompson (8:42:51 PM): Hey remember MagRoaders?
Thompson1189 (8:43:07 PM): i think ff7 mastered the industrial feel
Kill Thompson (8:43:42 PM)
: hm, so we'll hardly change the buggy? just name it different and make it spikey and evil?
Thompson1189 (8:44:04 PM): im trying to remember how they got the buggy, where it came from
Kill Thompson (8:44:13 PM)
: gold saucer
Kill Thompson (8:44:32 PM): Cloud got it as a gift for winning the chocobo race to get out of corel prison or something like that
Thompson1189 (8:44:40 PM): hmm
Thompson1189 (8:44:45 PM)
: sweet
Kill Thompson (8:45:28 PM)
Thompson1189 (8:45:40 PM): suck
Kill Thompson (8:45:45 PM)
: lol, 2 seconds
Kill Thompson (8:46:42 PM): Find me the map of the world of Ruin?
Kill Thompson (8:46:51 PM): Wondering if it shows alot of elevation
Thompson1189 (8:48:00 PM): you want me to hunt it down?
Kill Thompson (8:48:17 PM)
: Yea I cant find one that looks readable
Kill Thompson (8:48:32 PM): Hey, do you think the airship should not be able to pass the highest elevation?
Kill Thompson (8:48:46 PM): that way the other vehicles are needed more, or something
Thompson1189 (8:48:53 PM): uh.. hellifikonw
Kill Thompson (8:49:03 PM)
: We'll see when we get there
Thompson1189 (8:50:32 PM): =UTF-8
Kill Thompson (8:51:54 PM): sweet!
Kill Thompson (8:52:58 PM): nice find
Thompson1189 (8:53:41 PM):
Kill Thompson (8:54:25 PM): I wonder if these fit together like pangea
Thompson1189 (8:55:04 PM): you'd have to try that one WoB i think
Thompson1189 (8:55:14 PM)
: becaus WoR is all fudged up
Thompson1189 (8:55:58 PM)
: we should do some crazy time rift thing in KR, like the world turns back into WoB
Thompson1189 (8:56:07 PM)
: and it all starts over again
Kill Thompson (8:56:19 PM)
: lol, I was thinking about that, because there was a change in the original
Kill Thompson (8:57:08 PM): We should do something with that dinasaur continent
Kill Thompson (8:57:14 PM): maybe I'll put Tonberry town there instead
Kill Thompson (8:58:32 PM): Maybe we should just fuck up one area or make all the islands gather to make a new continenet
Kill Thompson (8:58:46 PM): that huge ass U shaped continent is gay, lol
Thompson1189 (8:59:43 PM): did you notice that the first image on that page is just a horizontal reflection of the other tree?
Kill Thompson (9:00:07 PM)
: no I didnt let them load I just clicked the two and closed the orignal
Thompson1189 (9:00:25 PM): who do you think you are
Kill Thompson (9:00:37 PM)
: It wasnt loadin haha
Thompson1189 (9:01:08 PM): get frickin cable?
Kill Thompson (9:01:16 PM)
: I might soon
Kill Thompson (9:01:33 PM): good possiblity I will move and get a job in a few weekses
Thompson1189 (9:02:03 PM): that sucks
Kill Thompson (9:02:20 PM)
: not if my job is robbin banks
Thompson1189 (9:02:38 PM): and stealing CARS
Kill Thompson (9:02:51 PM)
: shootin guys
Thompson1189 (9:03:23 PM): and cooking steaks!!
Kill Thompson (9:03:27 PM)
Kill Thompson (9:03:37 PM): I was just looking at the world map
Kill Thompson (9:03:44 PM): and imagined K trying to swim across a continenet
Thompson1189 (9:04:07 PM): why
Kill Thompson (9:04:14 PM)
: I duno haha
Kill Thompson (9:04:48 PM): he wasnt gettin anywhere anyway
Kill Thompson (9:05:04 PM): Ultros, theres another vehicle
Thompson1189 (9:05:09 PM): doh
Kill Thompson (9:06:07 PM)
: so you were saying you might be deleitng the entitys not in K's screen area?
Thompson1189 (9:06:49 PM): i just considered the concpet of it
Kill Thompson (9:07:14 PM)
: sounds like a good idea if its not too much junks
Thompson1189 (9:07:40 PM): the main kicker is... how do you determine when to delete a person
Kill Thompson (9:08:00 PM)
: if they are greater then so many tiles away?
Thompson1189 (9:08:01 PM): at an absolute y-value, or anytime your'e above it
Thompson1189 (9:08:18 PM)
: you can't delete them more than once though
Kill Thompson (9:08:22 PM)
: maybe the number of tiles that make up ya nd x
Kill Thompson (9:08:27 PM): ?
Thompson1189 (9:08:55 PM): the script will be constantly checking your position relative to NPCs
Kill Thompson (9:09:18 PM)
: that could be intensive lag?
Thompson1189 (9:09:24 PM): heck no
Kill Thompson (9:09:45 PM)
: not as bad as checking all the spcs position/obstruct stuff?
Thompson1189 (9:09:50 PM): yeh
Kill Thompson (9:10:01 PM)
: *scratches head*
Thompson1189 (9:10:09 PM): but there'd have to be a separate script just for albrook, same for other towns if they need it
Kill Thompson (9:10:31 PM)
: because the specific entities?
Thompson1189 (9:11:05 PM): and their individual positions
Kill Thompson (9:11:18 PM)
: there should be GetMapEntities
Thompson1189 (9:11:32 PM): there's GetPersonList
Kill Thompson (9:11:47 PM)
: but that only works for their names?
Thompson1189 (9:12:15 PM): and you can get their positions with GetPersonX/Y
Kill Thompson (9:13:09 PM)
: so then why do you need to make indavidual town scriptsststs?
Thompson1189 (9:14:19 PM): what i need to be able to do is check if a person exists
Kill Thompson (9:14:37 PM)
: I exist
Thompson1189 (9:14:46 PM): but how can i be sure?
Kill Thompson (9:15:26 PM)
: hehe
Kill Thompson (9:17:47 PM):
Kill Thompson (9:19:39 PM): I might need to like double the MPA size for world map
Kill Thompson (9:19:43 PM): like 500x500
Kill Thompson (9:21:21 PM): WHACHU DOIN
Thompson1189 (9:21:32 PM): boardin
Kill Thompson (9:21:38 PM)
: Psha
Kill Thompson (9:23:51 PM): fls site is gone, haha
Thompson1189 (9:24:00 PM): ah crap lol
Kill Thompson (9:25:19 PM)
: forums too
Thompson1189 (9:25:41 PM): forums work for me
Kill Thompson (9:25:41 PM)
: Darn, I guess we're the only ones who know what we're doin
Kill Thompson (9:25:46 PM): Link
Thompson1189 (9:25:53 PM): link:forums.
Thompson1189 (9:26:04 PM)
: ? it didnt work. damn this primitive AIM program
Thompson1189 (9:26:16 PM)
: i guess you'll have to findit yerslef
Kill Thompson (9:26:19 PM)
: Alient Instant Messanger, heheh
Kill Thompson (9:26:32 PM): ?
Kill Thompson (9:26:39 PM): no go
Thompson1189 (9:26:56 PM): works for me, still gotta P
Kill Thompson (9:27:19 PM)
: link me to yers
Kill Thompson (9:27:20 PM): ;P
Thompson1189 (9:27:31 PM): thats the one i go to
Kill Thompson (9:27:48 PM)
: it says URL was not found
Kill Thompson (9:28:00 PM): are you sure your now viewing it out of temp files or something
Thompson1189 (9:28:05 PM): def
Kill Thompson (9:28:17 PM)
: link me to a specific topic then
Thompson1189 (9:28:53 PM):
Kill Thompson (9:29:24 PM): thats the same thing ;P
Kill Thompson (9:29:40 PM): oh well, any news?
Thompson1189 (9:30:11 PM): no,
Kill Thompson (9:30:23 PM)
: Blagnar
Thompson1189 (9:30:25 PM): you told them about the demo and stuff and then everything died... hmm lol
Kill Thompson (9:30:39 PM)
: you know I think they copied us
Kill Thompson (9:30:45 PM): the whole FF thing
Kill Thompson (9:30:52 PM): cuz they started after us
Kill Thompson (9:30:55 PM): :P
Thompson1189 (9:31:09 PM): really?
Kill Thompson (9:31:14 PM)
: and they were connected to sf somehow
Kill Thompson (9:31:17 PM): yeah
Kill Thompson (9:32:15 PM): *naps*
Kill Thompson (9:33:57 PM): did you ever ask Aegis about that?
Thompson1189 (9:34:06 PM): aboot wha
Kill Thompson (9:34:17 PM)
: there connection to him
Thompson1189 (9:34:44 PM): yeah i did ask him actullay
Thompson1189 (9:34:53 PM)
: and it was a totally different guy, apparently
Kill Thompson (9:34:59 PM)
: Bah!
Kill Thompson (9:35:08 PM): Thats weird, haha
Kill Thompson (9:35:24 PM): He must be his stalker

Thompson1189 (9:35:24 PM): well Aegis isn't exactly the most unique name
Kill Thompson (9:35:42 PM)
: but they were involved in similar junsk
Kill Thompson (9:44:28 PM): ZzzzzZzz
Thompson1189 (9:45:39 PM): DO IT
Kill Thompson (9:45:59 PM)
: lol you know what line just came to me?
Thompson1189 (9:46:10 PM): pi?
Kill Thompson (9:46:28 PM)
: "Soldier: And some bread too! mumble... mumble..."
Thompson1189 (9:46:44 PM): ?
Kill Thompson (9:47:36 PM)
: FF6
Thompson1189 (9:47:45 PM): 22?
Kill Thompson (9:47:55 PM)
: 46
Kill Thompson (9:55:19 PM): ZzZzZzZzzzZzZzZzZzzZZzZz
Thompson1189 (9:55:41 PM): i'm on your side!
Kill Thompson (9:58:07 PM)
: 8-)
Kill Thompson (9:58:13 PM): FONZ FOR PREZ
Thompson1189 (9:58:41 PM): FUCK YES
Kill Thompson (9:59:01 PM)
: :-D
Thompson1189 (9:59:09 PM): let's see him in action!!
Kill Thompson (10:00:04 PM)
: 8-) Ehh! Free Chicks!
Thompson1189 (10:00:35 PM): FIRE THEM
Kill Thompson (10:00:41 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (10:01:14 PM): dumbest chat part 2
Kill Thompson (10:01:20 PM)
: my mom just called a person a porno
Kill Thompson (10:01:22 PM): Where?
Thompson1189 (10:01:33 PM): at your doorstep, mutha fugga!
Thompson1189 (10:01:42 PM)
: shEEEit
Kill Thompson (10:02:28 PM)
: PSH!
Kill Thompson (10:02:38 PM): JAP SLUT
Thompson1189 (10:02:49 PM): SLAP JUT!
Kill Thompson (10:03:00 PM)
Thompson1189 (10:03:14 PM): STUPID FATASS COWDICK
Kill Thompson (10:03:18 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (10:03:24 PM): SHEEEEIT!
Kill Thompson (10:03:30 PM): That was a great ending
Thompson1189 (10:03:50 PM): it wasn't an ending, i just didn't feel like adding more
Kill Thompson (10:04:01 PM)
: it sounded like an ending
Thompson1189 (10:04:59 PM): i need pants! 61
Kill Thompson (10:05:08 PM)
: lol that was funny
Kill Thompson (10:23:22 PM): whachu upta
Thompson1189 (10:23:31 PM): reading a book
Kill Thompson (10:23:38 PM)
: ew
Thompson1189 (10:24:05 PM):
Thompson1189 (10:24:06 PM): oops
Kill Thompson (10:24:09 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (10:24:18 PM): whoa, maybe he should be in kr
Kill Thompson (10:24:31 PM)

Kill Thompson (10:24:33 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (10:24:37 PM): Giant megaman monster
Thompson1189 (10:24:39 PM): FRICKING CAMEO
Thompson1189 (10:24:43 PM)
: normal size
Thompson1189 (10:25:11 PM)
: not as a character, just on display?
Kill Thompson (10:25:54 PM)
: I was going to do that with alot of other square chars
Kill Thompson (10:26:30 PM): like some FF guys just walking around somwhere for no reason
Thompson1189 (10:26:40 PM): we should have a poster on the wall, advertising somethin
Kill Thompson (10:26:43 PM)
: instead of normal Npc
Kill Thompson (10:26:56 PM): LOL, Namco does that alot with there other games

Thompson1189 (10:27:08 PM): metal gear solid did it too
Thompson1189 (10:27:27 PM)
: that's the only game that counts
Thompson1189 (10:27:30 PM)
: nyah!
Kill Thompson (10:27:50 PM)
: in MGS
Thompson1189 (10:27:59 PM):
Kill Thompson (10:28:02 PM): if you had other konami games on your memory card (suikoden)
Thompson1189 (10:28:18 PM): (castlevania)
Kill Thompson (10:28:18 PM)
: some dude would say "So you like sew-eee-koden?"
Thompson1189 (10:28:53 PM): do you realize what youre doing?
Kill Thompson (10:28:59 PM)
: No!
Kill Thompson (10:29:10 PM): Telling the master about the masters game?
Thompson1189 (10:29:16 PM): yeah.
Kill Thompson (10:30:31 PM)
: so you like sooekoden
Thompson1189 (10:32:56 PM): probably no
Kill Thompson (10:33:22 PM)
: IT was ok
Thompson1189 (10:33:42 PM): did HE make an appearence?
Kill Thompson (10:33:46 PM)
: I'd give it like 7/10
Kill Thompson (10:34:00 PM): This was early PS days
Thompson1189 (10:35:46 PM): but why stoop to terrorism!?
Kill Thompson (10:36:25 PM)
: I really liked his castle system
Kill Thompson (10:36:57 PM): their
Kill Thompson (10:36:58 PM): LOL

Kill Thompson (10:37:00 PM): I'm out of it
Thompson1189 (10:37:28 PM): did you say 'nerd'?
Kill Thompson (10:37:35 PM)
: Nope
Thompson1189 (10:37:45 PM): 'node'?
Thompson1189 (10:38:22 PM)
: dude i wrote a poem a long time ago for school, i think you should read it
Kill Thompson (10:38:29 PM)
: Sure
Thompson1189 wants to send file ravenparody.doc (10:38:59 PM).
Kill Thompson (10:39:14 PM): I know this is gunna be funny
Kill Thompson received C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Chris\Desktop\ravenparody.doc (10:39:33 PM).
Kill Thompson (10:44:26 PM): Your a genious
Thompson1189 (10:44:52 PM): does that mean you like it?
Thompson1189 (10:45:17 PM)
: does that have a date on it?
Kill Thompson (10:45:50 PM)
: modified sunday october 27 2002
Thompson1189 (10:46:19 PM): yep, long ago
Thompson1189 (10:46:41 PM)
: wait.. i thought it was longer than that
Thompson1189 (10:46:53 PM)
: does the actual paper have a date
Kill Thompson (10:46:59 PM)
: Na
Kill Thompson (10:47:03 PM): Why dont you check? heh
Thompson1189 (10:47:13 PM): cause im reading a book
Kill Thompson (10:47:24 PM)
: what book
Thompson1189 (10:47:59 PM): In the Darkness of Shadow Moses: The Unofficial Truth
Kill Thompson (10:48:10 PM)
: wtf is that
Thompson1189 (10:48:38 PM): its a report on a terrorist takeover
Kill Thompson (10:48:46 PM)
: neat
Thompson1189 (10:48:59 PM): except it hasn't happened yet
Kill Thompson (10:55:00 PM)
: :-D
Kill Thompson (10:57:09 PM): whachu doin
Kill Thompson (10:57:12 PM): oh
Kill Thompson (10:57:13 PM): nevermind
Thompson1189 (10:57:24 PM): haha
Thompson1189 (10:59:40 PM)
: SabinsBumRush (11:00:58 PM): dont work too much on the other game. work lots on KR!!!!
SabinsBumRush signed off at 11:01:05 PM.
Kill Thompson (10:59:55 PM): He doesnt get it? ;-)
Thompson1189 (10:59:59 PM): that sounds like his dying words
Kill Thompson (11:00:02 PM)
Kill Thompson (11:00:07 PM): your right