Kill Thompson wants to directly connect (8:25:01 PM).
Thompson1189 is now directly connected (8:25:04 PM).
Kill Thompson (8:25:37 PM):
Kill Thompson (8:25:45 PM): Didja check the b0ard or didja just get here?
Thompson1189 (8:26:05 PM): i was checkin 'er out but then my cigs went damp and i couldnt light it UP
Kill Thompson (8:26:18 PM)
: Graw
Thompson1189 (8:26:26 PM): hw*
Kill Thompson (8:26:28 PM)
: your gunna get emphizima and syphilis
Thompson1189 (8:26:37 PM): and SEX
Thompson1189 (8:26:40 PM)
: woo
Kill Thompson (8:26:42 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (8:26:50 PM): Today I was re-reading the raven parody
Thompson1189 (8:26:57 PM): haha, that old thing
Thompson1189 (8:27:16 PM)
: i'm starting to form a pattern of working only on weekends
Kill Thompson (8:27:18 PM)
: blinged the window "u r gay"
Thompson1189 (8:27:35 PM): u R gay!1
Kill Thompson (8:27:38 PM)
: hmm, make somone go to the board
Kill Thompson (8:28:03 PM): theres 4 of us on, 3 more and we can break that annoying record
Thompson1189 (8:28:19 PM): who's the John guy
Kill Thompson (8:28:27 PM)
: thats Setzer (Slayer)
Kill Thompson (8:28:31 PM): he just changed his name
Thompson1189 (8:28:34 PM): SLAYER!
Thompson1189 (8:28:39 PM)
: cool
Thompson1189 (8:28:47 PM)
: maybe i should do a namechange too, we all should
Thompson1189 (8:28:59 PM)
: change our names to someone else's
Thompson1189 (8:29:02 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (8:29:04 PM)
: nah, I'd feel out of groove
Kill Thompson (8:29:09 PM): Swap
Kill Thompson (8:29:11 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (8:29:13 PM): yeah swap
Thompson1189 (8:29:31 PM)
: that'd be the most pointless thing
Kill Thompson (8:29:53 PM)
: mcm = new npcrap("mcm");
mcm.dirs = new Array('fr','r','w','r','w','r','w','r','w','r','w','r','w','fl','l','w','l','w','l','w','l','w','l','w','l','w');
mcm.incremental = true;
mcm.talkrand = true;
mcm.talk1 = "GIMMS: Try the Imp Burger!";
mcm.talk2 = "GIMMS: My life sucks!";
mcm.talk3 = "GIMMS: You'd look stupid in this getup too!";
mcm.talk4 = "GIMMS: Come in and try our all new \n100 GP menu!";

Thompson1189 (8:30:19 PM): looks good
Kill Thompson (8:30:29 PM)
: It works, I was just showing you whath e says
Thompson1189 (8:30:32 PM): works good?
Thompson1189 (8:30:33 PM)
: ok
Kill Thompson (8:30:41 PM)
: yea I did it for a buncha people already
Thompson1189 (8:30:56 PM): did you use the other modes yet
Kill Thompson (8:31:06 PM)
: I used em all
Thompson1189 (8:31:14 PM): wwwwwOW
Kill Thompson (8:31:20 PM)
: shoper = new npcrap("shoper");
shoper.dirs = new Array('fr','r','w','r','w','fu','w','w','fr','r','w','r','w','r','w','r','w','r','w','fu','w','w','fl','l','w','l',' w','l','w','l','w','l','w','l','w','l','w');
shoper.talk1 = "SHOPAHOLIC: I love shopping!";
shoper.talk2 = "SHOPAHOLIC: Should I buy a new hat?";
shoper.talk3 = "SHOPAHOLIC: _or maybe a new dress \ninstead?";
shoper.talk4 = "SHOPAHOLIC: Oh wait! There's a sale! \nI'll just buy one of everything.";

Thompson1189 (8:31:29 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (8:31:54 PM)
: kid2 = new npcrap("kid2");
kid2.dirs = new Array('fd','d','fr','r','w','fu','u','fl','l');
kid2.incremental = true;
kid2.talk1 = "GIRL: I like bugs, Your funny lookin'.";
kid2.talk2 = "GIRL: My name is BOB, Call me BOB.";
kid2.talk3 = "BOB: My name's not BOB, you stupid idiot!";
kid2.talk4 = "GIRL: Squish! _Squish! Die you dumb bug!";

Thompson1189 (8:32:04 PM): dang that shopaholic would get annoying
Kill Thompson (8:32:09 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (8:32:14 PM): That was the point
Thompson1189 (8:32:20 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (8:32:33 PM)
: tree = new npcrap("tree");
tree.incremental = true;
tree.face = false;
tree.talk1 = "TREE: (gobble_ snarf_) One finger mode!";
tree.talk2 = "TREE: I'm the scripter.";
tree.talk3 = "TREE: FTSU!";

Kill Thompson (8:32:38 PM): care to edit your dialogue?
Thompson1189 (8:32:54 PM): i dont know if i wanna be in mcm anymo'
Kill Thompson (8:33:01 PM)
: Np for me
Thompson1189 (8:33:04 PM): just make it someone else
Thompson1189 (8:33:11 PM)
: a reg char or a diff staff
Kill Thompson (8:33:16 PM)
: drunkimp = new npcrap("drunkimp");
drunkimp.face = false;
drunkimp.incremental = true;
drunkimp.talkrand = true;
drunkimp.talk1 = "SODA IMP: Hic_ Gimme another!";
drunkimp.talk2 = "SODA IMP: Put it on my tab..";
drunkimp.talk3 = "SODA IMP: More! Bring me more!";
drunkimp.talk4 = "SODA IMP: Gulp_ gulp_ gulp gulp.";
drunkimp.talk5 = "SODA IMP: I would like more sodas \nplease! Thank you.";

Thompson1189 (8:33:42 PM): you really like those dontya, hehe
Kill Thompson (8:33:49 PM)
: Oh yeah!
Thompson1189 (8:34:03 PM): is it your favorite feature so fa'?
Kill Thompson (8:34:21 PM)
: Hmm it's def one of.. I think it adds ALOT
Thompson1189 (8:34:49 PM): coo
Thompson1189 (8:34:56 PM)
: do ya worship me?
Kill Thompson (8:35:08 PM)
: Do YOU worship me?
Thompson1189 (8:35:21 PM): man i played like 4 hours of tha ff6 yesterday
Kill Thompson (8:35:40 PM)
: Any inperation it give you did it?
Thompson1189 (8:35:50 PM): theres some insane stuff i would struggle to pull off
Kill Thompson (8:36:20 PM)
Thompson1189 (8:36:28 PM): our flashback scene's timing is way too slow compared to the orig
Kill Thompson (8:36:37 PM)
: what do you mean?
Thompson1189 (8:37:11 PM): the original is a lot faster, like when K does the salute thing, etc. Plus the v/w movements are not perfect
Thompson1189 (8:37:25 PM)
: they do a diagonal
Kill Thompson (8:37:33 PM)
: no they DONT
Kill Thompson (8:37:48 PM): I'm going to watch it right now cuz I have a save state right there
Thompson1189 (8:38:19 PM): okey
Kill Thompson (8:38:45 PM)
: Oh your right
Kill Thompson (8:38:46 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (8:38:55 PM): THat's really little though
Kill Thompson (8:39:19 PM): Edit it as you see fit
Thompson1189 (8:39:34 PM): yeah, plus battles i'm still scared of
Thompson1189 (8:42:31 PM)
: and i'm still tryin to decide if it should use map engine
Kill Thompson (8:42:56 PM)
: :/

Kill Thompson (8:43:19 PM): I like how no one ever stays on topic at the b0ard
Kill Thompson (8:43:20 PM): lol

Kill Thompson (8:43:42 PM): you gotta go to the bugs and request forum
Thompson1189 (8:44:29 PM): ok
Thompson1189 (8:44:42 PM)
: this sucks though cause i have some crazy homework research to do
Kill Thompson (8:44:56 PM)
: when's it going to slow down?
Thompson1189 (8:45:13 PM): when i'm done with the paper
Kill Thompson (8:46:30 PM)
Thompson1189 (8:46:39 PM): pssww
Thompson1189 (8:47:01 PM)
: whoa, what is John's avatar
Kill Thompson (8:47:14 PM)
: he made it
Thompson1189 (8:48:15 PM): lol i changed the postition of the "not" in bismark's post in the larry topic
Kill Thompson (8:48:31 PM)
: hm?
Kill Thompson (8:49:53 PM): Johns going nuts to break the record, lol
Thompson1189 (8:50:07 PM): oh really
Kill Thompson (8:50:24 PM)
: 1 more person
Thompson1189 (8:51:37 PM): "y dont u just IM tree for this stuff? i doubt that anyone knows this kind of stuff" ~ bismonk
Kill Thompson (8:51:42 PM)
: Hmm, Just IM somone and tell them to go as guest
Thompson1189 (8:51:43 PM): that foo
Kill Thompson (8:51:46 PM)
: lol I know
Thompson1189 (8:52:09 PM): no wait that was crusader
Kill Thompson (8:52:33 PM)
: dude get somone else to go to the b0ard
Thompson1189 (8:53:06 PM): ok
Thompson1189 (8:53:10 PM)
: just anyone
Kill Thompson (8:53:12 PM)
: Yeah
Kill Thompson (8:54:05 PM): D'oh somone left
Thompson1189 (8:54:20 PM): i got one dude
Thompson1189 (8:54:31 PM)
: the agaoij guy
Kill Thompson (8:54:46 PM)
: Ok we need one more :/
Kill Thompson (8:54:59 PM): In total there are 8 users online :: 6 Registered, 0 Hidden and 2 Guests
Kill Thompson (8:55:19 PM): Ok all done with that
Thompson1189 (8:55:26 PM): i told that GoodAndy guy but then he signed off
Kill Thompson (8:55:37 PM)
: that punk, lol
Thompson1189 (8:55:56 PM): i dont know if it counts unless theyre all members
Kill Thompson (8:56:18 PM)
: Most users ever online was 8 on 12 Mar 2003 08:52 pm
Thompson1189 (8:57:31 PM): who is shatorb
Kill Thompson (8:57:42 PM)
: we talked to him once on AIM or something
Kill Thompson (8:57:56 PM): Lord Shatorb is his aim name (somethin like that)
Thompson1189 (8:58:03 PM): dont remember him
Kill Thompson (8:58:15 PM)
: He's a fan
Kill Thompson (9:00:24 PM): what's the soup?
Thompson1189 (9:00:38 PM): finding sites
Kill Thompson (9:00:49 PM)
: home workin/?

Thompson1189 (9:01:06 PM): yeuh
Kill Thompson (9:08:28 PM)
: Touch any scripts recently?
Thompson1189 (9:08:36 PM): nah
Kill Thompson (9:08:50 PM)
: wee
Kill Thompson (9:08:58 PM): I like how when one of us works the other one doesnt
Thompson1189 (9:09:11 PM): not true...
Kill Thompson (9:09:36 PM)
: Hm it's usually true, last two weeks I was lazy as hell and you did some nice stuff
Thompson1189 (9:09:53 PM): except for insane mode i guess
Thompson1189 (9:10:10 PM)
: insane mode is overrated though
Kill Thompson (9:10:23 PM)
: No way

Kill Thompson (9:10:53 PM): When I go into insane mode, I do good stuff (I was almost there today but my sister had to get on)
Kill Thompson (9:11:35 PM): (The more I work in one sitting the closer I get to insane mode, and once there, there's no turning back)
Thompson1189 (9:18:59 PM): choodoin
Kill Thompson (9:19:13 PM)
: The usual
Thompson1189 (9:19:21 PM): smokin
Kill Thompson (9:19:22 PM)
: Talkin to the woman, Metallican
Thompson1189 (9:19:53 PM): quit talkin to the woman
Kill Thompson (9:20:05 PM)
: Nevah
Kill Thompson (9:20:07 PM): da
Kill Thompson (9:21:49 PM): BLITZKRIEEEEG
Thompson1189 (9:22:21 PM): mohongunumus
Kill Thompson (9:23:31 PM)
: :-P+8-)
Thompson1189 (9:23:45 PM): (0)
Kill Thompson (9:23:50 PM)
: wanna know whats on my list?
Thompson1189 (9:23:55 PM): no
Kill Thompson (9:24:05 PM)
: lies
Thompson1189 (9:25:41 PM):
Thompson1189 (9:27:58 PM): you think if we put a "last updated" thing on kr0 we should make it the current date?
Kill Thompson (9:28:27 PM)
: Do you think if we put a last updated thing we would bother to keep up with it?
Thompson1189 (9:28:46 PM): no thats why it should be the current date haha
Kill Thompson (9:28:54 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (9:29:30 PM):
Kill Thompson (9:30:33 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (9:31:05 PM): *save*
Thompson1189 (9:31:12 PM): thats so fake
Kill Thompson (9:31:23 PM)
: yea
Thompson1189 (9:32:17 PM): Fenix Down (Pheonix Down will be added later)
Kill Thompson (9:32:33 PM)
: just for confusion
Thompson1189 (9:32:51 PM): are they both purposefully spelled wrong then?
Kill Thompson (9:33:00 PM)
: Because FF6 has Fenix Down, 7 was Pheonix, No
Thompson1189 (9:33:11 PM): Phoenix
Kill Thompson (9:33:20 PM)
: I know FF6 did that due to letter extention crap
Thompson1189 (9:33:34 PM): hah, my game has all custom names
Thompson1189 (9:33:43 PM)
: i named terra IDIOT
Kill Thompson (9:33:46 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (9:33:58 PM): and theyre all dumb like that
Thompson1189 (9:34:07 PM)
: and i can never tell who's talking
Kill Thompson (9:34:19 PM)
: Suikoden they always call the main guy (Add a JONES) Master, my freind named him Baitor
Thompson1189 (9:34:50 PM): people do that in ff9 too
Kill Thompson (9:35:06 PM)
: I guess somone had the idea for baitor then?
Thompson1189 (9:35:15 PM): yuh?
Kill Thompson (9:35:55 PM)
Kill Thompson (9:36:03 PM): Fix Maps in Mapbook
Kill Thompson (9:36:07 PM): Work on Atower1
Kill Thompson (9:36:24 PM): Add all maps to the debug room
Kill Thompson (9:36:31 PM): Add Adock to the Map Book
Kill Thompson (9:36:36 PM): YOUR sprite
Kill Thompson (9:36:43 PM): Decide wich house should be K's house
Thompson1189 (9:37:03 PM): is there a new ver of K's house?
Thompson1189 (9:37:11 PM)
: i wanna see what it looks like
Kill Thompson (9:37:30 PM)
: Needs work
Thompson1189 (9:38:09 PM): hrm, screen me?
Kill Thompson (9:38:15 PM)
: I think it's the same one
Thompson1189 (9:38:20 PM): k
Thompson1189 (9:39:05 PM)
: hmm dunno if i likeit
Kill Thompson (9:39:19 PM)
Thompson1189 (9:40:10 PM): need like a section off
Kill Thompson (9:40:27 PM)
: ?
Kill Thompson (9:40:44 PM): Doesnt matter, It'll probs get some big changes anyway, since K's house is on my list
Thompson1189 (9:40:44 PM): make it not just one big room
Kill Thompson (9:40:53 PM)
: (good idea)
Thompson1189 (9:41:03 PM): its not an idea
Kill Thompson (9:41:15 PM)
: liar
Kill Thompson (9:41:40 PM): Don't worry, I know what I'm doing now more then when I made that
Thompson1189 (9:42:34 PM): omg actraiser music
Kill Thompson (9:42:43 PM)
: Not again
Kill Thompson (9:43:04 PM): brb
Thompson1189 (9:43:50 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (9:46:32 PM)
: Ugh
Thompson1189 (9:46:41 PM):
Kill Thompson (9:46:55 PM): what is it? your going to interupt my Metalica?
Thompson1189 (9:47:10 PM): its just dumb weid
Thompson1189 (9:48:39 PM)
: ever notice the fanfare music in ff6 is kinda heavy
Kill Thompson (9:49:03 PM)
: Yup
Kill Thompson (9:49:12 PM): I think we should make it heavier
Thompson1189 (9:49:22 PM): A LOT heavier
Thompson1189 (9:49:24 PM)
: like a ton
Kill Thompson (9:49:43 PM)
: Ytep
Kill Thompson (9:50:16 PM): Oh reminds me
Kill Thompson (9:50:22 PM): I had word from the music guy earlier
Kill Thompson (9:50:34 PM): he said it's really coming along and he's finally adding the guitar
Kill Thompson (9:50:46 PM): he said he'll IM me or post on the board when he has something
Thompson1189 (9:50:50 PM): all right
Thompson1189 (9:51:06 PM)
Kill Thompson (9:51:20 PM): mageslayer188: when i talked 2 the girl, instead of turnin and walkin away, she side stepped
Thompson1189 (9:51:42 PM): he doesn't have newest ver?
Kill Thompson (9:52:03 PM)
: ...D'oh
Kill Thompson (9:52:13 PM): >:o DAMN YOUR INTELECT
Thompson1189 (9:52:19 PM): HOLA
Kill Thompson (9:52:29 PM)
Thompson1189 (9:52:38 PM): OMUGOLA
Kill Thompson (9:52:44 PM)
Thompson1189 (9:52:47 PM): DANGYOA
Thompson1189 (9:52:55 PM)
Kill Thompson (9:53:00 PM)
Kill Thompson (9:53:39 PM): You know
Kill Thompson (9:53:48 PM): I can't carry on a normal conversation with anybody
Kill Thompson (9:53:58 PM): There like "...your nuts man.. o.. k"
Thompson1189 (9:54:05 PM): you mean in person or online
Kill Thompson (9:54:09 PM)
: online
Thompson1189 (9:54:21 PM): you seem fine to me.
Kill Thompson (9:54:39 PM)
: *shrugs*
Thompson1189 (9:54:53 PM): do you have piano version of Phantom Forest?
Kill Thompson (9:55:06 PM)
: No, I think you told me to get it once though
Thompson1189 (9:55:10 PM): get it
Thompson1189 (9:55:20 PM)
: see if you think it would fit in Aforest
Kill Thompson (9:55:35 PM)
: how big is it?
Thompson1189 (9:55:54 PM): ? yer askin the wrong guy about size
Kill Thompson (9:56:56 PM)
: Ew
Kill Thompson (9:57:03 PM): Friday is Pi day at my sisters skewl
Kill Thompson (9:57:06 PM): You should go
Thompson1189 (9:57:12 PM): i know
Kill Thompson (9:57:23 PM)
: is it Pi day at your schooll too?
Thompson1189 (9:57:28 PM): no
Thompson1189 (9:57:32 PM)
: but i know 100 digits
Thompson1189 (9:57:36 PM)
: so..
Kill Thompson (9:57:38 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (9:57:39 PM): i would konw
Thompson1189 (9:58:19 PM)
: dude where're my actraiser spcs
Kill Thompson (9:58:42 PM)
: I hid them
Thompson1189 (9:59:22 PM): crap i need 7 more sci fi sources
Kill Thompson (9:59:40 PM)
: wanna send Phantom forst over?
Thompson1189 (9:59:47 PM): aint gottit
Kill Thompson (10:00:54 PM)
: :-*
Kill Thompson (10:08:57 PM): DIE DIE IDE
Kill Thompson (10:08:59 PM): DIE
Thompson1189 (10:09:04 PM): this sucks
Thompson1189 (10:09:22 PM)
: personally i dont care about this scifi crap anymore
Thompson1189 (10:09:26 PM)
: its wasting my time
Kill Thompson (10:09:34 PM)
: yea you could be scriptin
Thompson1189 (10:09:48 PM): yeah, and i gotta do another research paper next year.
Thompson1189 (10:09:59 PM)
: i probably would be scripting too
Kill Thompson (10:10:50 PM)
: how many more days you gonna be workin on this?
Thompson1189 (10:11:02 PM): you mean how many weeks
Kill Thompson (10:11:16 PM)
: ...WHAT?
Thompson1189 (10:11:22 PM): months even.
Kill Thompson (10:11:27 PM)
Kill Thompson (10:11:28 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (10:11:31 PM): i know
Kill Thompson (10:11:47 PM)
: Wish I could help
Kill Thompson (10:11:51 PM): so you'd be done quicker
Thompson1189 (10:12:11 PM): find some dumb scifi sites or space age, or anything related that i might use
Kill Thompson (10:13:22 PM)
Kill Thompson (10:13:25 PM): maybe this is useable
Thompson1189 (10:13:54 PM): lol its all PotA
Kill Thompson (10:14:00 PM)
: ?
Kill Thompson (10:14:08 PM): oh lol
Kill Thompson (10:14:12 PM): it's ALL PoTA?
Thompson1189 (10:19:41 PM): errg.. eye strain
Kill Thompson (10:21:32 PM)
: too bad you couldn't have done your paper on something you know about
Thompson1189 (10:21:46 PM): like..?
Kill Thompson (10:21:56 PM)
: The effects of no scripting for KR
Kill Thompson (10:22:14 PM): The effects of kefka on middle aged women
Thompson1189 (10:22:16 PM): there's effects?
Kill Thompson (10:22:24 PM)
: Damn right!
Kill Thompson (10:22:32 PM): It's infected
Thompson1189 (10:22:42 PM): that would be a bitch to research
Thompson1189 (10:22:52 PM)
: i'd have to quote you a lot probably
Thompson1189 (10:23:00 PM)
: and myself lol
Kill Thompson (10:23:03 PM)
: but it'd be fun, lol
Thompson1189 (10:23:10 PM): yeah i'd make most of it up
Thompson1189 (10:23:26 PM)
: that would be something i'd do for a writing class, if i had one
Thompson1189 (10:23:42 PM)
: or the wrestler guys
Thompson1189 (10:25:40 PM)
: find any others?
Kill Thompson (10:25:53 PM)
: They're all like TV listings and shit like that
Thompson1189 (10:25:58 PM): need 6 more, lets go into insane mode
Kill Thompson (10:26:05 PM)
: Heck yes
Thompson1189 (10:26:05 PM): i know its all commercial crap
Thompson1189 (10:26:32 PM)
: try finding like essays on it or somethin?
Kill Thompson (10:26:46 PM)
: ok
Kill Thompson (10:27:52 PM): lookin
Kill Thompson (10:28:30 PM):
Kill Thompson (10:29:41 PM): I just found that entertaining
Thompson1189 (10:30:19 PM): yeah.. but i wish i could find more connections with technology
Kill Thompson (10:31:02 PM)
: I'll look for that
Kill Thompson (10:33:34 PM): Did you ever write about how scifi inspired inventions and crazy crap?
Thompson1189 (10:33:50 PM): haven't written anything yet
Thompson1189 (10:33:57 PM)
: but that's a good idea.
Kill Thompson (10:37:32 PM)
: still lookin man
Thompson1189 (10:37:33 PM): found a good one
Kill Thompson (10:38:24 PM)
: on a side note you know, we're going to have to add the airship but make it shitty
Thompson1189 (10:39:47 PM): just put wings on the buggy, and when you catch mad air, you'll glide
Thompson1189 (10:39:55 PM)
: and then hit the rocket boosters, and you fly
Kill Thompson (10:40:11 PM)
: Yea i know
Kill Thompson (10:40:24 PM): (But Story requires the airship, atleast for a short time)
Kill Thompson (10:40:28 PM): maybe we can wreck it
Thompson1189 (10:40:41 PM): hm how/why
Kill Thompson (10:40:56 PM)
: That's the reason Cid joins
Kill Thompson (10:41:03 PM): plus you need it to go fix the buggy
Thompson1189 (10:42:08 PM): xenosaga
Kill Thompson (10:42:34 PM)
: what about it
Thompson1189 (10:42:43 PM): its GOLD
Kill Thompson (10:43:20 PM)
: wtf, of cource it's gold
Thompson1189 (10:43:33 PM): its GOLDEN BROWN
Kill Thompson (10:43:38 PM)
: gold in the game industry means it's ready to be shiped
Kill Thompson (10:43:41 PM): ew gross
Kill Thompson (10:44:09 PM): that one was a good one
Thompson1189 (10:44:34 PM):
Thompson1189 (10:45:05 PM): 5 more to go
Kill Thompson (10:45:13 PM)
: still lookin
Kill Thompson (10:45:50 PM): I found a giant complex essay about 2001 A Space Odessy
Thompson1189 (10:46:01 PM): hmm
Thompson1189 (10:46:07 PM)
: does it talk about techno
Kill Thompson (10:46:21 PM)
: it's like 8 pages
Kill Thompson (10:46:31 PM): I'll skim
Thompson1189 (10:47:09 PM): maybe i should write about how scifi didn't bother to use real physic laws
Kill Thompson (10:47:24 PM)
: is that really enough to work with?
Thompson1189 (10:47:32 PM): haha..
Thompson1189 (10:47:43 PM)
: you can't say that wouldn't be easy
Kill Thompson (10:47:45 PM)
: ... set up in New York and for the rest of 1964 the two discussed technology, computers,
artificial intelligence, extra-terrestrial life, UFOs, sci-fi, and the ...

Kill Thompson (10:47:55 PM): thats the thing from the search engine but I cant find it in the essay
Thompson1189 (10:48:02 PM): link me
Kill Thompson (10:48:17 PM)
Kill Thompson (10:50:00 PM): lol
Kill Thompson (10:50:06 PM): Star Trekkis
Kill Thompson (10:52:02 PM): When asked how much you feel Star Trek raised you, you've said:

not at all. 5%
a little. 15%
noticeably. 26%
quite a bit. 27%
as much as a parent might. 27%

Kill Thompson (10:52:40 PM): this is making me laugh, this page
Kill Thompson (10:52:47 PM):
Kill Thompson (10:54:18 PM): alot of this is series specific
Thompson1189 (10:54:31 PM): im gunna die
Thompson1189 (10:54:38 PM)
: need frickin 5 mo'
Kill Thompson (10:55:11 PM)
: this is so gay
Kill Thompson (10:55:44 PM): HERE YA GO!
Kill Thompson (10:55:47 PM):
Thompson1189 (10:56:00 PM): sweet
Kill Thompson (10:57:43 PM)
: that ones good?
Thompson1189 (10:58:03 PM): kidna
Thompson1189 (10:58:19 PM)
: its a review of an article
Kill Thompson (10:58:44 PM)
Thompson1189 (11:01:36 PM): i wanna be fuckin done
Thompson1189 (11:01:36 PM)
: niggas
Thompson1189 (11:01:36 PM)
: (drops his drawers)
Thompson1189 (11:01:36 PM)
: ahh..
Kill Thompson (11:01:42 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (11:01:55 PM): Hm here's one on everythign that influenced star wars :/ and it's wrong even
Thompson1189 (11:02:05 PM): whoa, lemme at it
Kill Thompson (11:02:12 PM)
Kill Thompson (11:02:52 PM): Kurasowa movies provide the "Eastern spin" in the design Vader's costume, etc. I remember the first time I saw some stills from Star Wars before I ever saw the film I commented that it looked like it was Japanese. Darth Vader's helmet looks a little like a Nazi Stormtrooper's helmet, but really it's much more like a Samuri helmet of the 15th or 16th centuries along with the rest of Darth Vader's armor. And the films of Akira Kurasowa were very big in the films schools of this era, as a part of a cultural exchange that was a two-way street: from The Seven Samurai to The Magnificent Seven and likewise from Macbeth to Kurasowa's Throne of Blood. By the way, the "Death Star rescue" plotline is from the Kurasowa film, The Hidden Fortress.
Kill Thompson (11:02:57 PM): saw the japanese ones =D
Kill Thompson (11:05:22 PM): Hm.. this makes me think we should play more RPGs and watch cheesey comedy
Thompson1189 (11:05:39 PM): huuuh?
Kill Thompson (11:05:45 PM)
: ?
Kill Thompson (11:05:50 PM): :-P
Kill Thompson (11:07:23 PM): brb
Thompson1189 (11:07:32 PM): BORB
Thompson1189 (11:09:17 PM)
: thanks for sending me a site with a crazy ass url that i have to write down
Thompson1189 (11:11:20 PM)
: kinda funny how that essay goes part 4,5,6,1
Kill Thompson (11:13:41 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (11:18:02 PM): this is tiresom
Thompson1189 (11:18:55 PM): 3 mo'
Kill Thompson (11:19:11 PM)
: still lookin.. the one I'm reading is possible, lemme read it more
Thompson1189 (11:19:44 PM): really tiresome
Thompson1189 (11:19:59 PM)
: wanna chat bout kr in the meantime?
Kill Thompson (11:20:07 PM)
: definatly
Thompson1189 (11:20:10 PM): haha
Thompson1189 (11:20:33 PM)
: when have we not talked about kr
Kill Thompson (11:21:01 PM)
: this one doesnt say much
Kill Thompson (11:21:16 PM): what about KR should we speak of?
Thompson1189 (11:21:57 PM): the AGED MAN scene
Kill Thompson (11:22:14 PM)
Thompson1189 (11:22:20 PM): backstory:
Kill Thompson (11:22:28 PM)
: of what huh/
Kill Thompson (11:22:29 PM): ?
Thompson1189 (11:23:06 PM): mr and mrs gau have a baby, after the baby is born the mother dies, the father blames the child, thinking it's a demon or whatever, and he throws him out and he goes crazy.
Kill Thompson (11:23:29 PM)
: Sounds good to me
Thompson1189 (11:23:44 PM): thats the real story
Kill Thompson (11:24:18 PM)
: I don't remember it saying anything about the mother
Thompson1189 (11:24:30 PM): in that town near the Veldt
Thompson1189 (11:24:38 PM)
: like everyone talks about it
Kill Thompson (11:24:52 PM)
: when you first get there?
Thompson1189 (11:25:24 PM): Sabin's quest
Thompson1189 (11:25:39 PM)
: yea first time
Thompson1189 (11:25:48 PM)
: this article actually is good
Kill Thompson (11:25:54 PM)
: good
Kill Thompson (11:26:07 PM): I can't find anymore
Thompson1189 (11:26:39 PM): just need two more
Thompson1189 (11:27:00 PM)
: i should just use kr0 as a source
Kill Thompson (11:27:08 PM)
: I agree
Kill Thompson (11:27:11 PM): or the script
Thompson1189 (11:27:17 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (11:27:31 PM)
: we're talkin about my grade here, though
Thompson1189 (11:28:02 PM)
: but what's the probability she will check all of em
Thompson1189 (11:28:13 PM)
: who gets credit for the site/script
Thompson1189 (11:28:17 PM)
: the author
Kill Thompson (11:28:28 PM)
: ooh
Thompson1189 (11:29:11 PM): you konw what's worse? in two weeks i need FIFTY of these
Kill Thompson (11:29:25 PM)
Thompson1189 (11:29:35 PM): yuh
Thompson1189 (11:29:47 PM)
: makes me wanna get buried alive
Kill Thompson (11:29:48 PM)
: she has time to check ALL of those?
Kill Thompson (11:30:05 PM): I was gunna suggest shoot yourself but I need ya to script
Kill Thompson (11:30:43 PM): Lambda Sci-Fi
Lambda Sci-Fi: a club for Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered science fiction,
fantasy, and horror fans and their friends in the Washington, DC area. ...

Thompson1189 (11:31:01 PM): eeuuh//....>#m9
Kill Thompson (11:31:06 PM)
: lol
Kill Thompson (11:31:16 PM): You should use that
Thompson1189 (11:31:25 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (11:31:34 PM)
: hahahaha
Kill Thompson (11:31:49 PM)
: and WC
Thompson1189 (11:32:05 PM): yeah right, she'll see my own name as the author and be like, "F"
Kill Thompson (11:32:25 PM)
: - K. Thompson
Thompson1189 (11:32:30 PM): hmm haha
Thompson1189 (11:32:34 PM)
: or Thompson1189
Kill Thompson (11:32:38 PM)
: lol
Thompson1189 (11:33:01 PM): my gifs are "sci-fi"
Thompson1189 (11:33:13 PM)
: and they are influenced by uhh i dunno
Thompson1189 (11:33:32 PM)
: i'm probly gunna end up changing my topic
Kill Thompson (11:33:39 PM)
: to what
Thompson1189 (11:34:00 PM): the unapplyed laws of physics in sci-fi cinema
Kill Thompson (11:34:14 PM)
: good luck finding sources for that
Thompson1189 (11:34:33 PM): i found one already, thats where i got the idea... i probaly lost it forever though..already
Kill Thompson (11:34:36 PM)
: I just opend the basement door and itcame off
Thompson1189 (11:34:50 PM): the knob?
Kill Thompson (11:34:54 PM)
: the door
Thompson1189 (11:34:58 PM): lol
Thompson1189 (11:35:07 PM)
: it falls on you and yer trapped
Thompson1189 (11:35:20 PM)
: thats fuckin comedy lol
Kill Thompson (11:35:24 PM)
: almost did, lol

Thompson1189 (11:35:43 PM): whew
Kill Thompson (11:35:50 PM)
: Probs moving in a few days, btw
Kill Thompson (11:36:18 PM): Probs gunna have my own room, wich may increase productivity
Thompson1189 (11:36:18 PM): whoa
Thompson1189 (11:36:30 PM)
: who you share a room with now
Kill Thompson (11:36:39 PM)
: My bed's in the dining room
Thompson1189 (11:36:39 PM): "...the pets"
Thompson1189 (11:36:50 PM)
: hmm
Thompson1189 (11:37:12 PM)
: rooms are awesome
Thompson1189 (11:37:17 PM)
: ever had one?
Kill Thompson (11:37:25 PM)
: not for years
Kill Thompson (11:37:29 PM): since I was like 8
Thompson1189 (11:37:39 PM): man, you can do whatever you want in there
Kill Thompson (11:37:53 PM)
: weeee
Kill Thompson (11:37:54 PM): SEX
Thompson1189 (11:37:58 PM): YEAH
Thompson1189 (11:38:02 PM)
Thompson1189 (11:40:34 PM)
: so uh... why does Gau just pop in the hause there and then
Kill Thompson (11:41:06 PM)
: he lives there?
Thompson1189 (11:41:26 PM): wow.. hows that possible
Kill Thompson (11:42:09 PM)
: he fixed the clock?
Thompson1189 (11:42:28 PM): lol... i mean his dad hates him.. or did until he went crazy
Kill Thompson (11:42:55 PM)
: thats exactly it
Kill Thompson (11:43:03 PM): the guys so crazy he doesn't really relize Gau is living there
Thompson1189 (11:43:06 PM): the craziness
Thompson1189 (11:43:17 PM)
: ok. i can buy that
Thompson1189 (11:43:28 PM)
: ya gotta love craziness
Thompson1189 (11:43:31 PM)
Kill Thompson (11:43:56 PM)
: I'm not finding sheit
Kill Thompson (11:44:01 PM): switchin names
Kill Thompson (11:44:55 PM): ok here I go again
Thompson1189 (11:45:08 PM): i might have found somehin
Thompson1189 (11:46:11 PM)
: sweet, i might read a book with a huge swastika on the cover
Kill Thompson (11:46:21 PM)
: rad
Thompson1189 (11:46:45 PM): if its the right book i'm thinking of... i found a picture of it
Kill Thompson (11:46:47 PM)
: you know the Nazis (higer up ones) were doing all crazy shit like trying to find ancient relics and worshiping demons?
Thompson1189 (11:47:15 PM): yup.
Thompson1189 (11:47:45 PM)
: nazzies were crawzzies
Kill Thompson (11:47:54 PM)
: yep
Thompson1189 (11:48:48 PM): you know that scene when chickenwuss comes in.. is that during the battle screen
Kill Thompson (11:49:04 PM)
: wich one?
Thompson1189 (11:49:12 PM): when he joins ya
Kill Thompson (11:49:21 PM)
: Lemme make sure....
Thompson1189 (11:49:53 PM): its says you face a tough monster, but i dunno if youre still fighting it when wuss comes in, or if its after the battle
Kill Thompson (11:50:13 PM)
: that would work better in the battle screen I think
Kill Thompson (11:50:16 PM): whats your opinion?
Thompson1189 (11:50:17 PM): me too
Kill Thompson (11:50:24 PM)
: then bam
Thompson1189 (11:50:44 PM): gawd.. the more i think about battles..
Thompson1189 (11:51:05 PM)
: i'm bein such a wuss about it
Kill Thompson (11:51:10 PM)
: :'(
Kill Thompson (11:51:31 PM): (the crying indian)
Thompson1189 (11:51:35 PM): i suppose i cant be credited that much if i made an rpg w/o insane battles
Thompson1189 (11:51:50 PM)
: cause thats the main part o'the game
Kill Thompson (11:52:01 PM)
: Dude did you hear me when I came up with K's ultimate weapon?
Thompson1189 (11:52:12 PM): the something-flail?
Kill Thompson (11:52:19 PM)
Thompson1189 (11:52:29 PM): OH YEAH THATS SWEET
Kill Thompson (11:52:36 PM)
: Gwa ha

Thompson1189 (11:52:39 PM): i love weed whackers
Thompson1189 (11:52:43 PM)
: im a pro withem
Kill Thompson (11:53:01 PM)
: Thats an evil weapon
Kill Thompson (11:53:07 PM): imagin takin a swing at some guy with one
Thompson1189 (11:53:17 PM): i thinks its really stupid as an ultimate weapon
Kill Thompson (11:53:34 PM)
: it has to be a good weapon
Thompson1189 (11:53:42 PM): yeah, second ultimat
Kill Thompson (11:53:58 PM)
: (The ultimate weapon has to be cooler then all the others, shit it beats 'something flail')
Thompson1189 (11:54:23 PM): the FlamingFlail
Thompson1189 (11:54:38 PM)
: thats a cool fire based one
Kill Thompson (11:54:44 PM)
: Yeah
Kill Thompson (11:54:49 PM): MEGA MACE
Thompson1189 (11:54:55 PM): hah
Kill Thompson (11:54:58 PM)
: War Hammer
Thompson1189 (11:55:03 PM): ?gay